Trina questions Ava's release on General Hospital
Credit: Image: ABC

General Hospital did not air today as the House debate on the presidential impeachment continued. Today’s scheduled episode is expected to air tomorrow, December 19, instead. In the meantime, let know who you think Trina is related to in Port Charles. The teen recently told her friends she had a DNA test done which matched her with an unknown relative in town. At the same time, Stella is off in London visiting the relative her DNA matching service connected her with. But could Trina still be related to an Ashford? Trina did cross paths with Curtis for the first time in Tuesday’s episode and since not much is random in soap operas, it could mean they’re related. But Trina also talked with Nikolas in the same episode, even though she never saw his face. Some fans want her to be Nikolas’ daughter with his long ago love Gia Campbell, but should we rule Curtis out as her biological father? What do you think? Is Trina really a Cassadine or an Ashford? Share your theory below!

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