Spencer is furious with his father on General Hospital

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Ava meets with Spencer at his boarding school in France. He rails at her for betraying his father, but she hopes he can forgive her when he sees all is not lost. Nikolas appears and Spencer can’t believe his father is alive. He asks where he’s been, and Nikolas explains he had to stay away to protect everyone until he could return, and that he found a way to get his inheritance back. Spencer is aghast to learn that his father chose to stay away. Nikolas says he hated Valentin for killing his father, but now he hates his father for staying dead. Nikolas excuses himself for some air, and Ava asks the boy to put his anger aside and let his father love him again. Nikolas returns and promises to make everything up to him. Spencer cries that he spent the past three years alone because of him and tells his father he’s just as heartless as Valentin because the Cassadine legacy is more important to his father than he is. He screams at his father to stay away from him and storms out.

Nikolas and Spencer reunion on General Hospital

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At the Metro Court, Laura meets with Jax, who apologizes for not telling her about Nikolas. She accepts his apology and switches the topic to her plan to renovate the waterfront and make it safer. By the bar, Willow explains to Michael, Chase and Sasha that Nelle is staying at Brad’s place and she made it clear she wasn’t needed to look after Wiley any longer. Elsewhere, Carly gives Gladys a gift certificate to the spa to pamper herself. Carly witnesses Michael blow up and kick a chair, so she checks on her son and learns about Nelle’s latest shenanigans. Carly offers to help but then sees Gladys has inserted herself into Jax and Laura’s conversation and has to go pull her away from them. Michael and Chase decide to head out to deal with Nelle. Sasha gets a text from Nina to meet about Deception partnering with Crimson, which she’s not looking forward to. Willow offers to go with her for support. Meanwhile, Gladys asks Carly if she could get a tour of Sonny’s coffee warehouse. Carly has to drop something off later and says she can tag along. Up in the Crimson offices, Charlotte hangs out with Nina working on a collage for school. Curtis drops by to check on Nina, so Nina sends Charlotte to search Maxie’s desk for more photos. Talk turns to Sasha and Nina’s real daughter, but she won’t re-open the search. They hug and she walks Curtis out. Later, Sasha and Willow arrive. Charlotte shows Willow the collage she’s working on, leaving Nina and Sasha to meet. Nina tells Sasha she read her proposal and will move forward on the condition that Crimson does a cover story on Sasha and her life. Sasha agrees and heads out. Willow follows her, and Sasha cries to Willow that she just gave Nina permission to publicly shame her in print.

Chase and Willow at the Metro Court on General Hospital

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At Brad’s place, Nelle pressures Brad into letting her hold Wiley. Suddenly Michael and Chase arrive and Michael snatches Wiley from her arms and hands him back to Brad. Michael wonders what Nelle is angling for and what will it take to leave Wiley alone. Nelle says she has nowhere to stay and Brad is her only friend. He offers to get her another place to live and thinks the place he has in mind will please her. Later, Chase asks Michael if he’s sure about his plan. Michael plans to keep Nelle close in order to drop the hammer on her when the time is right.

Nelle wants to hold Wiley on General Hospital

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In Jordan’s office at the PCPD, Jordan reconnects with Marcus. He wonders why she needed him to return to Port Charles. She hands him a file on her old partner, who Taggert also knew. He also doesn’t believe the man overdosed because he rarely touched alcohol. He offers to look into it. Laura arrives and is shocked to see Marcus back. He explains he was visiting Jordan, who was an old colleague. He leaves, and Laura tells Jordan that Jax has agreed to help rebuild the waterfront if ELQ is onboard.

Taggert and Jordan reconnect at the PCPD on General Hospital

Sasha and Willow return down to the Metro Court and run into Nelle. Nelle gloats to them that Michael invited her to move into the Quartermaine mansion. Carly overhears and accuses Nelle of lying. Back in Nina’s office, Jax stops by to get some financial projections. Nina gets him the figures, while back Nina’s desk Charlotte cuts up a Crimson magazine mock-up featuring Sasha on the cover.

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