Tracy's surprise return to General Hospital
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In the park, Jordan visits Curtis who is playing Santa. Olivia and Ned bring Leo to see Santa, while Trina teases Cam, who is dressed in a suit and finishing his community service by working as Santa’s helper. Later, Jason brings Scout and Danny to see Santa, and Scout asks for her mom to come home. Elsewhere, Joss tells Dev about American Christmas traditions, and Dev fills her in about his own traditions back in Turkey. Trina joins Dev and Joss, and they discuss how Cam only has a week left of his service. Dev goes to get them some apple cider, and Trina jokes with Joss that it’s obvious that Dev is crushing on her. Joss and Dev decide to return home, and Trina stays behind to keep Cam company. Later, Alexis meets up with Jason and the kids. Jason asks Alexis to take the kids home because he needs to take care of something and swears it’s for the kids. Meanwhile, Jordan gets the bad news that an old friend of hers has passed away.

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At Turning Woods, Carly joins Sonny after checking on Lucas, who is still in a coma. Carly has invited Brad for dinner, and Sonny reveals he’s invited Gladys for the holidays.

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Nelle is returned to her cell at Pentonville and asks Sam if she missed her. Sam looks at the cards her kids made her as Nelle rambles on and on until Sam snaps at her to shut her mouth. A guard stops by to get Sam because the warden needs to see her. Later, Nelle learns that Sam’s been paroled. Once alone, Nelle looks at a vision board she’s made featuring photos of a woman and her son.

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy asks Monica what came over her to obliterate years of memories in redecorating the mansion. Monica reminds her Alan gave her the house, and Tracy quips, “Because my brother was an idiot.” Brook Lynn jokes with Tracy that resistant to change is a precursor to dementia. They admire the tree, and Monica hopes Olivia will approve and thinks she’d rather have a silver tree than a traditional green one. Michael drops by with Sasha and is surprised to see Tracy. Once alone, Michael and Brook Lynn discuss what has really brought Tracy home because she never does anything spur of the moment. In the foyer, Monica and Tracy discuss the loss of Drew and Oscar. Ned, Olivia, and Leo enter, and Ned is surprised to see his mother. Tracy explains Amsterdam was a little too tranquil, so she came home for family mayhem. Monica gathers the family for a new tradition, Wassailing, a medieval precursor to Christmas caroling. She passes around the punch and explains Wassail means to drink to good health, which their family needs after this year. Everyone toasts to Christmas. Later, Michael and Sasha decide to head out to go to his father’s, and Olivia pushes Ned to grab his guitar for more singing. Ned calls Jason to check on him and the kids, and Jason thanks Ned for what he did in helping Sam get paroled. Later the family sings The First Noel.

Sonny and family return home, and Sonny makes Gladys a drink. Dev and Joss arrive, and Gladys gives Dev a hug. Dev excuses himself to finish wrapping some gifts, and Joss lets Gladys know she knows the truth about her and Dev so she doesn’t have to pretend. Gladys is glad to share their home for Christmas rather than being home alone. When she thinks about her son, she excuses herself for some air. Sonny and Carly caution Joss about not saying too much to Gladys about Dev’s situation. On the porch, Gladys makes a call to someone and apologizes for the awful things she said to them. Sonny catches her and asks who she’s talking to. She was leaving a message for her son Brando. She knows it’s pathetic, but she continues to pay his phone bill so she can hear his voice on his voicemail. She says he died thinking she was mad at him. Sonny knows the feeling and invites her back in. Later, Dev and Joss head to the patio and see Santa’s sleigh in the sky. They call everyone out to witness it.

Alexis returns home with the kids and they begin decorating the tree. Jason appears later with a surprise, and Sam walks in. Alexis is in tears and gives her daughter a big hug. She leaves them to enjoy the holiday together.

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