Ava lays out demands to Nikolas on General Hospital
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Lulu asks Dustin about his history with Brook Lynn while in the interrogation room at the PCPD, as Ned and Laura show up in the squad room. Ned confirms Brook Lynn’s claims to Chase that she’s a Quartermaine. Brook Lynn explains to Ned what happened at the Floating Rib, as Lulu does the same with Laura in the interrogation room. Chase gets called away as Brook Lynn asks her father to drop their family name to get her out of there. Ned laughs that after years of running from their name she wants him to use it now. After Chase lets Dustin and Lulu go upon talking to Mac and Felicia, he tells Brook Lynn the Scorpios will drop the charges if they are compensated for damages. Ned agrees to cover it and leaves with his daughter.

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Lulu explains the brawl to Laura on General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Nikolas files a flight plan over the phone as Ava sits with him. Nikolas doesn’t think they have anything to talk about other than the codicil and then they’re done. Ava reminds him he still needs to sign the post-nuptial agreement. She thinks her terms, which include an island of her own, give him incentive to make their marriage work. He won’t get what he wants until she gets what she wants so she hands him a pen. Nikolas needs his lawyer to look it over first. Laura joins them. Nikolas announces he’s flying to France to see Spencer that night. Laura wonders if Nikolas will pull another vanishing act and she won’t see him for another three years. Ava assures Laura she won’t let that happen as she’s going with him. As they bicker over it, Laura asks them to think of Spencer and not themselves, if that’s possible.

Lulu and Dustin return to her home, where Lulu playfully grills him about Brook Lynn. He recounts how he saw Brook Lynn performing at a bar where she was waitressing. They bonded over songwriting, but it ended as soon as it started when she dumped him for a piano player. He notes Brook had a way of pushing his buttons, but her walking away did him a favor because he realized music wasn’t for him. She wonders if he feels nostalgic for the bad old days. The last thing he needs in his life is a wrecking ball named Brook Lynn.

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Nelle explains her marriage to Shiloh on General Hospital

Nelle stuns everyone by announcing she was Shiloh’s wife at his memorial service. She explains their ceremony was small with just Daisy as a witness. Addressing Willow, Nelle shares Shiloh’s desire to be part of Wiley’s life. Now that he’s gone, that responsibility falls on her. Michael asks what she wants. She replies, “What belongs to me.” Chase shows up and confirms that Nelle is telling the truth about being Shiloh’s widow. After Nelle and Michael leave, Willow tells Chase about her job as Wiley’s nanny. Chase wonders if that’s a good idea. Willow just wants to make sure Wiley is cared for and loved. She assures him she can handle it.

Tracy finds Olivia setting up for an ELQ shareholders meeting in the Quartermaine living room. Tracy expresses her desire for Ned to take over the business. Brook Lynn and Ned enter and update the women on the brawl. When Michael finally arrives for the meeting, with their lawyer present, Ned says the first order of business is Oscar’s ELQ shares. As the family bickers over who should get them, Nelle enters.

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Stella visits Sonny and Carly on General Hospital

As Carly and Sonny discuss Ava and Nikolas’ marriage at home, Carly deduces Ava has the codicil and is using it as leverage. Stella drops by upon Carly’s invitation to talk about Mike. Stella thinks the study sounds promising but reminds Sonny Mike needs his familiar surroundings and routine. Sonny counters the trial could give him more time. Even if it doesn’t work, at least they’ll know they tried everything. Jason enters as Sonny walks Stella out so she can enjoy her comped Metro Court room. At the door, Sonny thanks Stella, but affirms he has to take a shot with the trial. Jason fills a furious Carly in on Nelle making parole and being Shiloh’s widow.

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