Brad listens to Julian and Lucas on General Hospital
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TJ visits Jordan at her office and asks for the engagement ring for Molly. After she gives it to him, Jordan’s called away for an overdose on the pier.

On the pier, an officer updates Jordan on the dead man who had a needle in his arm – Mark Simon. She reacts to hearing his name and gets emotional upon seeing his face.

Curtis finds Taggert at Kelly’s counter. The men make it clear they’ve both done their research on each other. Curtis also knows Taggert lied to him when they first met. Taggert gets a call from Jordan to come to the pier.

Back on the pier, Jordan explains to Taggert she called Mark about Bob. He wanted to help and came to town. Now he’s dead. Taggert knows it’s because of Cyrus’ bust. Jordan points out they were a four-person team and now two are dead. She fears they are next, but Taggert assures her they’ve got this. Curtis watches as they embrace and walk away.

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At Pozullo’s, Jason and Sonny make plans to strike back at Cyrus’ operation. Jason packs up and tells Sonny he’ll let him know when it’s done.

TJ interrupts Molly and Sam at the Metro Court on General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Nelle makes travel plans over the phone for her and Wiley. Sam walks up and asks if she’s going somewhere. The women take swipes at each other. After they walk away, Nelle overhears the bartender talking to Carly on the phone about food for Brad and Lucas’ going away party. Elsewhere, Finn runs into Anna. They agree to sit and talk when Peter arrives to meet with Anna. She asks if Finn wants to talk later, but he says he’s working and leaves. Peter asks if Finn is staying at the hotel because of him. When they sit at a table she asks if he knew Robert made a deal with Sam and Jason. He admits he tanked the deal because he feared Jason wouldn’t stop coming after him. She asks again about the attack on the assassin’s life. He insists it wasn’t him. Peter recounts how he finally has the life he wanted, even a relationship with his mother. He would never jeopardize that. They get back to talking about Finn. She can’t imagine not being with him. At a nearby table, Sam meets with Molly who is overwhelmed with a friend’s wedding planning. TJ shows up and Sam eyes him as she makes knowing comments about wedding plans. She leaves for the party at Carly’s. TJ asks Molly to an expensive restaurant for dinner, but Molly rants about her friend’s wedding and all the commercialism and expenses that go along with getting hitched.

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Chase finds Brad at home with Willow who is babysitting Wiley while Brad and Lucas attend their party. After Brad leaves, Willow tells Chase she agreed to be Wiley’s legal guardian. She asks if he thinks she made the wrong decision by accepting. Chase thinks she has to make the best choice for Wiley. Would he be better off with her or Michael should something happen to his parents? She thinks they both could give him a good life, but Lucas and Brad chose her. Finn knocks at the door. He tells the couple he moved out of Anna’s house and confides in his brother about Peter coming between them. Finn concludes Violet’s safety is the most important thing.

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Brad panics upon seeing Nelle on General Hospital

Outside at the Corinthos house, Michael tells Sasha his life will be emptier without Wiley when Brad and Lucas move. Inside, Julian shows up for the going away party. He gets a chilly reception from Bobbie and Carly, who reminds him he’s only there for Lucas’ sake. Once Brad and Lucas arrive, the family sits and tries to be positive about the move. Lucas sees through it and says they’ll miss them too. As they talk, Carly gets a call that Nelle has arrived. She storms to the front door and tells Nelle she’s not welcome there. Nelle yells for Brad, who jumps up and asks for a moment alone with Nelle. Carly reluctantly obliges, leaving them in the foyer. Nelle tells Brad she came to say goodbye to her son. “Where is he?” Brad says he’s with Willow. He urges her to leave so as not to make everyone suspicious. Brad returns to the family after Nelle leaves. As Michael tries to get the party back on track, Lucas has a memory of the night of the crash. After Sam arrives, Lucas struggles to remember more. Julian suggests they call it a day. As Michael is about to leave, Lucas remembers Brad telling him Michael is Wiley’s father. Lucas calls to Michael, stopping him from leaving.

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