Anna and Finn discuss Violet and Christmas at home General Hospital
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Sonny arrives at Turning Woods and finds Mike looking confused. Sonny is annoyed when he discovers that Gladys (played by Bonnie Burroughs) is there to take him out. He’s even more annoyed to hear they are going to the track. bonnie burroughs returns general hospital gladys corbinMike becomes distraught and says that someone took Yvonne. When Marcus walks in, Mike accuses him of stealing his wife. Sonny gets his father to sit down. He and Marcus discuss Yvonne’s rapid decline. Marcus has her in a hospital eating through a tube. Gladys says that’s a mistake. This outrages Sonny, who tells her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Gladys explains that her best friend Dot had Alzheimer’s and she wanted to die with dignity. She fought with Dot’s kids to take her to a hospice. She was just relieved that Dot got to leave this world in peace. Marcus assures Mike he will bring Yvonne back. After Marcus exits, Sonny encourages his father to rest up so he can sing carols later. When Gladys says she has no one to spend the holidays with, Mike prompts his father to invite her to their festivities.

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Anna ponders Peter's guilt General HospitalAt home, Anna is appalled when she realizes that Peter was at the same DVX company as the gunman. Finn comes in to talk about gingerbread men when he notices Anna is upset. She explains what she’s discovered. The doctor suggests she talk to the cops or Robert. She’s reluctant but he’s worried Peter might hurt someone else. Violet runs in and asks where her mom is. Anna tries to distract her by handing her a stocking. That fails. Violet asks where her mommy is; she wants her home now. Taking her on his lap, Finn tells her how much her mom loves her. She must have had a good reason to go away. He hands her a gift he claims that Hayden sent. As Violet unwraps it, Finn and Anna debate their situation. The doctor points out that keeping silent about Peter could cost lives.

Nelle corners Willow and Wiley at General HospitalAt General Hospital, Nelle runs into Willow and Wiley in the hallway and starts asking about the baby. Nelle explains she lost her baby and asks to hold Wiley. Willow is reluctant, but as she lowers the baby into her lap, Michael runs up and stops her, taking the baby away. He starts lecturing the guard for letting Nelle into the hall. Nelle starts asking Michael how much their baby would have loved Christmas. Michael crosses the room with Willow. She can’t believe she didn’t recognize Nelle, or that Brad is friends with such a manipulator. Brad pops up, relieved to see his son. Michael and Willow offer to look after the kid whenever he needs help.

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In the square, Cameron and his brother run into Peter and Maxie as they drop off coats for charity. After they take off, Maxie goes on about how proud she is of him for saving Andre. She just hopes whoever hired the hitman is caught. She’s sure that Jason will hunt him down. Peter is shocked when she hands him a stocking. He’s never had one before and is overwhelmed. Across the square, Julian bumps into Brook Lynn and they discuss Lucas. She starts rambling about Leo and asks how he hooked up with Olivia. She offers to show him all the pictures she has of Leo from when Olivia was keeping him out of his son’s life. They sit down and look through them. He tells her this is almost the best present he could get. She can’t figure out how emotionally complex the former mobster is. He thanks her for the role she’s played in the lives of his children. Brook Lynn walks off and bumps into Maxie, who introduces her to Peter and starts gloating about her family and career. “Peter, god help you,” Brook Lynn says before storming off. Maxie tells him that Brook Lynn is a troublemaker and it takes her a long time to forgive people.

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Tracy (played by Jane Elliot) arrives at the Quartermaine estate, shocked to see that it has been re-decorated.

Liz tells Franco about Kim at home General HospitalAt Liz’s place, Franco is shocked to learn that he slept with Kim when he was Drew. He thinks they need to confront Kim. She explains that Kim has already left Port Charles and tells him not to beat himself up over this. Cam and Jake arrive and Franco greets him. Jake shows him all the pictures he made for him while he was away. Cam thinks this Christmas is perfect or would be if he didn’t have to do community service tonight. He gets changed into his Christmas outfit and they take photos before trimming the tree.

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