Sonny visits Mike at General Hospital. Mike doesn't remember anything, so Sonny tells him this is all because of him. After he learns that Kelly's was torched, Mike expresses concern over his first really good job. Sonny assures him that he'll rebuild Kelly's even better than before and the Spencers won't have to pay a dime and then apologizes to Mike for putting his life at risk. When Kate comes in to see if Mike's okay, he tells her that he'll be good in time for the new wedding date. "There isn't going to be a new wedding," she tells him firmly. She and Sonny start to argue about Carly, again, and this time Olivia is listening outside the room. Sonny tells Kate that what happened to his dad is just the beginning. "Everybody who is close to me is going to be a target," Sonny explains. He promises that his plan will protect them both. Kate tells him that he's going deeper into the mob but that's his choice. She says she is out of his world and probably never belonged there in the first place.

As she leaves the hospital, Olivia finds her. She says that she's arranged for 24/7 protection of her and her house. Kate asks where all of this is coming from? Olivia tells Kate that a mob war has broken out and she is a target because Sonny always 'scratches his itch' no matter who it hurts in the end. Kate says that she's been around Sonny long enough to know that mob security is only an illusion.

Out at the nurses' desk, Liz is in a really foul mood even before Sam comes to clear the air. She assures Liz that rekindling her relationship with Jason is the last thing on her mind. She explains that she and Lucky are back on track and she wants to be able to maintain the peace with Liz. Elizabeth lets her guard down and says that she's just in a bad mood because things between her and Jason have been strained.

Patrick is in Robin's room fussing over Robin as she holds Emma. He tells her that her bout with DIC was nearly fatal and he's worried about her strength. Robin assures him that she's healthy and on the mend. Later, Matt comes to see Robin while she's resting alone. She shows him pictures of Emma and he admits that he's been checking in on her about twice a day. Robin tells him that he's nice, but Matt denies it. Later, Epiphany comes in and tells Robin and Patrick that mother and child have been released!

Maxie is over at Jason's office telling Jason and Spinelli everything she saw at Kelly's and recalls that the goons were speaking in a foreign language. Jason thanks her and then tells her to leave because she can't be trusted after setting Liz up the way she did the other day. Jason tells her that because of Spinelli she has access to things she shouldn't know and that needs to end. Maxie leaves and Jason tells Spinelli to be careful because Maxie has a little bit of Carly in her and he doesn't want Liz to be on the receiving end of it.

Lulu meets Johnny outside of the crime scene that used to be Kelly's. She says that she's just trying to process everything that's gone on in the past 24 hours. She hates to do it, but asks Johnny if his father had anything to do with Mike's beating and the fire? Johnny says that it's definitely within Anthony's range, but he's recovering from surgery at the moment. Lulu can't figure out who would deliberately destroy Kelly's.

Bernie reports to Jason that the Karpov organization wants to cut Sonny off at the knees and they're all going to pay. He says that one of their truck yards was blown to bits and their men are very angry at Sonny for raining this down on them. Jason agrees to meet with them tonight to do damage control.

The freighter explosion, truck yard fire, Kelly's fire and Sonny's father's beating have put a big smile on Anthony's face. "Who says Port Charles isn't a great place to raise your kids?" Anthony tells Johnny as he reads the newspaper. Johnny asks if he had anything to do with it, but Anthony says it's all due to a Russian organization. He says that all of this will work to their advantage though because Sonny needs protection more than ever. It's time to welcome your new brother-in-law into the family, he tells Johnny.

Johnny rushes back to Kelly's to report back to Lulu. He tells her that his father had nothing to do with the fire, but that won't do her family's business any good. Lulu is relieved, but listens as he tells her about Anthony's plan to enjoy watching Port Charles fall apart if only to increase his power base. Lulu tells him that he doesn't have to be party to it and that they can do better for their lives. Johnny can't believe that she would still want to be with him, but she says that she loves him.

Maxie brings coffee to Sam as a form of apology. She explains how (and why!) she sent Liz over to bust Jason and her together soaking wet. Sam forgives her and can understand why she reacted that way after Liz pushed her buttons. They sit down and have some much overdue girl talk. They have no idea that Russian goons are listening outside the door.

Olivia goes over to Jason's office looking for assurances that Kate will be safe. While she's waiting, she hears the coffee shop being torn up. As she scrambles to find a place to hide, the Russians torch the place. It doesn't take her long to realize that she is trapped inside of a burning building.

Jason goes to GH and asks Liz to meet him on the roof during her break. She gives him a hard time because her work is important to her, too. Eventually, she meets him and apologizes for being so cool. He tells her that she has every right to be mad at him. He says that he loves her, but she refuses to look at the facts. As he starts to explain that he's being targeted as retaliation for Sonny's actions, he notices a glow over on the waterfront. He tells Liz that looks like his office.

Next on General Hospital:

Olivia is rescued by Sonny, and Kate picks up on a flirtation between them.

Elizabeth checks in on Jason after his office fire.

Jason prepares to send a message.

Carly informs Jax that she will fight their divorce.

Kate lays into Carly for her constant presence in Sonny's life.

Jax hints to Carly that he and Kate might get together.

Maxie is nabbed by the Russians.

The Scorpio-Drakes settle in at home together.

Nikolas learns of Nadine's plan to marry him.

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