Nelle reveals she's Shiloh's wife on General Hospital
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At Alexis’, Neil explains he was supposed to wait two years between treating Alexis and dating her. He thought the waiting period was just a formality and it wouldn’t matter, but the board found out. Neil plans to throw himself at their mercy. She instructs him not to admit fault and to tell the board he’ll do better in the future. Neil isn’t sure he wants to do better. He spent his entire career helping others at the expense of his personal life. Maybe it’s time to try something new. He wants to see if there’s something to explore between them. She can’t let him do that. She doesn’t want him to lose his career for her and blame her later. He wishes things could have been different and leaves.

Brook Lynn faces Linc on stage on General Hospital

After Dustin throws Brook Lynn’s producer Linc, (played by Dan Buran), against the wall at the Floating Rib, Brook gets on stage and says no one will get in her way. Linc reminds her of her contract. He says if she doesn’t deliver on the albums she owes him she’ll have to use her mouth for something other than music. Dustin punches him.

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Curtis contemplates at Metro Court on General Hospital

Willow and Michael talk at the Metro Court bar before Shiloh’s memorial. Jason and Chase join them. They discuss how Kristina and Sam won’t be attending. Chase gets a work call and tells Willow he’ll be at the memorial as soon as he can. At a table, Curtis calls Stella to ask for relationship advice. After he gets his takeout, he heads to the elevator as he tells her about Bob, Jordan’s friend who passed away. As the elevator door opens, Stella surprises Curtis by stepping off.

Michael, Willow, and Jason see Daisy at Shiloh’s memorial. Willow asks if she arranged the service. She coldly says any sized donation is welcome and walks away. Willow’s mother enters and the foursome stands in the back of the room. Daisy begins the service. She hopes in some small way they will bring their leader back to life. Willow gets up to speak and rants about Shiloh. A woman with a black veil over her face stops her. Nelle takes off her veil revealing she’s Mrs. Henry Archer.

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Brook Lynn smashes beer bottle over Chase's head on General Hospital

A fight breaks out at Floating Rib with Lulu and Brook Lynn getting in on the action. Brook grabs a beer bottle, as Chase enters and breaks things up. Before she can stop herself, Brook Lynn busts the bottle over Chase’s head. Lulu, Dustin, Brook Lynn, and Linc are handcuffed. Chase declares they’re all getting brought in.

Laura talks with Jordan about Nikolas on General Hospital

Laura meets with Jordan at the PCPD about revitalizing the waterfront. Jordan notes it’s a major project and tells her they are looking into charges against Nikolas considering he faked his death and framed Drew Cain. However, she doesn’t think the investigation will move forward. Laura asks for the crime statistics on the waterfront area for her meeting with a developer. Later, as Jordan goes over reports in the interrogation room, Curtis walks in and brings her dinner. He also brings Stella in and leaves them to talk. Jordan tells Stella about her friend at the DEA and how his death doesn’t make sense. Stella says obsession over his death won’t bring him back. After Stella has left, Curtis returns to Jordan who can’t let Bob’s death go. They’re interrupted by the Floating Rib crew being brought in. As Lulu and Dustin sit in the interrogation room, Lulu asks how he knows Brook Lynn.

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Tracy warns Ned on General Hospital

Tracy tells Ned at the mansion that someone made her an offer regarding ELQ, but she doesn’t know who exactly. After she turned them down they went after Luke. They agreed to make his recent troubles go away in exchange for Dillon’s shares of ELQ. She told him to jump in the water. She urges Ned to fight for Edward’s legacy. They’re interrupted by Laura who knocks on the front door. They sit in the living room as Laura asks if ELQ would be interested in creating a private partnership for her renovation project. Ned reminds her she opposed the idea when it was part of his mayoral campaign platform. She wants to bring the community in on the decisions instead of just telling them what will happen. Tracy and Ned point out the project would be a loss for those working on the wrong side of the law, like Sonny Corinthos. Laura knows it’s a touchy situation with Michael and asks Ned for advice on how to approach him. Tracy suggests she be patient because Michael might not be in charge for long. Laura and Ned both get calls from the PCPD.

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