"What is wrong with this picture?" Elizabeth asks Jason as she reminds him that he broke up with Sam over a year ago. Jason and Sam explain that she was kidnapped by Jerry while investigating him and that's why she hasn't been able to call Lucky. Liz keeps an open mind as she takes the whole story in. Then she says that Sam should've let Lucky help her and Jason should've told her that he was working with Sam. Wanting to get out of the way, Sam decides it's time to go home even though she's still wet.

After she's gone, Liz asks Jason if he would've ever told her about this? Jason tries to explain and reminds her that as the mother of his child, he needs to keep her in the dark on most things. She decides that now is the time to tell him about her and Lucky's confession to Luke and Laura about Jake. She explains that Laura insists on honesty from her family and now she thinks that is the kind of life she'd like, too. She tells Jason that she loves him, but can't keep it hidden anymore. She says it was wrong to tell their son such a big lie, but Jason isn't sure what to do. "We tell the truth and then we live the truth," Liz suggests. She says that he needs to tell her if he wants her or not. He whispers yes and then takes her in his arms. Liz asks if he means it, can they really all be together? Jason says their boys will have to grow up with guards, but he does want them all to be together. Liz is on cloud nine! She says that she has to go to pick up the boys and they'll be waiting for him at home. Jason promises to come over.

Carly is trying to comfort Jax out on the waterfront. She says that she knows how badly he wanted to believe in his brother and expresses her concern for his grief over losing him tonight. He says that he offered Jerry a better life and asks if that sounds familiar? Carly promptly defends her giving Sonny an alibi. Jax says that she'll always be there for Sonny and he can't trust her. Then he says that he can't do this right now because he is thinking about Jerry.

Outside of the PCPD, Sonny asks Sasha what she's talking about. She explains that Sonny is going to have to watch the people he cares about die as payment for killing Karpov. Sonny says that Karpov stabbed him and had him thrown in the harbor to die! Sasha says it's an eye for an eye and Karpov may be dead, but his associates aren't forgiving. She tells him that when death finally comes to him, he'll be begging for it.

Mercedes and Morgan are over at Kelly's having dinner. While Morgan's picking out a cookie, Mike tells Mercedes how much Sonny misses Morgan. Later, Sonny comes by and fills Mike in about Karpov and the danger that they are all in now. Carly comes in, looking for Morgan, but quickly leaves. Sonny follows her out and thanks her again, but tells her that she should stay away from him. Carly says that she'd rather crawl on broken glass than be with him again. She yells that she wants Jax but her marriage is up in smoke now because of her loyalty to him!

After they leave, Nik and Lucky come in and take a table. They talk about Laura and how much they're going to miss her. Lucky says that he told Laura something about Jake that he thinks Nik should know now, too. Then he proceeds to explain about Jake's paternity and why he and Liz have lied. He says that he gets to be a dad to two great boys so it's all good now.

Later, Nik goes to GH to see Nadine. They decide to get a cup of coffee together, but he takes a call first. He needs to see the INS right away and face his deportation charges. After he hangs up, he tells Nadine that they might have to have coffee in Greece. Nadine didn't realize that he wasn't born here! Nikolas tells her that it's just a big annoyance, but it might take some time to work out because at this point he's only a resident alien.

After he leaves, Nadine asks Leyla what she'd do if she were deported? Leyla explains that she'd go back because she certainly wouldn't marry a US citizen just to stay. Suddenly Nadine realizes that's why Nikolas wanted her to meet his mother! She explains that he wants to marry her but is too polite to ask.

Sam returns home and finds Lucky there. He has been worried about her, so she explains what has happened with Jerry. She assures him that she's okay now and so is their relationship. Lucky worries that he's too boring for her, but she says that she loves him and wants a future with him.

Maxie brings Kate home from the hospital. Kate sits while Maxie lights a fire and wistfully says that she was supposed to return here as Mrs. Sonny Corinthos. Soon, Jax comes by, and Maxie goes back to the office. Jax tells Kate about Sonny's alibi, but Kate says it's a lie. Jax says that's not even the issue, but Carly and Sonny's bond is why he's done. Before he leaves, he suggests that she come to the same conclusion about Sonny.

Later, Sonny comes by with flowers. Kate tells him that she knows about the alibi that Carly provided him and they are over. She is tired of him turning to Carly for everything he needs and this is the last straw. Sonny tells her that Karpov tried to kill him but Carly pulled him out of the water. Kate softens for a moment, but points out that he and Carly are perfect for each other. She says that she comes second always and it's not enough for her. She defines the word 'irrevocable' for him and then throws him out.

Jason has packed a little bag and is ready to leave his penthouse. Cody comes in and tells Jason to cancel his plans because Karpov is dead and the town is crawling with Russians. Cody tells Jason that he is a target!

Maxie goes to Kelly's for a bite to eat, but it's closed. She peeks through the window and sees some goons beating Mike up.

Liz is setting a romantic dinner table when Jason calls. He tells her that he can't make it and she slams the phone across the room.

Sonny gets a call from Sasha, who is standing outside of a burning Kelly's. "The end has begun," is all she says.

Next on General Hospital:

None of Sonny and Jason's friends are safe!

Jason lets Maxie have it for setting Liz up regarding Sam.

Maxie tells Jason and Spinelli about the Russians at Kelly's.

The Russians saw Maxie!

Olivia is caught up in the war.

Sam and Maxie are in danger.

Robin is on the mend.

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