Luara tells Curtis and Kevin she was collateral damage General Hospital
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Laura wakes up in her bed at General Hospital with Kevin sitting beside her. She tells him how much listening to her children’s problems have worn her out. In the hallway, Jason informs Michael that Cyrus was behind the attacks. Jason goes into Laura’s room and tells them how much Sonny regrets she was involved in the attack and assures her the situation is being addressed. The mayor doesn’t find this reassuring and tells him she won’t let the city become center of a mob war. After Stone Cold exits, Curtis arrives and promises that he will find out who was behind the shooting. She explains that she wasn’t the target, just collateral damage. Laura tells him about Marcus being back and his connection with Jordan. That’s news to Curtis. Back out in the hall, Jason tells Michael more about Cyrus. Michael gets a call about Lucas waking up.

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Finn and Sam are talking at Kelly’s. She starts asking if Anna is making a mistake about Peter. Sam says Robert is determined to put Peter away and needs something incriminating to do it. She begs him to give her any information he has. The doctor stutters and then insists he has nothing to give her. Jason calls her to say Lucas is awake. Willow meets with Chase outside. They discuss Brad and his anger at her. She doesn’t want to get her hopes up about remaining Wiley’s nanny. But maybe this is for the best because lines were getting blurred. Michael calls to tell her Lucas is awake. She assumes this means she won’t have a role in Wiley’s life anymore.
Sam asks Finn for dirt on Peter at Kelly's General Hospital

Emma and Anna bustle into her house and talk about snow. Emma wonders if everything is okay. They have tea and Anna gets upset when she mentions Peter. Her granddaughter wonders what’s wrong. Anna says it’s too convoluted to explain and claims some people won’t let Peter leave his mistakes in the past. Finn arrives as Emma is going out. He and Anna talk about how strained things are between them. He doesn’t want to walk out on her. After kissing her, he tells her Sam, Robert and Jason are determined to bring Peter down.

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Brad and Julian arrive at Turning Woods to see Lucas. Brad worries that his husband is unconscious. Bobbie assures him he’s just sleeping. Brad is relieved and doesn’t want to leave his side. Bobbie goes off to see the neurologist and Carly clears out with Wiley. Julian asks Brad what he’s going to tell Lucas about Wiley now that he knows the truth. Jerome warns there’s no way Brad is bring him down with him. Lucas starts mumbling as he comes to. Brad tells him about the accident. Lucas can’t remember being in the car. Carly comes in with Wiley. Soon, Michael and Sam file in. As everyone fusses over Lucas, Julian takes Brad into the hall and repeats that they need to work out a plan for what happens when Lucas remembers the truth. Brad thinks things will be fine. After the family exit, Brad and Julian return and Lucas starts getting flashes from before the crash.

Julian tells Brad he's not going down General Hospital

Sonny goes to Pentonville and talks to Cyrus, telling him that he’s made a big problem for himself. His attacks have failed and now he’s twisting in the wind. They start talking in football metaphors. Sonny says they aren’t playing a game. Cyrus says they are negotiating. He offers ten percent in exchange for allowing his stuff to pass through town. Rejecting this offer will only make Cyrus richer and more powerful. Sonny warns that an accident could be on the way for him. They smirk at each other and exchange more threats. When Sonny steps away, he calls Jason and tells him they are in for a fight.
Sonny visits Cyrus at Pentonville General Hospital

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Taggert tracks down Jordan at the Port Charles police department. She informs him that Sonny isn’t coming in to make a statement. Taggert tells her he’s not there to bring Sonny to justice. He’s got information on Bob. There are no traces of drugs in his system before his OD. They assume it was foul play. She’s eager to get the local authorities to open up the case. They realize this might have something to do with ‘what we did’ and Bob has taken his end of their bargain to the grave. Curtis interrupts and gets an introduction to the other man, who claims he didn’t even know Jordan was the commissioner and just ran into her today. Curtis looks skeptical.

Taggert tells Jordan he's not out for justice at station General Hospital

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