Julian drugs Brad's coffee on General Hospital
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Finn arrives home to find Peter playing superheroes with Violet, who’s dressed as Captain Marvel. Anna walks in with Violet’s backpack and Finn sends Violet to put on proper school clothes. Peter takes off after noting one day soon he and Violet will be siblings. Finn is unhappy with Anna for leaving Peter alone with Violet and asks how he explained the gunman. Anna relays Peter’s explanation that the man worked for one of Faison’s shell companies, and he knew nothing about him. Anna admits she withheld the evidence tying Peter to the gunman from Robert. Finn is dumbfounded. Anna says Peter is right and when they are married that he and Violet will be siblings. Finn is glad the plan is to still get married and points out they would be if she hadn’t run off to Europe for six months. Violet returns and Finn prepares to take her to school. Anna asks if he’s going to come back home after. Finn isn’t sure. Later, Anna gets a call from Robin letting her know Emma is on the plane.

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Nina runs into Jax at the Metro Court and unflatteringly yammers as a stunned Maxie watches. Alexis arrives, so she and Jax grab a table. Maxie pushes Nina, asking what that was about. Nina confides that she and Jax kissed, and things were left unresolved. At their table, Jax apologizes to Alexis for not telling her Nikolas was alive. Alexis’ phone rings so she excuses herself. Nina approaches Jax, thanks to him for the other day, but doesn’t know how to act around him. Jax tells her the kiss shouldn’t have happened, and they should put it behind them and move forward as friends. Meanwhile, Peter arrives and joins Maxie. She asks him about his visit with Anna. Peter recalls Anna letting him know the documents tying him to the gunman are safe and out of reach from Robert and the PCPD.

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At the Quartermaine Mansion, Nelle is upset that she’s been put in the boathouse, and quarrels with Sasha and Michael. Martin arrives at Nelle’s request. Michael hands Nelle another offer to buy her ELQ shares, but she tears it up. Martin pulls Nelle into the next room to find out her plan. She is planning to live at the mansion until the Quartermaines pay her enough to go away so they can live comfortably. Martin asks, “You and Michael?” She says no, but nothing more.  In the foyer, Michael advises Sasha not to let Nelle get to her and promises they’ll get through this together.

Michael and Nelle face off on General Hospital

Julian stops by Brad’s place to help with Wiley. Wiley cries from another room and Brad rushes to take care of the boy. Julian pulls out a bag of pills from his pocket, dumps the contents of one in Brad’s coffee, and hides the rest in a vase. He daydreams of Brad being arrested for opioid abuse and he takes charge of Wiley. Brad returns with the boy and Julian offers to feed Wiley while Brad relaxes. Brad grabs his coffee but nods off on the couch before drinking it. Later, Julian wakes him up and gets him to drink by toasting to getting along. Brad gets a call, gasps, and reveals Lucas is awake.

Julian drugs Brad's coffee on General Hospital

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Sam meets with Spinelli at Kelley’s and reveals if she can prove to Robert that he’s up to no good, Robert will let her and Jason be together. Spinelli offers to hack into Peter’s computer. Later, Finn runs into Sam and she can see he’s having a rough day. He wonders what to do when someone you love is making a mistake so big that it could cost them their life.

Spinelli meets with Sam on General Hospital

Jason reveals Cyrus Renault, a drug runner in the northwest, is the one targeting Sonny. Renault has been in prison for ten years but still running his operations. After some calls, Sonny gets word from Brick that Cyrus has been transferred to Pentonville. Sonny leaves, and Carly cries to Jason about protecting her family. Jason assures her they will shut Renault down, but if it gets dangerous then he will tell her.

Jason Sonny and Carly discuss the turf war on General Hospital

Back at the Metro Court, Nina agrees with Jax that the kiss was a mistake. She decides to get back to work, and Jax decides to do the same. He leaves, and Nina tells Maxie that she has to get back to the office, but insists Maxie enjoy her coffee with Peter. Maxie senses something is wrong and thinks she should go after her.

Sonny visits Cyrus Renault, (played by Jeff Kober), in Pentonville.

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