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Jason visits Sam and Pentonville and they talk about how she’s coping in prison. sam makes call from jail general hospitalHe urges her to take things one day at a time and reminds her that he and the kids will be waiting for her. After he leaves, Alexis drops by. Her daughter vents to her about Nelle and Shiloh. Sam has started to blame herself for this mess. Alexis assures her that none of this is her fault, but Sam is sure she put this in motion by taking Shiloh’s money. Meanwhile, Chase and a guard burst into the prison clinic and discover Nelle bleeding on the floor with Ryan standing over her wielding a scalpel. He says it’s not what it looks like. A nurse tends to Nelle and Chase promises they won’t let her die. Ryan thinks this is cute. He offers to explain why he did it, but Chase isn’t interested.

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michael talks to sonny about mike general hospitalAt the Corinthos compound, Michael finds his father talking to a Swedish clinic about getting Mike in for treatment. Michael doesn’t think this is a good idea. Sonny thinks it can’t make things worse. His son wonders if Mike would want to hang on like this and if flying him to a strange country might only exacerbate the situation. Changing the subject, Sonny worries about his son and encourages him to get some rest. Michael is too worried about Wiley. Sonny appreciates them having this ‘straight talk’ and they hug.

mike wants joss and dev to break him out of the home general hospitalJoss visits Mike at Turning Woods. She’s surprised to see Dev there. Mike jokes the kid is there to break him out. He’s eager to get to the track. The kids suggest checkers instead. After they play for a while, Mike suggests they play craps. Sonny shows up as they play. Leaping up, Mike yells at Sonny to stay away from his son. Before Sonny can leave, Joss calms Mike and assures him it’s okay. Mike is convinced that Sonny is Joe Scully, but Dev and Joss convince him he’s not. They invited Sonny because they thought he might hit it off with Mike, who starts apologizing. The four of them play craps for pennies and Dev makes sure that Mike wins the whole time. This impresses Joss. As Sonny is leaving, Mike says he’s okay and he can come back and play again.

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jason wants sam released from jail general hospitalJason shows up at the Quartermaine estate and asks Ned to talk to the parole board. Ned explains that he can’t do that. Jason pleads more and Ned says he might be able to slightly expedite the parole process, but they need to be patient. Stone Cold is determined to stay the course. Michael wanders in as Jason exits. Ned admits how much Michael has been helping people and offers to help him pick up any slack at ELQ. That sounds good to Michael, who was actually thinking of asking for his help. They shake on it. Ned tells him they need to sort out the disposition of Oscar’s shares in the company. Ned wants to acquire his shares for Olivia and Leo. Michael is too tired to think about this, especially when the shares are tied up in probate.

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brad talks to willow about the crash general hospitalAt General Hospital, Bobbie thanks Monica for keeping such a close eye on Lucas. They join Brook Lynn, Julian, and Carly by the nurses’ station. Monica walks through how they are going to bring Lucas out of the coma. Willow sits down with Brad and they talk about how promising the news is for Lucas. Brad wishes he could take back his mistakes. Willow tells him to stop punishing himself. Julian eavesdrops on them and then crosses the room. Willow follows him and he thanks her for being there to look after his family. She worries about Brad and asks Julian to let him know he doesn’t blame him. When she returns to Brad, he snaps at her for being too nice and says she doesn’t know the truth. Monica gathers the family together again. She explains that Lucas is off the ventilator and the next 24 hours are critical. Bloody Nelle is wheeled by for surgery. Carly’s jaw drops at the sight of this. When Chase arrives, he explains to Carly that Ryan stabbed Nelle and might have hit her kidney. He joins Nelle. A doctor explains that she’ll be fine. Nelle assumes that the cop still cares about her, but he just wants a statement about her attack. She thanks him for saving her life. He suggests she not take it personally. When he walks out, she calls Martin and tells him where she is. Meanwhile, Jason comforts Carly while she rants about Nelle.

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