Brad appeals to Lucas on General Hospital
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Curtis drops by Jordan’s office and wants to know what is going on with her and Taggert. Irritated, she tells him there are things she can’t tell him and asks him to trust her. He is crazy worried about her and begs her to let him help her. When she says nothing, he tells her that he’ll get his own answers and walks out. Jordan calls Pentonville and makes arrangements to see Cyrus.

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Mac runs into Taggert outside of Kelly’s. They are surprised to see one another, hug and catch-up. Mac finds the timing of Taggert’s return suspicious since a new mob war is about to blow up. Mac suggests he come to dinner one night soon as Felicia would love to see him. Taggert accepts and warns Mac to watch his back because this thing with Sonny feels different. Inside, Trina welcomes Cam home from his college scouting trip. Cam asks about Joss, and Trina tells him to admit he likes her. Cam likes her a lot, but he can’t do anything about it because of Oscar. Trina thinks he’s been a great friend, but if he waits too long then she may start crushing on someone else. Trina reminds him the mid-winter formal is coming up and is a prime opportunity to make her notice him and ask her for a dance. Taggert walks in and Trina gives him a huge hug and introduces her dad to Cam. Curtis watches from outside.

Mac questions Taggart outside of Kelly's on General Hospital

Sonny visits Cyrus at Pentonville. Sonny knows Cyrus bought the warehouse at 457 Water Street, and that he has already shipped cargo there. Cyrus warns nobody will buy merchandise stolen from him, but Sonny isn’t selling it. He thinks Cyrus should be glad to be in prison where he’s safe from his buyers who won’t get their goods. Cyrus thinks they can negotiate, but Sonny says his shipment is gone and walks out.

Cyrus and Sonny talk in prison on General Hospital

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On the docks, Jason catches someone examining shipments and holds a gun to their back. He ties them up. The thug warns if he hijacks Cyrus’ merchandise and sells it that it will be suicide. Jason demands he calls the guy inside the warehouse out. He does so and Jason orders the second man to get down on his knees so he can tie him up. Jason tells them both that what they are about to witness they can either tell their boss or decide to run for their lives. Jason plants a bomb and blows up the warehouse.

Jason pulls a gun at the docks on General Hospital

At Chase’s place, Chase knows Wiley leaving is hard for her, but she refuses to waste the night being sad. They feed him dinner, give him a bath and read him a bedtime story. They are interrupted by a call from Sasha. She tells Chase he’s needed at the Corinthos’ house so he departs.

Chase is summoned on General Hospital

At the Corinthos estate, Nelle spies from outside as Lucas remembers and tells Michael that Wiley is his son. Everyone is stunned. Nelle sneaks off as Carly asks Lucas about his admission. Lucas reveals right before the accident Brad admitted Wiley is Nelle and Michael’s son. Carly demands answers from Brad about Willow’s baby. On the verge of tears, he explains the baby died of SIDS the night he brought him home. Not knowing what to do, he got in the car to take him to the hospital. Carly knows he would have to take route 31, and Michael recalls Nelle rigging his car to crash and leaving him to die on the same road. Brad continues to explain he pulled over because he was sobbing, and that’s when Nelle appeared with a baby in her arms. Carly screams, “Whose idea was it to switch the children!” Brad confesses it was Nelle’s. Carly asks Brad how he could keep Michael’s son and let Michael believe his was dead after he just experienced the loss of a child. Brad says he’s sorry, but she doesn’t believe him. She realizes the move to Portland was to keep the lie going.

Lucas remembers the truth about Wiley on General Hospital

Back at Chase’s place, Willow enjoys spending as much time as she can with Wiley. She answers a knock at the door thinking it’s dinner Chase ordered only to find Nelle. Nelle bursts in demanding Wiley. Willow tries to push Nelle out of the apartment, and they fight. Things are thrown at one another, slaps are traded, and Nelle knocks Willow out by hitting her over the head with a tray.

Chase arrives at the Corinthos house and learns Wiley is Michael’s son. Michael asks Brad if he has any idea how many lives he’s ruined, and wonders how he could do this to the people he loves and to Wiley.

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