"I will always love your mother," Luke tells Lulu on The Haunted Star. He adds that he would have gone to France with Laura if she would have asked him to. From the other side of the entrance, Tracy listens in horror. After Lulu leaves, Tracy breezes up to the bar and asks Luke if things can get back to normal soon. Luke tells her some of his ideas for renovation in an effort keep the high rollers in the joint. Tracy asks if he is prepared to put in the time for such a thing and Luke says that he has no plans of leaving town. Then he thanks Tracy for her patience during the whole Laura thing.

Ric arrives and Luke thinks he's delivering the cash from Johnny, but Ric says that Anthony doesn't think it's a sound investment. Luke gets in his face and says that he'll blast the place to hell rather than let Anthony Zacchara have a say in his business. Tracy threatens to sue and Luke insists that the offer stands. He adds that the Russians roasted Kelly's and reminds Ric that Anthony has other fish to fry with a mob war breaking out.

After Ric leaves, Luke tells Tracy that they're still a good team. Through a phony smile, Tracy says that she knows she is his second choice because she heard him tell Lulu he wanted to go to France with Laura. Luke tries to explain that he wishes Laura happiness but it won't be with him, but Tracy tells him that their marriage is over! She says that her heart would've healed, but this time he has stomped on her pride. "You don't want to lose us anymore than I do," Luke argues. She agrees, and says that's why it's so sad.

Down on the waterfront, Sam and the Russian goons take cover as Jason and Cody open fire on their warehouse. The shooting is relentless, but Sam manages to draw a gun and return fire. Finally, Jason and Sam are staring down the barrels of each other's guns and realize what's going on. He grabs her and runs out of the room.

Also in a perilous situation on the waterfront is Spinelli. Although he's the one in control at the moment, the Russians chuckle and call him a 'mouse' as he squeaks words about a payback for Maxie. Realizing that he can't actually shoot another human being, Spinelli scurries behind some crates where he finds Johnny! Johnny grabs the gun from him and quickly takes control of the situation. After he makes the Russians drop their weapons and leave, Johnny tells Spinelli that he should be glad that he's not a killer.

Kate is over at Sonny's house. She tells him that he deserves to know his children and Sonny says that he'd like nothing more but Alexis and Carly won't allow it at the moment. Kate starts to say that's not what she's talking about, but Olivia bursts into the room. They ask why she isn't in the hospital, but she says that she needs to talk to Kate right away. She tells Kate that nothing she can or will do will create an overnight transformation in Sonny and he'll always be too dangerous to have a family. Kate agrees to give it some thought and then leaves. Sonny asks Olivia what that was all about? She says that Kate was just being her self-destructive self, that's all. They start to talk about the old days and eventually discuss the fact that Olivia dumped Sonny the moment he went to work for Joe Scully. She says, "Can I ask you a question now that it's too late to matter? Did you go after my cousin just to get even with me?" Sonny admits that sticking it to her was fun, but he didn't count on how great Connie would be for him. Olivia asks if he really thinks he could've left the mob for her? Sonny says that he really tried.

Maxie has asked Lulu to take her out of the hospital and over to Jason's penthouse to wait for Spinelli. She's worried that he's out trying to avenge her and will get hurt. When Spinelli and Johnny come through the door, Maxie rushes into Spinelli's arms. He admits to trying to teach the Russians a lesson for hurting her, but says that he failed and Johnny had to rescue him. Upon hearing that, Maxie rushes into Johnny's arms to thank him. Then they all turn and yell at Spinelli for taking such a risk.

Lucky arrives at Liz's house thinking that Sam is there waiting for him. He explains that Sam called and told him to meet her there. Just then, Sam and Jason arrive and Jason quickly explains that Sam, Liz and the boys need to go hide out for a while. Then Lucky gets a call from the PCPD about the onset of a mob war. After he hangs up, he surmises that Jason is right about getting the women and children out of town. Lucky skips over his 'I'm a cop speech' and tells Jason that his safe house isn't going to be safe anymore and suggests a cabin that he knows about. He tells Jason to go do what he needs to do and he'll get them there. Liz runs upstairs to pack.

Kate goes to GH to fill a prescription without any idea that a Russian goon is on her tail. Soon Anthony is wheeled by. He cheerfully greets Kate and expresses his sympathy over her losing her groom to Claudia. She tells him to go to hell.

Nadine shows up at Wyndemere in tears. She tells Nik and Alfred that her Aunt Raylene isn't well but her stud was chosen to lead a parade and she's been asked to ride in her place. Nik listens carefully as she says how sorry she is to abandon him while he's in the middle of a deportation crisis. Nik tells her to go do Aunt Raylene proud and he'll miss her. She promises to come back and marry him as soon as she's out of that saddle.

Liz's car is packed, but Lucky is called into the station. Liz assures him that she and Sam can get to the cabin on their own. He warns them both to sit tight and not get any big ideas about getting involved the drama. Sam promises that she's learned her lesson and Lucky rushes off. After Liz's SUV leaves the driveway, a Russian can be seen hiding in the bushes.

Anthony and Ric are talking strategy at the Zacchara mansion. Anthony hears voices and is able to sit in his wheelchair just moments before Sonny comes into the room. Sonny says that it's in their best interest to join forces. Anthony insists that Sonny actually agree to the terms that he laid out earlier. "I'll marry Claudia" Sonny says with a grimace. Rick practically turns green.

Next on General Hospital:

The hideout in the woods isn't exactly safe.

Sonny and Anthony both feel as if they have one-upped the other.

Carly attempts to calm the waters between Nik and Jax.

Johnny hates the idea of Claudia marrying Sonny.

Olivia bugs Jason to side with Sonny before he marries Claudia.

Luke won't give up on his marriage.

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