Ava has the codicil on General Hospital
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At the Corinthos place, Sonny fills Jason in on his theory that Jax is into something he shouldn’t be, and Carly is protecting him. Talk turns to his arguments with Carly over Mike’s care, and what is best to do for him.

Carly gives Jax advice on General Hospital At General Hospital, Carly meets up with Jax, who gives her a smoothie and tells her about Helena’s portrait going up in flames. Carly feels it is time he calls the cops and turns Nikolas in. Jax believes Valentin is going to suffer a reversal of fortune soon, so she demands to know what is going on. Jason arrives and asks if everything is okay. Jax claims he was just trying to convince Carly to drink the smoothie he brought her and leaves. Jason asks Carly for the truth. She admits Jax is in trouble, and if Sonny finds out then he will have him deported again.

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Nina wants the truth from her aunt on General Hospital At Wyndemere, Valentin checks on Charlotte while Nina confronts her aunt. Nina wants her to come clean and asks if she helped Valentin fake the original DNA test on Sasha. Liesl tells her no, but she knows how he did it. Liesl explains she saw Valentin take a DNA sample from her mother’s casket. Nina realizes Obrecht knew Sasha wasn’t her daughter all along.

Laura and Kevin talk to Lulu about Valentin on General Hospital At Charlie’s, Curtis, Lulu, Kevin and Laura discuss Charlotte and her imaginary bodyguard. Kevin believes Charlotte’s life has been in constant upheaval and the bodyguard is a manifestation of her needs for safety. Lulu thinks she needs to speak with Valentin and departs, and Curtis heads to the bar for a drink. Laura confides in Kevin that Charlotte identified Nikolas as her bodyguard. Kevin thinks it’s possible she recognized the photo and chose him because he is a flawed prince coming to rescue her. Perhaps she believes Nikolas could make her parents stop hating one another. Later, Jax arrives and speaks with Curtis, who he asks to find Claudette.

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Ava questions Nikolas on General Hospital Ava holds a gun on Nikolas at her gallery and demands to know why he’s there. He wants to know if the codicil burnt with the painting. Ava wants answers first and inquires as to where he’s been. He explains he was pulled from the waters by a fisherman, and he had to wait for Valentin to stake his claim using the papers he forced him to sign. However, Valentin never needed to use them because Mikkos left Valentin everything in his will, though Valentin doesn’t know about the codicil. Ava reveals once she got out of the hospital, she was able to use the painting to locate the codicil. She puts the gun down because she knows he won’t hurt her. He asks for the codicil, but she says there are terms to be met first.

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Lucy introduces Sasha on General Hospital At the Metro Court, Lucy meets with a less than enthusiastic investor, Alyssa, about Deception. Lucy spots Sasha nearby with Michael, grabs her, and presents her as the new face of the perfume. Michael sees his father come in and heads to check on him. Sonny asks Michael for advice on his dad’s situation. Michael advises he weigh the need to keep his dad with him against his quality of life, but also thinks he should talk to mom about this. Michael rejoins Sasha, who helps sell Deception to the investor. Alyssa tells Lucy that her COO will contact her soon. After Alyssa leaves, Sasha reveals she won’t be the face of Deception unless she has a stake in the company. Michael negotiates Sasha a deal of thirty percent in the company, to which Lucy agrees.

Lulu arrives at the Cassadine mansion to see Valentin, and in the foyer, they bicker. He refuses to meet her in the middle, so she tells him she’ll make sure the family courts realize he’s unfit to be near Charlotte. Back in the living room, Obrecht apologizes to Nina and reveals she can help her. The doctor gives her a bag containing strands of her mother’s hair, which she took from the casket. If Nina runs a DNA test it will show a mother and daughter relationship. Valentin enters, and Liesl excuses herself to go to bed. Nina sends Valentin to check on Charlotte, and once he’s gone, she grasps the bag of her mother’s hair.

Back at the hospital, Sonny walks in and spots Jason talking to Carly. Jason offers to help Carly, but she can’t ask him to keep a secret from Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny calls someone for help because Carly is in trouble.

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