Valentin shoots a gun General Hospital
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In an office at General Hospital, Jason and Sam tell each other how much they love each other. They kiss. She cries. As she leaves, parole officer Delores Maloney appears and starts interrogating her about being there. Maloney wants to see who was in the office, but Epiphany suddenly appears. The nurse claims that she was with Sam. The officer exits. Epiphany tells Jason to open the door and prompts him for some thanks before lecturing them. After she leaves, Sam says she’s going to find a way to win Delores over or silence her.

At home, Anna accuses Finn of betraying her trust. He insists he did it because he loves her. Peter is a murderer and she is blind to it. They debate the evidence. The doctor is sure she knows Peter is guilty. Anna insists that he wants to be a good man and she has faith in him. She paces and Finn tells her none of this is her fault. She insists that this is her second chance with Peter, and she needs to take it. Finn walks upstairs. Soon, he comes down with Violet and some bags. He sends the kid to get her doll and tells Anna he understands her need to protect Peter, but he needs to protect his daughter and they can’t be there. He and Violet leave. Anna sobs.

Finn lectures Anna about Peter's guilt at home General Hospital

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Lulu is surprised to bump into Dustin at the Metro Court. He informs her that he has a date with someone else… Jax. She offers to wait until he’s done with that so they can have their own date. Across the room, Maxie tells Brad that Spinelli and Ellie are moving back to town. She walks off and he heads over to Nelle in the corner. He tells her that he and Lucas are moving away. She tells him that’s not happening. He’s worried that Lucas might remember him confessing the truth about Wiley to him. She doesn’t think moving away is going to stop memories from returning. Meanwhile, Lulu runs into Maxie and Peter. Lulu tells them she’s taken a big step in her relationship with Dustin. The topic turns to Spinelli’s impending permanent return and how suspicious he is of Peter. Finn and Violet arrive and chat with Peter and Maxie, explaining that they are moving into the hotel.

Peter listens to Lulu talk about Dustin Metro Court General Hospital

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Chase arrives at home and finds Willow all dressed up with dinner on the table. The cop warns her he stinks and needs a shower. She kisses him anyway. Once they have showered and dressed again, he stops himself from talking about work. She hands him salad and says Lucas has asked her to be a nanny again. He worries that Brad will take his stress out on her but agrees to support her. The cop is afraid that boundaries will be blurred the more time she spends with Wiley. She says he needs her help right now and she’ll step back when the time is right. They make out.

Chase tells Willow he's not sure about her General Hospital

At the Jerome Gallery, Valentin eavesdrops as Nina tries to convince Ava not to tell anyone about her kiss with Jax. Valentin interrupts. He explains that he’s not a Cassadine and he doesn’t know who he is anymore. Nina sends Ava away. She encourages Valentin to turn his situation to his advantage. Upset, he exits. Ava returns, sure that Valentin has realized Nina has moved on and he’s going to kill Jax. Nina doubts that because it would cost him his daughter. Ava encourages her to move on with Jax since no one else is available.

Ava tells Nina that Valentin will kill Jax at Jerome GalleryGeneral Hospital
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Valentin goes to his suite at the Metro Court, has a drink and then loads a gun.

Dustin pays Jax a visit in his office and hands him a check in thanks for saving Joss. The check is for the school. Joss eavesdrops as they talk about her academic performance. Jax is impressed by the way he’s been looking out for his daughter. Valentin strides in and shoots Jax in the guts. Joss runs in screaming. Dustin calls the paramedics as Nina runs in screaming she will never forgive Valentin. He snaps out of this imaginary scenario, announces he’s not a Cassadine, and exits. Dustin follows soon after and Joss admits she was eavesdropping to make sure her father didn’t embarrass her.

Dustin returns to the Metro Court for dinner with Lulu. Joss rushes in and thanks Dustin for his help, apologizing for the weirdness with Valentin.

Valentin returns to his room and takes out a box. Nelle calls and says she’s ready to sell her ELQ shares immediately. As he takes out a ring, Helena appears.

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