Brando wants to know the plan on General Hospital
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Nina wakes up in Jax’s bed as he brings in come coffee. They kiss, and both want to see where this relationship goes.

Nina and Jax talk the morning after on General Hospital

At the Corinthos estate, Dev tells Sonny and Carly that he should leave Port Charles due to the arrival of Brando. He suggests a private school, but Sonny and Carly forbid it because too many people will miss him.

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Willow arrives to see Lucas at Turning Woods. She knows about the move and thanks him for allowing her to spend time with Wiley. Tearfully she admits saying goodbye won’t be easy. Lucas asked to see her not about saying goodbye but making her a permanent presence in Wiley’s life.

Willow learns Lucas is moving on General Hospital

At General Hospital, Brad tells Julian that he and Lucas are moving to Portland next week. Brad believes keeping this secret will be easier away from Port Charles. Julian warns Brad that he’ll be keeping an eye on him.

Julian learns Brad and Lucas are moving on General Hospital

Valentin sits at a table the Metro Court as he sees Lulu and Dustin enter and Brook Lynn, whose working as a hostess, seat them. Lulu spots Valentin and approaches him to gloat about the DNA results and they bicker about Charlotte. Meanwhile, Dustin chats with Brook Lynn when Brando arrives looking for Lulu. He finds her and asks her to drop the story about the waterfront shootings. She refuses, and Brando still won’t give an interview and asks to be left out of the story. Lulu can’t do that because he’s a hero, and people love heroes. He departs and Lulu and Dustin get back to their breakfast.

Lulu and Valentin bicker on General Hospital

At the Quartermaine estate, Ned tells Olivia that he hasn’t been able to find out who is trying to buy ELQ’s shares. Olivia heads into work. In the living room, Nelle tells Michael she’s moving out and has sold her stocks. As she walks out, she passes Ned who overheard. He’s concerned about the shares and any repercussions the attack on Sonny will have on them seeing Michael is the face of the company. Michael promises to find a way to put the shareholders at ease. Later, Chase visits Michael and asks him again if he has any idea who is making a move on Sonny. Michael is not involved in his father’s business, but he can say his family didn’t start this and doesn’t want anyone hurt. They switch the topic to Brad and Lucas’ move. Michael admits he will miss the boy.

Nelle tells Michael she is leaving on General Hospital

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Back at the Metro Court, Olivia chides Brook Lynn for having her nose buried in her phone instead of working. Jax and Nina arrive and are seated. Valentin approaches to have a word with Nina in private, but she shoots him down. Valentin tells Nina when she’s finished running that he will be waiting for her and walks away. Nina turns talk to work and image of proprietary, so Jax makes an appointment with HR for them. Ned arrives sits Brook Lynn down at the bar and gives her the news that Diane can’t find any cracks in her contract with Linc. Brook Lynn storms off, and Lulu encourages Dustin to go be a friend. She tells Dustin about the contract, and vows to find a way out of the deal. Up in his room, Nelle meets with Valentin to sell her shares. The offer is less than what Michael made, but Valentin also provides her with new passports and tickets out of the country. She wonders why he wants ELQ. He says Michael and Sasha disrespected him, so he’s going to take ELQ as payback. Nelle wishes she could stick around to see it. Nelle heads out and says, “Momma is coming.” She heads down to the restaurant and overhears Julian talking with Oliva about Brad and Lucas moving to Portland in a few days.

Brando drops by Carly and Sonny’s place and tells them about Lulu’s story. Sonny advises him to tell her the truth, but Brando needs to know everything, so he doesn’t blow the Dev lie sky high. Sonny fills him in on the whole story. Dev interrupts, and he and Brando meet. Brando admits he is not sure how to pretend to be Dev’s father while getting on with his life. Sonny instructs him to keep pretending to be Dev’s father on paper. Brando agrees. Sonny advises Brando return to his life in Chicago and thinks Dev’s idea about boarding school was a good one so they’ll send him away. Carly doesn’t like it but expects Dev home for every holiday.

Sonny talks to Brando on General Hospital

Back at Turning Woods, Brad arrives just as Lucas asks Willow to be Wiley’s designated guarding. She is thrilled and hugs Lucas.

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