Nelle demands Martin get her released on General Hospital
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Sonny researches a doctor on General HospitalAs Carly and Sonny discuss dates for Donna’s christening at home, Sonny mentions he’s trying to get a hold of the Swedish doctor for Mike. He’s working on a new drug for Alzheimer’s patients. Michael and Joss enter. Joss wants to see Mike, but Carly suggests they do it tomorrow. Joss just wants to tell him she loves him. Carly is resistant, but Sonny supports Joss’ desire to visit Mike. Joss heads to the kitchen. Carly urges Sonny to enjoy the time he has with Mike instead of killing himself trying to find a cure. Sonny won’t sit around and watch his father die. He doesn’t think there’s any harm in trying to help him. When Joss returns to the living room she finds only Michael. She asks her brother about Carly and Sonny being on different pages regarding Mike. He warns he’s learned they are sometimes out of sync but it’s something they have to figure out for themselves.

Ned confronts Brook Lynn on General HospitalIn the Quartermaine living room, Ned confronts Brook Lynn about firing her mother as her manager. Brook Lynn admits she thought her new manager Linc would launch her into a new stratosphere, but he hasn’t exactly worked out. She asks her father to help her out of her mess. Ned looks at her contract. He can’t believe she signed a five-year deal without consulting a lawyer. Even A.J. would have known to talk to a lawyer first. Brook Lynn is insulted Ned thinks she’s worse than A.J. and storms out.

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In their apartment, Chase tells Willow there was a shooting at the hospital so he can’t binge watch TV with her. Before he leaves, Harmony drops by. She was released from prison due to overcrowding. However, she has strict rules and is wearing Chase has to cancel plans with Willow on General ankle monitor. After Chase has left, Harmony explains to Willow she wants to be her true self now. That includes being the mother Willow deserves if she’ll let her. Willow tells her about Wiley’s fathers being in the hospital. Harmony wonders if she could meet her grandson. Willow reminds her Brad and Lucas are kind enough to allow her into Wiley’s life. She has to respect their boundaries and not do anything without their permission. Willos does show her a picture though.

Alexis finds Julian in a hospital room as he waits for Lucas who is getting an MRI. Julian is worried about Lucas’ future, but Alexis assures him Lucas will be fine because he is strong just like his father. She urges him not to give in to his destructive Alexis consoles Julian over Lucas on General Hospitaltendencies. Olivia finds Lulu in the waiting area and asks about Lucas. They also talk about Brook Lynn. Lulu apologizes for the outburst on Thanksgiving, but Olivia understands Brook Lynn pushed her. Lulu asks about Dante. Olivia explains Dante doesn’t want her to contact him anymore. Later, Lulu runs into Chase. She questions him about the shooting, but he can’t talk about it. She asks him to tell her off the record. He obliges, except for specific names. Olivia finds Alexis coming out of Lucas’ room. She wants to call off the lawsuit over Charlie’s. She hopes it lightens Julian’s load. When Julian exits the room he sees Olivia. She tells him she’s praying for him. She’s very good at it. And he can visit Leo anytime. Julian thinks the kid is better off without him. Meanwhile, Lulu goes over the details of Alexis’ ordeal with Kendra for an article she’s writing. Alexis goes on the record explaining Julian was pivotal in saving lives. Brook Lynn exits the elevator and sees Julian. Before Julian can apologize for assuming she was a hooker during their first meeting, Carly arrives and informs him Brook is a Quartermaine and Brook learns Julian is Leo’s and Lucas’ dad.

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Martin meets with Nelle, who tells him she has to get out of Pentonville tonight. Martin wonders why it’s so urgent. She tells him about Brad and Lucas’ accident. She’s worried about Wiley. He says the odds of her getting an early release are slim. She asks about medical issues due to her kidney. He calls that old news. She won’t get out unless her life is in danger. Nelle gets an idea and says she’ll be in touch. Nelle pays Ryan a visit who is being treated for an infection. She asks him to help her get out of there. After they discuss the plan, Ryan thinks it could work, but wonders what’s in it for him. She offers to supply him with real-time photos of Ava and to be his eyes and ears to the woman he loves and to Port Charles. He suggests a few modifications to the plan. Later, Chase runs into Ryan’s room and finds him standing over a screaming Nelle who has been stabbed.

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