Maxie and Sam are enjoying some quality girl talk over at Sam's place. Maxie contends that Sam enjoyed her adventure with Jason, but Sam only owns up to loving the adventure part of it. She loved the adrenaline rush and now realizes how much she needs it in her life. Just then, Lucky keys into the place and Sam rushes into his arms. Lucky can see Maxie's surprise and explains that they staged their breakup. Maxie hopes they're happy and then leaves in a huff. What she doesn't know is that she is being followed.

Patrick is at GH pushing Robin's wheelchair as if he were transporting Faberge eggs. It's time for Robin and Emma to go home, but he's filled with worry about what the world will throw at them. Too many germs in the lobby and too many fumes in the parking garage are two examples of his concerns. Epiphany and Liz tell them to go get some rest, but Patrick quotes the baby manual about how long babies sleep. As they gingerly wheel into the elevator, Liz and Epiphany just shake their heads.

The car ride home is equally interesting. Patrick has bought a minivan and is fussing about whether or not they attached the baby seat properly. He's driving 15 mph, too. "Twenty one, here we come," he says after Robin asks him to pick up the pace a little.

Sonny pulls the barista out of the coffee warehouse and goes back into the burning building for Olivia. He finds her collapsed and carries her out just as Jason arrives. After the ambulance takes Olivia, Sonny tells Jason that they have to strike back. "Not we," Jason corrects him. Sonny says that if Carly didn't pull him up from the bottom of the harbor he'd be dead and asks Jason if that matters to him at all? Jason says that he'll protect his organization but that means cutting all ties with him! Lucky arrives to ask questions and Sonny tells him what little he knows about the fire. When Lucky pushes for any ideas of who started it, Sonny walks away saying that they assumed they were after Jason.

Jax presents Carly with divorce papers the moment she walks into The Metro Court. She thinks his grief over Jerry is coloring his decisions, but he says that this is all about her and Sonny. She spies Diane making her way toward the boutique for a shoe sale and tells her that she intends to fight her divorce from Jax. Diane demands 20% off at the boutique and then says it's 'game on'. She promptly acts as if Jax is on the witness stand as she asks him how many times he has been absent from her client's marriage. "My client is a saint for wanting to contest this divorce rather than hauling your butt to the cleaners," she says as she rushes off to the boutique.

Later, Carly tells Jax that she never really felt abandoned by him and that she wants their marriage to work. She says that he's taking on too much right now and then asks if he told Lady Jane about Jerry? Jax says that his mother refuses to believe that Jerry is dead based on the phone call he got right after the explosion. Just then, Kate approaches them and tells Carly that Sonny is all hers because they just broke up for good. She says that she's no match for 'Hurricane Carly' who pounded away at their relationship until it broke down. After Kate is called by GH and told about Olivia, Jax informs Carly that he agrees with Kate.

Nadine runs into Nikolas in the park and says they should start making plans. She says that technically she's against the idea because it's against the law, but he's not a criminal and shouldn't be deported. She finally winds down by saying, "I will marry you." Nik assures her that his lawyers are working on his case and she doesn't have to do that for him. Nadine plants a kiss on his lips and tells him that it may be a marriage of convenience but it'll be done right!

Claudia comes upon Johnny and Lulu in front of Kelly's. She tells them to kiss goodbye because the family comes first. She says that she's going to marry Sonny Corinthos because their lives belong to their father. Johnny and Lulu turn and leave. Later, after they have just finished dinner at The Metro Court Lulu thanks Johnny and then turns down his offer to help pay to rebuild Kelly's. She says that her family probably has insurance and besides, she doesn't want anything to do with his father's money. Johnny asks who she thinks paid for the dinner they just had? Lulu suggests that maybe it's time that he makes some changes and he can't disagree.

Patrick has managed to get Robin and Emma home. He's changed the baby and put her down for a nap. As he goes to snuggle with Robin, he tells her that he used to be too arrogant to count his blessings but Emma changed all that. As he moves in for a kiss, the baby cries.

Sonny has arrived at GH and Liz tells him that Olivia will be fine. Then she grabs her purse and leaves to find Jason. Sonny goes in to see Olivia and she yells at him for starting a mob war that involves everyone! As they bicker, Kate enters the room and thinks they are flirting.

Back at the coffee house, Jason tells Cody that they're going to take the Russians out and no one will ever mess with them again! Just then Liz appears looking more angelic than ever.

Maxie is nabbed on the waterfront by two Russian goons. She tries to fight them off, but by the looks of things when Spinelli comes by later, she wasn't successful.

Next on General Hospital:

Elizabeth hears what she doesn't want to hear from Jason.

Sam goes to Jason with a plan to help him.

Nikolas assures Nadine that they don't have to marry, but she doesn't relent.

Jax informs Nikolas that he's the proud owner of Spoon Island.

Kate tells Olivia that Sonny would never forgive her for lying about his son.

Claudia tells Sonny they have no choice but to get married.

Johnny and Lulu make love.

Maxie's injuries aren't serious, much to Spinelli's relief.

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