Finn meets with Sam and Jason on General Hospital
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Jason sneaks into a room at General Hospital to talk with Sam. He picks her up as they embrace and kiss. Finn walks in interrupting them. After he makes them agree to let the authorities handle Peter, he tells them about Peter’s link to the assassin. Jason assumes Finn knows this because Anna told him. Finn makes them promise to leave him out of it when they talk to Robert. It can’t be linked back to him. Elsewhere, Nikolas runs into Elizabeth. As he explains he’s just going to the lab and not there to bother her, Franco walks up. He confronts the Prince about what he did to Hayden. The men trade barbs until Liz breaks them up. Franco and Liz plan to meet at Kelly’s later and Franco leaves. Nikolas tries to explain himself to Elizabeth, but she’s uninterested. He begs her not to give up on him, as Alexis approaches. She’s there to do her part with a blood test to prove or disprove Valentin is a Cassadine. After Alexis is finished, she returns to Nikolas. She agrees to wait to make sure Valentin is tested so Nikolas can avoid a confrontation with him.

Jason and Sam enjoy being together at General Hospital

After Peter overhears Anna and Robert’s argument at Anna’s house, he questions Robert about the shooting on the pier for the paper. Robert says, “No comment.” After Robert leaves, Anna and Peter discuss Robert having it out for him. It only matters to Peter that Anna and Maxie believe in him. Anna knows he’s a good man. Anyone who doesn’t know that will have to answer to her. Anna is taken aback when Peter starts defending Robert, musing maybe he misjudged him. When Peter leaves, he makes a cryptic phone call. Later, Finn returns home with flowers for Anna. They agree they hate fighting, but Anna asks him to try and give Peter the benefit of the doubt.

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As Peter walks up to Kelly’s, he gets a call. He says, “Well done. I knew I could count on you.”

Robert enters the hospital room to Sam and Jason who relay Finn’s information on Peter, leaving the doctor’s name out of it. Robert isn’t sure it’s enough to nail him, but it’s a start. He’ll present it to the federal prosecutor. When he returns he says, “The deal’s off.”

Jason and Sam tell Robert what they know

Trina welcomes Ava back at the gallery and asks about her surprise wedding to Nikolas while expressing worry. Ava assures her she knows exactly what she’s doing. As Ava praises Trina for her work, Franco enters. Ava embraces him, happy he’s back. She also wants to hire him to paint a portrait of her for her mantle. Ava walks him out pleased, despite Franco not agreeing to the job. Ava kisses him on the cheek, which Trina playfully captures as a photo on her phone. Nikolas shows up and Trina shows him the photo of Ava and Franco, as Ava tells him about the portrait she’ll hang in Wyndemere.

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Lulu tries to talk to Charlotte at Kelly’s. The girl insists she’s fine as Valentin enters. He joins them as Charlotte talks about her horse Butterscotch and how he likes the stables at Wyndemere better. Lulu sends her daughter to get hot chocolate at the counter so she can yell at Valentin for interrupting her time with Charlotte. Valentin assures Lulu his legal issues are being cleared up. Charlotte watches her parents argue over custody as she sits at the counter. She then eyes Franco who enters and sketches a few seats down from her. She recognizes the lady he’s drawing. Elizabeth shows up and isn’t thrilled to learn of Franco’s new job. They step away as he argues he can’t be too choosy when it comes to work. As they talk about Nikolas and Ava, Liz eventually encourages him to take the job. When Franco returns to his sketch, he finds someone has drawn on it. After Charlotte has said goodbye to Valentin, she confronts her mother about fighting with him.

Valentin joins Charlotte and Lulu at Kelly's

Valentin sees Alexis at the hospital. He thanks her for being the control sample in the DNA test. They agree Helena is laughing from Hell. After they bicker, he goes off for a blood test.

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Sonny comes upon Brook Lynn trying to convince a nurse to let her visit with Mike at Turning Woods. He explains Mike is worse than ever after what happened in the old neighborhood. Mike comes out and is thrilled to see Brook Lynn, but mistakes her for her mother Lois. Mike asks her to introduce him to her friend.

Brook Lynn and Sonny head back to Pozzulo’s. They talk about Mike and the study Sonny wants his father to be part of. Having experienced this with an aunt, Brook Lynn thinks Sonny can’t force a miracle, but he can have a moment of grace with his father while he’s still here.

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