jax kisses nina at work general hospital
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In the Crimson office, Jax quickly pulls away from kissing Nina and apologizes since he’s her boss. Ava enters and senses she’s walked in on something.

Ava interrupts Jax and Nina on General Hospital

At General Hospital, Nikolas gets the cold shoulder from Epiphany when he inquiries about Liz, and Kevin councils that he’s hurt a lot of people and it will take time. In the halls, Liz runs into Finn and they chat about Violet and Hayden. Liz hasn’t heard from her sister and wonders if she is out of danger. Finn believes she was never in danger and the attack was staged. Nikolas finds Liz, and she asks about his trip to see Spencer.

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At the restaurant in Brooklyn, Jason, and a gunman trade shots. Sonny tries to keep Mike protected behind an overturned table as his father screams. The gunman takes Maggie the waitress, who was hiding behind the bar, hostage. Jason saves her and kills the gunman. Later, Detective Fiona Harlan arrives and questions Maggie. Mike, who believes he’s a little kid, cries that he has to get home or he will be in trouble. The detective questions Jason, but he won’t talk without his lawyer. She turns to Sonny and informs him that Jason has been taken in for questioning, and she needs to know who obviously tried to kill him. Sonny doesn’t know and explains he’s in Brooklyn to get help for his dad at an Alzheimer clinic.

Mike is upset after the shooting on General Hospital

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At Sonny’s warehouse, Gladys takes cover in Sonny’s office as Tony and another of Sonny’s men trade shots with two gunmen. Carly hides behind coffee bags in the middle of the crossfire when a third armed man, (played by Johnny Wactor), comes to her rescue. He escorts her behind some of the shelves but is shot in the side in the process. Meanwhile, one of the gunmen runs out of ammo and flees, and Tony and the other man capture the remaining thug and decide to put him in the icehouse so Sonny can question him. Tony checks on Carly, who exclaims his man saved her life. He reveals the man doesn’t work for them.

Carly takes cover from the gunman on General Hospital

On the pier, Dustin appears and surprises the gunman from behind, knocking him down and kicking his gun away. The man flees with Dustin in pursuit. Michael checks on everyone only to find Laura’s been shot in the abdomen. A frantic Joss, on the phone with the police, cries for an ambulance to be sent. Dustin returns and reports the shooter got away. Joss phones her dad.

Joss phones the police on General Hospital

At the courthouse, Jordan runs into Valentin and suggests he enjoy being out on bail while he can. Jordan receives a call about the shootings and advises she’s heading to General Hospital to be there when the mayor is brought in. Valentin overhears.

Back in the Crimson office, Jax gets Joss’ call about the shooting and races out. Nina hopes Joss is okay. Ava tries to make small talk about how everything is going well for both of them. With a smirk, Nina states if she didn’t know any better, she would think Ava is fishing for a friend.

At General Hospital, Nikolas asks Finn to excuse him and Liz so they may talk, but Epiphany interrupts. Kevin approaches as Epiphany reveals Laura has been shot and she needs Finn’s help. Jordan and Dustin arrive, followed by Lulu and Valentin. A frantic Valentin asks Lulu about the kids. She lets him know that they are safe at the Quartermaines. Valentin asks Lulu to give Laura his best and leaves.

Finn talks to Liz about Hayden on General Hospital

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On the pier, Chase arrives, and Joss explains she spotted the gunman, who was aiming for Michael. Jax appears and tends to Joss, while Michael explains to Chase that he has no idea what is happening and that he can’t get a hold of his dad or Jason. Later, Chase gets news that there were shots exchanged at the coffee warehouse and asks Michael where Sonny is. Michael reveals he’s in Brooklyn. After more calls, Chase informs Michael about the shootings in Brooklyn and that it appears someone is making a move against his father.

Jordan arrives at the warehouse and Tony explains two men showed up shooting, so they shot back, but a third man appeared that doesn’t work for Sonny. Carly, who is tending to the unconscious man, reiterates that he saved her. Gladys emerges from the office, looks at the mystery man on the floor and cries out, “Brando!”

Jax brings Joss to the hospital and insists she gets checked out. Elsewhere, Finn reveals Laura is stable and asking for Kevin. Kevin goes in to see her, while Finn tells everyone that Laura needs surgery, but it looks good. Back in the waiting room, Nikolas thanks Finn for taking care of his mother. Finn scolds him for lying to Liz about Hayden. Nikolas was about to tell Liz the truth but now isn’t the time. Laura is taken to surgery.

At Crimson, Ava ponders that friend is not the right word, so Nina calls it an olive branch. Ava invites her for a drink. Valentin enters and announces he has something they can celebrate because he’s been released on bail. Nina orders Valentin to leave. He will but only wanted her to know he’s almost a free man.

Back in Brooklyn, the detective updates Sonny on the Port Charles’ shootings and has decided he’s free to go because she’d rather he was the PCPD’s problem. Sonny receives a call from the clinic to confirm Mike’s appointment. He informs them that he can’t make it and learns if he misses this appointment then they can’t consider his father for the trial. A defeated Sonny understands and tells his dad they are going home.

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