Robin is impressed with Patrick's ability to put their daughter to sleep. She tells him that he can go to the hospital and do rounds because they'll be just fine. After he's gone, the baby needs feeding but she has a hard time warming the milk with one hand (she's trying to comfort Emma with the other). Finally she just sits with the crying baby and admits that she doesn't know how to help her right now.

Jason comes home and finds Spinelli holding his gun. He listens to Spinelli tell him about finding Maxie unconscious on the waterfront and tells his friend to let him take care of this. Once you cross over to the world of retaliation, you never come back, he tells him. After Spinelli leaves in frustration, Jason calls someone and gives the order to retaliate now.

Johnny has found Luke on The Haunted Star. They verbally spar and Luke entices Johnny into one round of cutting cards. When Johnny's King beats Luke's Queen, Johnny surmises that he just earned the right to keep his shares in The Haunted Star. Luke smiles and admits that he needs a cash infusion right now because he has a problem with having his wife front him all the money. Johnny reminds him that his family framed him for money laundering, but Luke says that he was able to show only the clean money so all he has to do is get rid of his family at this point. Johnny says that he'll need a 5% increase in his take but will come up with all the money he needs. They make a toast on it.

Lulu finds them together and tells Luke that he can't break her and Johnny up! Johnny kisses her on the head on his way out and says that her name never came up. Lulu laughs and sits with her dad. They talk about her time at Shadybrook and how having Laura wake up to defend her was worth everything. "What is it like for you to have her back?" she asks.

Olivia returns to her room at GH and finds Sonny talking on the phone to Dante! She grabs the phone and tells Dante to disregard what Sonny said and that she doesn't need him coming to Port Charles. After she hangs up, she tells Sonny thanks for saving her but tells him to have a nice life and get out of hers. As they bicker about him calling Dante to come take care of her, Kate comes to the door. Sonny tells Kate that she knows where to find him if she needs him, and then leaves. Kate promptly tells Olivia that Sonny needs to know that he has a son and her telling him now might be a perfect final gesture.

Patrick is trying to look at charts at GH, but keeps asking Liz questions about formula and car seats. Epiphany tells him to either be a doctor or a new dad but if he's going to look at charts he should focus on the charts. Then Robin calls and admits that she can't get Emma to stop crying. Patrick rushes home to help out.

Patrick gets home and is promptly able to quiet the baby. He says that she probably got tired, that's all. Robin says that they both know what's going on. "You're a great dad. And, I suck," she says.

Max finds Spinelli in Sonny's living room and asks what he's doing there. Carefully hiding the gun that he's taken, Spinelli claims that he's come to appeal to 'Mr. Corinthos Sir' to reconcile with Stone Cold. Max says that he should leave because now is the is wrong time to get involved in that. Thankful not to be busted, Spinelli leaves.

He shows up in Maxie's hospital room with a pot of lavender. She's thrilled to see him because she was worried that Mac scared him off. Spinelli tells her that her uncle was right to send him away because he knowingly aligned himself with a criminal element. Maxie says that he's merely 'tech support'. Spinelli tells her that when he thought she was dead in the same spot that he found Georgie last year, something broke in him. Maxie begs him not to abandon her because she'll turn into the bad person she used to be. Spinelli says that she'll always have The Jackal's heart. He tells her to get some rest and that he has to go tend to 'what's necessary'.

Kate shows up at Sonny's house and Max is glad to see her. Sonny thinks that she's come to reconcile, but she says it's the opposite. She starts by saying that she wants a clean slate and that means complete honesty. He says that he's fresh out of things to hide, but she admits that she isn't. "You need to know the truth about your son," she says.

Sam goes to Karpov's warehouse to ask Sasha if she can keep her job with them. Sasha says that Jerry Jacks was impressed with her work, so if she comes back in a half hour she'll have something for her. After arguing with Lucky about her plan, Sam reports back to Sasha and learns that there's a shipment that she needs to receive tonight. She is frisked and told that trust will be earned.

Outside the room, Spinelli holds two bodyguards at gunpoint. He firmly says, "Freeze evildoers. This is for Maximista."

Jason and Cody are packing up their guns. Jason insists that Cody needs to assure that there'll be no civilians nearby because they are not leaving any survivors.

Next on General Hospital:

Sam and Jason come face to face amidst gunfire.

Lucky and Jason make a decision together.

Sam, Liz and the boys hide out in a cabin for a while.

Johnny is able to come to Spinelli's rescue.

Jax plans to tear down the stables on Spoon Island.

Sonny and Olivia take a trip down memory lane.

Tracy hears Luke tell Lulu that he would've gone to Paris.

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