Brad Threatens Julian in Jail on General hospital
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At General Hospital Nikolas, on his way to see Laura, runs into Ava, who is meeting Franco. They exchange words before parting. Nikolas asks Liz about his mother, who is undergoing tests. He needs her help with Spencer, who wrote him a letter telling him not to contact him again because he considers himself an orphan. Liz encourages him not to give up hope. He thanks her for showing him compassion. She tells him not to act like the Nikolas she knew and has missed, and she’s not ready to forgive him. Nikolas leaves to check on his mother. Down the corridor, Franco catches Ava spying on Nikolas and Liz. They go to his therapy studio so he can sketch her. As they work, Ava brings up Liz and Nikolas’ history and is shocked to learn Nikolas and Liz had an affair. She grills him, but Franco thinks she should take it up with her husband.

Nikolas speaks with Liz on General Hospital

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At Chase and Willow’s place, he suggests they grab breakfast, but she’s decided to go to work. She wants to keep busy to keep herself from crying. Chase gets dressed and later finds Willow frantically searching for her ID badge, which she seems to have lost. Chase again begs her to take a personal day and asks how he can help her. She tells him to give her space and leaves.

Chase tries to comfort a grieving Willow on General Hospital

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Julian visits an irate Brad in jail to thank him for keeping his secret, but Brad threatens he can still reveal he knew the truth about Wiley. Julian puts the truth coming out all on Brad. They argue, and Brad bets Julian was happy about the car accident. A seething Julian says Lucas was never supposed to be in the car. Brad inquires as to what he means, and Julian covers by saying neither of them should have been in the car. Brad can’t believe Julian and Nelle are going to get away with this, and rants about Nelle blaming everything on him. Julian promises Brad that will make sure Brad will walk out of there and offers to hire him the best defense attorney who can beat these charges in exchange for his silence. Brad accepts, but if the lawyer fails, he’ll take Julian down with him.

Julian yells at jailed Brad on General Hospital

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In the Corinthos kitchen, Carly finds Jason and Sonny talking. She gets a message from Bobbie that Lucas, who she wanted to visit, wants time alone. Jason leaves to check on Michael and Wiley. Sonny asks how Carly is doing. She’s happy for Michael, but sad for her brother, and blames Nelle. She is worried Nelle will weasel her way out of these charges and states it’s time to remove Nelle from their lives permanently. Sonny feels they need to leave dealing with Nelle up to Michael.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael and Wiley bond. Monica arrives and Michael explains the latest turn of events and that Wiley is his son. Monica is thrilled they have another Quartermaine. Later, Jason stops by and Monica excuses herself to freshen up because she’s been at the hospital all night. They talk about Wiley, and Michael admits he is concerned about whether he’s not enough for the boy. He knows that Wiley won’t remember Lucas and Brad, but how does he tell him about them one day. Then there is Nelle, who he wants nowhere near Wiley. The two discuss the events of the previous night, that Nelle assaulted Willow and was found with fake IDs and plane tickets. Jason thinks Nelle won’t be going anywhere but Pentonville. Monica returns and takes a cellphone photos of them to remember four generations of Quartermaines being together.

Michael bonds with Wiley on General Hospital

Back at General Hospital, Chase can’t find Willow and asks Liz if she knows where she is. Liz checks the schedule and reports she called in sick today. In the art studio, Franco needs Ava to keep quiet and stay still and repositions her on the stool. From the window Nikolas watches. He interrupts to remind Ava about their networking dinner and tells them happy sketching. He leaves, and listens to Franco and Ava giggling. Nikolas says, “Laugh all you want, my turn is coming.” Inside, Ava knows Nikolas will be the first to break their agreement.

Willow visits Jonah’s grave in the cemetery and talks to her boy. She sobs that she gave him up to give him a better life. She’ll never know what would have happened if she chose to keep him. Liz interrupts and tells her Chase was looking for her and told her about her baby. She’s sorry and holds her as Willow cries.

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