Franco and Liz prepare for his procedure on General Hospital

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Nina contemplates Nikolas' ring on General HospitalAnna finds Peter, as he ends his call instructing his goon to stop Franco’s procedure. She asks what’s going on. He covers and tells her he moved in with Maxie. They have a drink at the bar as Peter talks about how different it feels to live with someone, but he’s certain he wants a future with her and James. He would do anything to keep from losing them. Anna assures him he can break free of Faison’s influence. When he still doubts himself, Anna says she’s proud to call him her son. He excuses himself to make a call. At a table nearby, Valentin meets with Nina. She hides Nikolas’ ring in her hand, as Valentin tells her about the masked man at Ava’s gallery. He knows it wasn’t Jax, but says there was something familiar about him. He asks about her visit with Ava. Did she give her anything useful? Nina rolls the ring around in her hand under the table. Valentin gets a message from Martin who relays that Spencer hasn’t sent any emails or texts to Jax, which means he’s not the one pulling the strings. Valentin leaves to find the masked man.

Cam enters the gallery as Trina frantically works. She says she has a lot to do after the break-in, as Ava waltzes in. Trina is thrilled to see Ms. Jerome but asks if she escaped Shadybrook. Ava assures her she checked herself out and thanks Trina Trina questions Ava's release on General Hospitalfor being a loyal intern. Trina updates her on the break-in but doesn’t think anything is missing. Ava notes someone went to all that trouble and left empty-handed. She almost feels sorry for him. Almost. Ava gives Trina and Cam money to go ice skating and grab a hot chocolate. Before she leaves, Trina tells Ava Julian has left several messages for her. As they walk out Cam says he doesn’t feel like ice skating. Trina gets an idea. Once they’re gone, Griffin stops by, stunning Ava. They catch up and he explains he’s there for Lucas, whose accident she wasn’t aware of. He admits he also came back to see her. He’s trying to be a better man. They talk about Kiki and he assures Ava Kiki was all about forgiveness. Ava admits she hit rock bottom at Shadybrook, but she won’t let anyone take what’s hers again. Nina shows up and Griffin makes his exit. The women talk about the break-in. Nina says they both know who the culprit is, but wonders what they’re going to do about it. She shows Ava the ring assuming Nikolas is alive, not a ghost haunting her. Nina hopes this convinces her to join forces to take down the Cassadine boys once and for all.

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Someone watches as “Drew” and Elizabeth sit on a couch in a waiting area at General Hospital. Liz tells “Drew” she will always be grateful to him for wanting to give Franco his life back. If the procedure doesn’t work though and “Drew” franco opens his eyes general hospitalremains Drew she will accept it because at least one of them is alive. He knows the risks are worth it because Franco must be good a guy if someone as special as Liz loves him. Andre stops by to talk with “Drew” about the procedure and then Scotty arrives. Liz leaves them alone. Scott appreciates everything “Drew’s” doing for Franco. Andre returns to prep “Drew” for the procedure. Trina brings Cam to “Drew’s” room. “Drew” tells Cam he has to step up and be the man of the house if Franco doesn’t return. He knows Cam can handle it. When Cam gets emotional thinking about Franco, “Drew” gives Cam his phone to hold on to before being wheeled out. Before he goes, Liz tells “Drew” she will never forget him. “Drew” says, “Be happy.” The man watching them throws his cell phone in the garbage as he follows Andre wheeling “Drew” to surgery. Peter calls at that moment and urgently says, “Pick up.” In the operating room, “Drew” signs a Do Not Resuscitate order in case something goes wrong with the surgery. The goon, dressed in scrubs, lurks outside the door and puts a silencer on his gun.

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nik and jax talk hayden coming back to port charles general hospitalNikolas bangs on Jax’s door. His keys aren’t working. When Jax opens the door he tells the Prince he changed the locks, packed up his bags and wants out of their agreement. Nikolas says they can’t part ways because he hasn’t found the codicil. Furious, Jax states he totally overestimated Nikolas and how far he’d go for revenge. As for Hayden, she dealt farily with him, so Jax will do everything he can to bring her home. He tries to call her but finds her phone is out of service. They assume she’s too scared of Valentin finding her. Later, Nikolas frantically searches for his ring, as Valentin rings Jax’s doorbell.

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