Franco wakes up and remembers on General Hospital

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At Ava’s gallery, everyone watches as the portrait of Helena bursts into flames. Helena's portrait in flames at Ava's on General Hospital Laura asks Ava if she knew the painting was rigged to self-destruct, but Ava swears she didn’t. Valentin pours himself s drink and thanks Ava for the favor she did him in getting rid of the portrait and its secrets. Meanwhile, Trina finds Nikolas in the backroom and asks who he is and why he’s there. With his back turned to her, he claims he’s a collector and is bidding from the backroom through a proxy. She doesn’t believe him, and Nikolas takes off. Trina returns to the gallery and alerts Ava of the stranger, who Ava announces could be their mystery arsonist. The patrons begin to head out, and Ava gives Trina a nice cash bonus for her help.

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Dustin rescues Charlotte from water on General Hospital On the pier, Charlotte jumps into the water to prove to Rocco that she has a secret bodyguard. Dustin quickly dives in after her as Lulu calls 911. The teacher pulls her out and indicates she may be in shock and have hypothermia. Lulu calls Valentin to tell him there has been an accident and to meet her at General Hospital.

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Franco wakes up to Cam and Liz on General Hospital In Franco’s room at General Hospital, he opens his eyes is glad to see Cameron is okay. Cam realizes Franco remembers, and Liz is overjoyed that he’s Franco again. He wonders who else he would be. Andre arrives to check on the patient. The last thing Franco remembers is Shiloh strapping him to the chair. They inform him he’s been gone for a few months and will explain later, but he had a lot of people fighting for him, including Scott. He thanks them for not giving up on him and wonders if there is anyone else he needs to thank. In the hall, Andre tells Anna, Finn and Peter that Franco is awake and is himself. Cam appears and alerts Peter that Franco wants to see him. Peter steps in and Franco tells Peter that he knows what he’s done. Elsewhere, Valentin arrives to find Charlotte sleeping in a room. Lulu tells everyone that Charlotte jumped in the water, which Valentin thinks makes no sense. Rocco claims it’s his fault because he didn’t believe she had a secret bodyguard. Laura tells Lulu that Charlotte claimed her dad hired her a secret bodyguard, and she believes Charlotte invented him to feel safe. Finn looks over Charlotte and tells the family there is no risk of infection and she doesn’t need to be kept overnight.

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Back at Ava’s gallery, everyone has left except for Curtis. He accuses Ava of destroying to portrait for Valentin but she spits she wouldn’t lift a finger to help him. He wonders who then. Ava tells him it was wonderful catching up, but she has to retire for the evening.

On the docks, Jax tells Nikolas that he is relieved this is over, and it’s time to let his family know that he’s alive. Nikolas refuses to give up until Valentin is destroyed.

Curtis catches up with Trina at the coffee house and asks about the man she saw in the backroom, and who destroyed the painting. She refuses to answer his questions and leaves after getting a text from a friend.

Valentin and Laura check on Charlotte on General Hospital Jax arrives at the hospital to check on Nina after learning about Charlotte. He also wonders if Nina knew what was going to happen to the painting which explains why she told him to stop biding. Valentin interrupts them, so Jax heads out. Valentin then lashes into Lulu for putting his daughter in danger again and plans to file for full custody of the girl. Back in Charlotte’s room, she swears to Laura that her bodyguard is real and mom has a photo of him on her phone. Lulu’s purse is in the room, so Laura has her find a photo of the man on her phone. She shows Laura the photo of Nikolas. In Franco’s room, Franco thanks Peter for saving him, and Liz says they owe him everything. In the hall, Anna fills Finn in about Jason’s assumptions about Peter’s involvement in Drew’s death and the attempts on Andre and Franco’s lives. She worries Jason could be right. Elsewhere, Trina arrives to see Cam and is thrilled to learn that Franco is back. He thanks her for pushing him to be there today for this.

Back at Ava’s gallery, footsteps enter as she sips a martini. She says she knew they’d show up. Gun drawn she tells Nikolas he’s so predictable for a dead man.

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