Claudia and Johnny are hanging out at their penthouse recalling some of the fun they've had together there. She tells him that she'll be playing 'wifey' over at Sonny's house before too long. Johnny grows angry as he declares that love is supposed to be about love! Claudia laughs and gives him a big hug for being so idealistic. She promises him a powerful empire to inherit one day, but Johnny wants no part of it.

Over at the Zacchara mansion, Anthony beams over the impending nuptials between his 'pearl' and Sonny. He tells Ric to pour drinks and Sonny reminds them that he answers to no one and if Ric or anyone tries to betray him, he'll walk. Anthony makes a toast to family and they all raise their glasses. He even promises to let Sonny carve the Thanksgiving turkey. Then he reminds Sonny that he had to swallow his pride and come to him because Jason wouldn't let him back into his own organization. Sonny promises to handle Jason and Anthony replies that he's counting on it.

Sam is reminding the boys how much fun they had camping a few weeks ago as Liz drives to the cabin. Suddenly a tire blows and Liz goes off road. Both ladies admit that they thought it was a gunshot and are somewhat relieved as Sam changes the tire. When they finally reach the cabin, Sam tells Liz to get the boys settled in while she unloads the car.

Jax shows up at Wyndemere in a fine mood. He tells Nikolas that the grounds where his stables are will make an excellent spot for his new resort. He mentions the tennis courts that will go in where the gardens currently are and speaks of a two-lane causeway that will connect the island to the resort. Nik tells him to leave and from the doorway, Carly tells Jax to cool it. Jax says that Spoon Island is a unique opportunity and he won't pass it up. After Jax leaves, Carly tries to explain what a horrible year she and Jax have had. Nik says that none of that excuses the way Jax is behaving right now. Carly reminds him that Jerry is presumed dead on top of everything else and that's why he's doing all of this. Nik won't allow either of them to become Jax's punching bag.

Jason is at home telling Spinelli what Plan B of their retaliation will be. Spinelli blurts out a confession about his dismal failure to avenge Maxie and how Johnny had to save him from the Russians. Jason tells him to stay the person he is and he'll be Maxie's hero. There's a knock at the door and Jason is surprised to see Olivia, who has come to talk about Sonny.

Jason sends Spinelli to go hide out at Bernie's house and lets Olivia in. She begs him to make peace with Sonny before something terrible happens, but all Jason does is ask why this is so important to her? Olivia says that she and Sonny go way back and she wants him to be well, that's all.

There's another knock on the door and this time it's Ric. He tells Jason that if he wants to stop Sonny from marrying Claudia and running the Zacchara organization, he'd better act fast.

Tracy is at the Quartermaine bar swigging single malt scotch. Alan appears momentarily and reminds her that she still loves Luke. He disappears as Lulu, Monica, Edward and Alice enter the room. Monica says that she's the Chief-of-Staff now and can't have Tracy and Luke's bickering interfere with her sleep. Tracy announces that Luke doesn't live there anymore, but he appears through the terrace door anyway. He plops down on a massage table in front of Alice and enjoys a deep-tissue massage as the family argues over who is welcome and who isn't. Lulu is, Luke isn't. Luke asks Alice to clear the room so he can speak with his wife.

He tells Tracy that he loves her and isn't going anywhere. He admits that he also loves Laura because she is the mother of his children. Tracy tells him that if he wants to win someone back, he should work on Laura.

Anthony has beckoned his children to his chambers. He tells Claudia to go to Sonny and seal the deal, and she agrees. Johnny objects and says that he won't go along with pawning his sister off to gain power! Claudia says this is just a business arrangement and Anthony says that he's proud of her. Suddenly Johnny gets that Claudia is seeking approval and warns her against hoping that Sonny falls for her. After he leaves, Anthony asks if Johnny is right and Claudia replies, "Do I look like a woman who has any romantic illusions to you?"

Sonny goes home and informs Max and Milo about his new post at the helm of the Zacchara organization. When Max hears about the newest Mrs. Corinthos-to-be, he says that this is a mistake. Sonny assures them that he's the one playing Anthony, not the other way around. He explains that if Karpov didn't shoot Kate, perhaps one of the Zaccharas did and that's why he needs to get inside the organization.

Johnny is drowning his worries in booze over at Jake's. Lulu comes in and finds out about Claudia and Sonny. She says that Claudia is making her own choices and that he feels guilty about everything, including being a Zacchara. "Maybe it's time I quit," he says as he pops a peanut into his mouth.

Claudia finds Sonny at home and says the only problem with their arrangement at this point is that he hasn't proposed yet. She says that she wants to do it right, and Sonny cracks that he assumed she would. Like a bratty big brother, he whips a ring box across the room toward her. Then he asks her to marry him with all the enthusiasm of an automated bank teller.

Back at the cabin, Liz calls Jason to tell him that they have arrived. He's not happy to hear that Lucky didn't accompany them and says that he might move them to a safe house. After they hang up, Sam rushes inside and bolts the door. She says that the Russians are outside. Liz checks the phone but the lines have been cut and they have no cell reception. "We're definitely on our own," Sam warns.

Detective Harper shows up at Jason's and arrests him for the murder of three men.

Next on General Hospital:

Sam and Liz do their best to fortify the cabin from intruders.

Jason is unable to do anything but sit at the PCPD for questioning.

Alexis resolves to make Jason pay for all of the violence.

Jax tells Nikolas that his next acquisition will be Wyndemere.

Sonny assures Claudia that Johnny isn't his enemy.

assures Claudia he doesn’t view Johnny as an enemy as they set some ground rules for their marriage of convenience. After a chance encounter at Jake’s, Olivia informs Carly of Claudia and Sonny’s impending marriage. Carly and Olivia bond over matters of the heart while discussing Jax and Sonny. Jax offers no resistance when Kate suddenly

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