Lulu and Maxie discuss Valentin on General Hospital

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Sam and Jason kiss on General HospitalAfter Sonny gets Gladys out of the house, Jason stops by so he can secretly meet with Sam. When Sam gets there, Carly gives them privacy. Sam and Jason kiss as Alexis enters with documents for Carly. She can’t believe they’re sneaking around, thereby violating Sam’s parole. When Carly returns, Alexis directs her outrage at her for facilitating the meeting. Carly realizes she doesn’t know about Nikolas and informs Alexis and Sam he is alive. Alexis doesn’t know whether to hug or slap Nikolas, as she leaves for Wyndemere. Sam asks why Carly called her and Jason there. Carly wants to strategize a way out of their predicament. Jason and Sam tell her sneaking around is too big a risk so Carly suggests they go over the parole officer’s head. Jason has someone in mind.

Gladys deals with Sonny on General HospitalSonny takes Gladys to the coffeeshop. She expounds on the joy of his family and the life in his house. Being Dev’s “grandma” makes up a little for losing her own son. Sonny gives her keys to a new car to make visits to see Mike a little easier. Gladys knows this is a payoff and that he wants her gone. She feels at home at his house and asks if she can stay until Donna’s christening. He denies her request. Gladys understands and pulls out research she did on Mike’s condition.

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Sonny returns home after Jason and Sam have left. He looks at the paper Gladys gave him on a trial in New York that could help his dad.

When Ava wakes up at Wyndemere, she sees Nikolas standing by her bed. She frantically reaches for something as Nikolas points her gun at her. She gets out of bed and takes ownership of the gun. He wants the codicil proving he is the rightful Ava won't give Nikolas the codicil on General Hospitalheir to the Cassadine estate. She retorts she needs the codicil as leverage since they don’t have a pre-nuptial agreement. He promises not to go back on his word or to kill her. She taunts he will never find where she’s hidden it, so he can claim his inheritance with her by his side. Ava calls for Liesl who appears. Since she’s staying there for free, Ava orders her to take Nikolas downstairs and to call a locksmith. Liesl won’t be her lapdog and announces plans to leave. Ava, who doesn’t want to be left alone in the house with Nikolas, tells her she can stay with no strings. Downstairs, Liesl makes coffee and makes clear she still holds a grudge against Nikolas for what he did to Britt. She also takes him to task for how he’s treated his family. Alexis arrives. Nikolas walks over to his aunt and she happily embraces him. Obrecht leaves, as Alexis chastises Nikolas for what he’s done to Spencer. Ava enters revealing she and Nikolas are married. Ava spins their tale to a bewildered Alexis, who isn’t buying it. After Alexis has left, Ava informs her husband of a post-nuptial agreement she drew up.

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Martin visits Lulu’s house to check on Charlotte for Valentin. Lulu, Laura, Maxie, and Nina assure him the girl is fine. Nina looks pained as Lulu and Laura insist Charlotte be kept far away from Valentin. Martin makes his exit as Lulu rants about Charlotte’s father. Maxie and Laura gently remind her they have shared custody so he still has parental rights. Lulu declares she will put an end to that. Nina is then questioned about her knowledge regarding Nikolas. Nina doesn’t think the circumstances matter – they got Nikolas back. Laura claims the son she knew is getting further and further away. After Nina leaves, Lulu announces she’s contacted Diane to get the ball rolling for full custody of Charlotte. Before Maxie leaves for work, she urges Lulu to consider holding off on the custody petition until she knows it’s really necessary.

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Robert taunts Valentin on General HospitalRobert meets with Valentin in the interrogation room. He taunts him as Valentin demands to be released. Robert exits when Martin shows up. Martin fills him in on his visit to Lulu’s, including that Nina was there. Detecting Valentin’s interest, Martin wonders why he still cares about Nina. Valentin declares his love for her and Nina’s for him. Martin thinks there are ways to block a DNA test should Nikolas produce the codicil. Valentin doesn’t believe he’s Helena’s son. This is just one more way for Helena to torture him from beyond the grave. Martin will investigate Nikolas and do what he can to get him out of there. In the squad room, Jason and Sam meet with Robert at the police station. Sam says they have a proposal for him.

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