"Please not again," Spinelli whispers as he fumbles to find a pulse on Maxie, who is lying at the same spot Georgie did after being killed. When he can see that she's still alive, he promises to protect her with his last breath. Rather than wait for an ambulance and risk the 'evil doers' return, he carries her off.

Cody rushes off and leaves Jason alone with Liz on the waterfront. She is glad that he's okay, but he warns her that might not last for long. Liz tells him that she lost two patients today and is more aware than ever not to waste time. The cops rush in and Lucky isn't pleased to see her standing out in the open with Jason at the onset of a mob war! He reminds them that if the Russians get any inkling that she is involved with Jason then everything they've done to protect Jake is up in smoke! Jason agrees with Lucky and Liz says that she'll stay away from him. For now.

Over at the Metro Court, Jax and Carly are arguing over the marble that Carly wants to use in the spa. She tells him not to settle for less and he speaks about the many readily available other styles that are equally beautiful. Suddenly it becomes clear that they are talking about Kate instead of marble.

Nik shows up and Carly tells him that she's ready to make their deal regarding The Metro Court. He says that he'll have to be a silent partner for now and explains his immigration problem. He jokes that Nadine has offered to marry him and Carly laughs that 'of course she has'. Nadine arrives to meet him and says that he needs to stay away from Carly after they're married. Then Jax returns and announces that he now owns Spoon Island and is Nikolas's landlord.

Kate bursts into Olivia's room at GH and accuses her of hitting on Sonny just like she did years ago after complaining about how dangerous he is. Olivia denies it by pointing out how absurd she was by locking herself in a burning building so that Sonny could rescue her. Sonny asks Kate why she cares since she doesn't want to see him anymore? They argue, and ultimately Kate tells him to hit on Olivia if that helps him to finally get over Carly. Sonny turns and leaves and Kate tells Olivia to admit that she's falling for Sonny all over again. Olivia thinks that she's read too many magazines. She says that she's lived with twenty years of Catholic guilt to protect her son and she's not about to blow it now.

Jason comes in to see if Olivia's okay and if she heard anything before the fire. Kate tells him that Olivia will be a target if she helps him commit murder! Olivia ignores Kate and tells Jason that she heard Russian voices. Jason turns to leave but Kate grabs him by the arm. She says that because of his power grab Sonny is now so isolated that he's going to have to marry 'that vile Claudia Zacchara'.

Lucky escorts Liz back to work and runs into Sam. He fills her in on the crime scene and promises to call her later. Liz tells Lucky that he doesn't get to police her and reminds him that he and Sam just had a run in with drugs, crime and guns, too.

Johnny and Lulu have gone back to his penthouse. After they make love, Johnny apologizes for walking out on her when she needed him the most. Lulu reminds him that he took the blame for killing Logan, so they're even. She tells him that they need to listen to their love from now on instead of their families. They wrap themselves in a sheet and step out on the balcony to enjoy the view. He reminds her that the money used to buy his penthouse is dirty and worries that they won't be able to make it together given the kind of life that he has.

Ric goes to see Sonny, but finds Claudia waiting there instead. She greets him as her brother-in-law to be, but Ric says that she just wants to be talked out of marrying Sonny. She says that she doesn't need a white knight, but Ric sees it otherwise. Claudia says that what they've had has been nice, but all things come to an end. When he objects, she says that with a little bit of effort they could probably still see each other. Ric contends that he sees himself in her and this is not going to end well for her. Sonny comes home and asks why they're there. Ric says that if the two of them marry it'll be the worst mistake of their lives. Before Ric can leave, Sonny says it would be almost worth it because then Ric would have to answer to him. After Ric's gone, Claudia tells Sonny that they're both realists and that's why they are about to get married. Sonny reminds her that she'd rather eat dirt and she says that he needs backup now that he killed Karpov. She tells him to cut the crap and work out a deal with her ahead of time for how it's going to be between them. She tells him at least the sex will be great and then plants a little teaser kiss on his lips without knowing that Kate is watching from his terrace.

Spinelli has managed to get Maxie to GH. He gives a rambling lineup of Maxie's medical history down to her drug allergies. Matt won't let him in while he examines her, so Leyla sits with Spinelli and tries to calm him down. Before long Matt tells Spinelli that Maxie will wake up with a headache, but he didn't see signs of a struggle. Then he lets Spinelli sit with her even though he's not family. He tells her how he feels about her and that the world wouldn't be manageable without her in it. "Fair and cherished Maximista…Maxie…I love you," he says. Maxie comes around and tells him that the Russian guys followed her and tried to grab her.

Mac shows up in the door and kicks Spinelli out of Maxie's room. He follows him out to the hallway and tells him that he's directly responsible for the murder and mayhem in this town because he puts his genius to work for Jason Morgan. Spinelli respectfully listens as Mac tells him to stay away from Maxie.

Sam is able to track Jason down on the waterfront and offer her help. She says that she's already on the inside because she's been working with Karpov for weeks. Jason says it's too risky, but Sam says that he's not in the position to turn down her help.

At the same moment that Maxie is trying to explain to Mac that Spinelli is the only real friend that she's ever had, Spinelli is at Jason's penthouse reaching for a gun in the closet. He looks at it with all the fear of a child and then heads out the door.

Next on General Hospital:

Sam tells Lucky that she's going to infiltrate the Russian organization.

Jason makes his move without knowing Sam is in the warehouse meeting with Sasha.

Kate threatens to expose Olivia's secret.

Johnny tells Luke that he'll help him open the Haunted Star.

Tracy is thrilled because she believes that Luke chose her over Laura.

Robin finds motherhood difficult, but Patrick seems to have a knack for fatherhood.

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