Gunman surprises Andre on General Hospital
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At General Hospital, Scott, Liz and Cameron wait for news from Andre about the procedure. In the operating room, “Drew” has been put under and Andre readies the program to begin. Suddenly Peter’s hitman bursts in gun drawn. Andre manages to disarm the man, but the goon overtakes Andre. In the hall, Laura grabs Peter, who is in a hurry, and demands to speak to him because there prisoner overcrowding at Pentonville and The Invader hasn’t covered the problem. He promises they will cover it and to email him with any details and rushes into the elevator.

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Anna meets with Griffin at the Metro Court. They grab a table to catch up and Anna tells him about Finn and Violet. Soon Maxie enters, spots them and is thrilled to see Griffin. Griffin reveals he only came for a visit and is leaving that night. Anna didn’t know he was departing so soon. He can’t stay because of all the loss in Port Charles which is still so fresh. Anna and Griffin share hugs and say goodbye. Griffin joins Maxie at the bar, and she fills him in on her relationship with Peter. Later, Laura walks in and she too is happy to see Griffin. Griffin was hoping to see Lulu before he left and asks about her. Laura gives him the abbreviated version of what Dante and Lulu have been through.

At the gallery, Nina assures Ava that she is on her side and wants them to work together, and has a bone to pick with Valentin for orchestrating the Sasha scam. To prove she’s working against Valentin she reveals Jax also knows part of her plan. Ava notes Jax wants the portrait too and asks why it is so important. Nina tells her about the codicil which will disinherit Valentin and leave everything to Nikolas and Spencer, which may be hidden in the portrait. Nina says Ava could give the portrait to Nikolas, Valentin, or they can right things with Spencer who is the only one that deserves the fortune. Ava asks again why she should work with Nina. Nina reminds her that she has the ring proving Nikolas is alive, which could be helpful to her should Sonny use her claims of seeing dead people to take Avery from her. Ava reveals that she’s hidden Helena’s portrait under another in the gallery right in plain sight. Ava already knows what their next move should be and calls Nina, “Partner.”

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At Jax’s place, Nikolas hides as Jax lets Valentin in. Valentin warns Jax he will fight him if he’s trying to take his inheritance, or they could pool resources and both win. Jax informs him that won’t happen. Valentin knows Spencer is in the dark about the codicil, so he wants to know how Jax got drawn into this. He suspects it’s Laura on Spencer’s behalf, or that he’s trying to remove him to get Nina for himself. Jax tells Valentin they are done. Valentin begs Jax to attend their upcoming wedding, so he sees who Nina has chosen. Valentin leaves, and Nikolas returns asking if Jax still wants to call it quits. Jax tells him to just find his ring. Nikolas thinks about his visit with Ava and realizes it’s in her room.

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Back at General Hospital, Peter enters the OR to find his goon has knocked out Andre. He picks up the gun on the floor. Out at the nurses’ station, Anna arrives for a phlebotomy appointment when a gunshot rings out. Anna springs into action while Liz gets Scott and Cameron to safety. Anna enters the OR gun drawn and finds Peter standing over Franco. Peter explains he came here to get Franco’s story for the invader, and that’s when he spotted his odd guy in scrubs that didn’t seem to belong. He followed and found him standing over Andre with a gun, so they fought, and he ended up shooting the guy. Andre, who has come to, thanks Peter for saving his life. Anna goes to let Scott and Cameron know that things are safe, there was a gunman who has been subdued and is in surgery. Elsewhere, Peter wipes his prints off a gun and disposes of it. Later, Anna informs Peter that the gunman is in critical condition. Back in the OR, Andre tells Liz the program is finished, but they won’t know if it worked until Franco wakes up. Liz begs her husband to come back to her.

Jax drops by The Metro Court and overhears Laura and Maxie talking to Griffin about Charlotte and Lulu. Jax introduces himself to Griffin and wonders what he has to do with Charlotte. They get into the complicated history. When Jax asks about what became of Claudette, Laura notes she killed herself. Griffin disagrees it was suicide but has accepted she’s dead.

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