Nina and Valentin's second wedding on General Hospital crashed

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Valentin threatens Ava on the turret General HospitalOn the Wyndemere turret, Valentin shoves Ava over the edge. As she falls in the water below, Charlotte pops up and asks what he’s doing. Lulu appears behind her and he insists it’s too cold for them to be outside. As he ushers them in, Valentin and Charlotte stop alone by the entrance. She admits she’s worried something could go wrong. He’s reassuring.

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Jax warns Nina about Charlotte General HospitalIn Nina’s room, she tries to avoid Jax, but he bursts in and warns that she needs to walk away right now. If she goes ahead with her revenge plan, she won’t just hurt Valentin, but Charlotte as well. He suggests she cut her losses. Charlotte interrupts and Jax takes off. They hug and the little girl tells Nina how perfect everything will be. Down in the great room, Peter and Maxie bump into Liesl, who is worried and drinking. She hopes that Nina is choosing happiness. Valentin appears and Maxie tells him not to screw things up. After she strolls off, Valentin wishes Peter good luck. He’s feeling optimistic. Across the room, Laura tells Kevin about Charlotte’s bodyguard having Nikolas’ ring. None of this makes sense to her. Meanwhile, Jordan and Curtis chat with Martin, who wonders why they are there when they think Nina is making a mistake. Jordan thinks he’s got a point. Laura tells Lulu she must accept General HospitalBack across the room, Lulu complains to Laura about how Valentin is raising Charlotte. Laura says she has to accept it and not make her daughter resent her. Charlotte jogs in as all the guests take their seats. As he stands up front, Valentin spots Jax. Nina walks down the aisle. Valentin tells Nina that she and Charlotte are the most important parts of his life. He can’t imagine sharing his life or daughter with anyone else. She tells him that no one has made her happier. Once he says there are no more secrets between them, Martin prompts them to make their vows. Before Nina can make hers, Nikolas strides in with a soaking wet Ava in his arms.

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Chase and Willow are having sex in a room at the Metro Court. They relax and talk about their amazing year. She thinks 2020 will be even better.

Ned and Olivia discuss Brook Lynn Metro Court General HospitalIn the Metro Court dining room, Diane and Ned join Brook Lynn. The lawyer goes through Brook Lynn’s contract and says it’s very tightly written. She’s obligated to give three albums to her producer. Diane suggests she buy her way out of the contract. After she leaves, Olivia joins them. Ned tells his daughter that he will not pay off her producer. She claims the producer wanted sex and that’s why she ran away from him. Ned understands but still refuses. Throwing money at a sleazebag isn’t a solution. She begs but he won’t back down. Brook Lynn storms off. Olivia was impressed by Ned’s speech but doubts any of it got through to his daughter. He tells her how lucky he is to have her in his life. They kiss. Michael asks Sasha for favor Metro Court General HospitalAcross the room, Michael and Sasha look forward to the new year. He promises that she’s stuck with him. She notices he’s distracted as he stares at Ned across the room. He worries that there might be some Quartermaine in-fighting on the way. If that’s true, he needs her to help him keep things in perspective. Chase and Willow join them. The ladies go to the powder room to talk about how amazing their boyfriends are. They rejoin the men and toast to each other. The women talk about how happy they are to be moving past their year of lying about everything. Michael says both sides of his family are liars, but they still love each other.

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Sam strategizes with Jason General HospitalAt the penthouse, a tearful Sam tells Jason that she can only stay free if she stays away from him. She informs him of her disturbing run-in with Delores. Jason assures her none of this is her fault. Diane joins them and Jason explains that the terms of Sam’s parole don’t allow her contact with a felon. Diane says they can’t fight it. Jason is upset. Sam reminds him they’ve dealt with stuff like this before and can again. Diane tells them that she’s always been uncomfortable with the things that Sonny has done that have negatively affected his children. She wonders if Sam is willing to potentially let her children suffer when she and Jason try to circumvent the law. The lawyer suggests they get Spinelli to dig for dirt on Delores. Sam cries about how unfair this is. Jason tells her they need to follow the law. They can’t risk her going back to prison.

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