Valentin and Martin discuss ELQ shares on General Hospital
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At General Hospital, Robert informs Jason and Sam that the deal is off, and he’s not allowed to pursue the lead because someone sold them out to the Attorney General. The FBI will likely do nothing with the case. Robert is sorry and leaves. Sam cries that they are back to square one. She suggests they take Scout and Danny and disappear. Jason makes her realize they can’t do that to their family and promises to find a way to work around Deloris. They share a kiss and Sam tearfully says goodbye. She walks out into the hall and right into Deloris, who says they have a problem. In the hall, Valentin receives a call from Ava inquiring how to turn the lights on in the stables, to which he tells her to use a flashlight. Nina arrives at Ava’s gallery, so she’s sure to mention that before hanging up. Valentin summons Martin and wants him on top of evicting Ava and Nikolas once the test results are in. Talk turns to the ELQ shares. Valentin needs more than just Nelle and Brook Lynn’s shares and orders Martin to leave Port Charles and seek out the other shareholders. A nurse calls to Valentin and informs him the results are in. He opens the envelope and learns he shares no DNA with Alexis and thus isn’t a Cassadine. Valentin seethes and can’t believe Nikolas has won and he’s nothing but a lie, told by Helena, the greatest liar that lived. He’s more than determined than ever to get ELQ and promises Martin he has the offshore funds to pay him. Martin doesn’t want to leave him alone and asks if he has someone to talk to.

Martin hears Valentin out on General Hospital

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At Anna’s, Finn discovers that Peter learned of Robert’s deal with Jason and Sam. They argue about Anna withholding evidence on Peter. Anna implores she’s trying to help Peter from going back down a dark path and give him a fair shot. Finn doesn’t see covering for Peter as helping him, and sometimes you have to do something that causes pain to those you love for the greater good. Finn is about to admit what he did when someone bangs on her door. It’s Robert, who accuses Anna of going to the Attorney General and tanking his agreement with Sam and Jason. She denies it, so Robert deduces it was Peter. Robert tells her about the lead he had on Peter and the gunman, and how Sam and Jason are now forced to spend the next year and a half apart. He scolds her for protecting a murderer and walks out. Anna immediately asks Finn if he told Jason and Sam. Finn admits he did, infuriating her.

Anna questions Finn's loyalty on General Hospital

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At Kelly’s, Emma runs into Peter and they share a hug. Peter deduces something is troubling the girl. She admits that Anna is worried about him, and it has to do with some unfortunate decisions he made in the past. He admits to making mistakes when he was young, but he has learned hard lessons and his past is in the past. After Emma leaves, Robert arrives and accuses Peter of tattling to the Attorney General. He warns Peter with him out of the way, it’s just him versus Jason, and this time Anna won’t be able to save him.

Peter asks what's happened on General Hospital

In Jax’s office, Maxie gives Jax the Crimson budget to look over. She doddles, and Jax asks if there was something else. Maxie knows about the kiss with Nina and wants to know where this relationship is going. She hounds him until he reveals that Nina agreed the kiss was a mistake and they should remain friends. Maxie is puzzled and asks if he’s sure Nina isn’t into the idea of dating him. Jax was until their conversation.

Maxie questions Jax about kissing Nina on General Hospital

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At Ava’s gallery, Nina advises Ava not to provoke Valentin. Ava hopes she’s not considering taking him back. Nina informs Ava she’s moving on and tells her about the kiss with Jax. She gushes it was fantastic and she can’t stop thinking about him. However, before they could discuss it, Jax told her it was a mistake and friend-zoned her. Nina is sure that Jax is into her. Ava pushes her to take the risk and go for what she wants and to talk to Jax. Ava sees Nina out and wants to hear all about the next kiss from Jax. Lurking outside, Valentin overhears and is stung.

Ava worries about Nina on General Hospital

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