Ava auctions Helena's portrait on GH
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At General Hospital, Peter learns the gunman is still in the OR. In Franco’s room, Anna checks on Liz, who has been sleeping in a chair waiting for Franco to wake up. Anna leaves, and Jason grabs her to talk. Elsewhere, Liz thanks Peter for saving Franco. He asks how Franco is doing, and she tells him he’s getting an MRI and they are still waiting to see. Liz talks to Peter about the shooting on General Hospital Jason and Anna head into an office, where he tells her that Peter is the reason Sam is in prison. He explains his theory that Shiloh blackmailed Peter with information to get Peter to break him out of Pentonville. He can also connect Peter to Bryce Henderson, who attempted to kill Andre. Jason thinks Peter sent the gunman to kill Andre and Franco in the OR because he is afraid a memory will resurface in Franco that will implicate him as playing a bigger role in what happened to him and Drew. He is certain Peter had Bryce tell the cops that Sam was the one who paid him to break Shiloh out, which set everything in motion. It all goes back to Peter. Anna asks what he wants her to do. Jason thinks she knows, but the question is, will she.

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Sonny accuses Carly of lying on General Hospital At the Corinthos place, Ava thanks Sonny and Carly for allowing her to visit Avery. After a few jabs about her sanity, Ava assures them she’s never been saner. After she leaves, Carly leaves a message with Jax about Ava checking out and she thinks it has something to do with their mutual friend. Sonny, who was checking on Donna, returns. Carly asks him about his night with Mike. Sonny tries to play it off as fine, but Carly knows it didn’t go well and they need to be honest about Mike. Sonny thinks that is rich seeing she and Jax have been lying to him for weeks. He demands to know what she’s up to.

Curtis and Laura meet at Kelly’s to discuss Valentin. Curtis believes if they can prove to Nina that Valentin was behind the Sasha paternity scam that she’d ditch him and help them.

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Jax discusses plans with Nina on General Hospital Jax meets with Nina at the Metro Court and tells her about the visit he got from Valentin. He asks about her revenge plot, which she describes as evolving. She still admits Valentin’s love and the family he gave her is still a snag for her. She has to weigh the good against the bad. Jax hopes she realizes she is better off without him, because eventually the bad will catch up to Valentin and she and Charlotte will pay the price.

Charlotte knows who someone is on General Hospital On the docks, Valentin is on the phone with Martin discussing the portrait while Charlotte looks around. She sees Nikolas watching them and tells him that she knows who he is. She reveals that she saw his photo on his mother’s phone, which he explains is because he saved her life once too. Valentin ends his call and calls to Charlotte and asks what she’s doing. She explains she was talking to someone, though she’s not sure who he is. Valentin reminds her not to talk to strangers and they leave.

Curtis suggests a change of plans on General Hospital Valentin and Charlotte enter Kelly’s, where Curtis and Laura are still chatting. Laura gives Charlotte a hug, and they go to look at the scones. At the counter, Charlotte tells Laura about her secret bodyguard. Meanwhile, Valentin tells Curtis that Nina misses him and to reach out to her. Curtis returns to Laura, who is worried that Charlotte has made up an imaginary bodyguard. Later, Nina arrives to meet Valentin and Charlotte.

Back at the Corinthos house, Carly confesses to Sonny that she found out something she wasn’t supposed to, and if he knew it would make things worse for everyone. Carly asks him to trust her and let her carry this herself. Carly gets a text from Jax and has to go.

Back on the pier, Nikolas waits for Jax, and looks at a photo of Spencer on his phone. Later, Jax and Carly arrive and Nikolas tells them they have a lot to discuss. When Carly learns that Nikolas lost his ring, she is confident that is how Ava knows he’s alive. Nikolas admits he haunted her, but it worked because she revealed she has the portrait.

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At the gallery, Ava tells Trina that they need to prepare for an art auction. She asks her to order food for at least thirty people because they are going to host some of Port Charles’ most important citizens as they auction off Helena’s portrait.

Around Port Charles, Jax, Laura and Valentin all get texts from Ava, who is auctioning off Helena’s portrait.

Back at Ava’s gallery, Ava tells Trina that Helena’s portrait is the kind of art that people kill for.

On the next General Hospital:

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At the auction, Valentin says, “May the best man win.”