Nina visits Ava on General Hospital
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Jax meets with Nikolas on the pier. He’s worried about Hayden and tells Nikolas he’s finished helping him. Jax is furious with Nikolas on General Hospital Nikolas explains that Hayden was going to make a deal with Valentin, who threatened her, so he set her up to believe Valentin sent someone to attack her. He convinced her to go into hiding. Jax reminds him he is supposed to be the good Cassadine. Nikolas explains Ava still has the portrait in her gallery, and once they get it, Hayden can come home. Jax agrees to continue aiding him.

Valentin and Martin break into Ava’s gallery to search for Helena’s portrait. When they hear someone later come in they are forced to hide. A masked man enters, and Valentin gets the upper hand on him, holds him at gunpoint and orders him to remove his mask. Nikolas manages to sucker punch Valentin and runs off. Martin quips, “Who was that masked man?” Valentin feels there is something familiar about him.

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At Shadybrook, Nina visits with Ava, who is sitting on the floor crying, “No more ghosts.” She tells Nina he’s haunting her and told her that Kiki was in hell. Nina asks who told her that. Ava says it was Nikolas. She tried to make amends and give Nikolas what he wanted. Nina helps Ava to bed and promises her that Nikolas is dead and she has nothing to fear from him. Nina grabs her things from the floor and discovers Nikolas’ ring. She shows it to Ava, who knows Nikolas had a ring like it. Nina asks her what Nikolas wanted from her. Ava tells her about the painting, leading Nina to suspect Nikolas is alive. Nina suggests they join forces and put an end to these lying Cassidine men.

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Nelle greets someone on General Hospital In Pentonville, Sam learns she is to be cellmates with Nelle and groans. Nelle assures Sam that she is going to get out of there soon. Nelle brags that moved on from Michael and has made a deep and lasting connection that could change her life forever, and she’ll share the news once she’s released.

At the Corinthos place, Sasha and Willow talk pregnancy on General HospitalSasha, Willow and Michael wait to hear news on Lucas and Brad from the hospital. Michael goes to check on Wiley, and Sasha asks Willow about the pregnancy test. Willow reveals it was a false alarm, which is the preferred outcome for now.

Brad blames himself for accident on General Hospital At General Hospital, Brad sits by Luca’s side. In the hall, Chase arrives, and Carly asks if there is any information about what caused the accident. Julian eavesdrops as Chase explains the preliminary investigation has turned up no leads, and the car is so badly damaged that they haven’t been able to examine it. They impounded it and will be looking at it soon. Later, Epiphany wheels Brad out of Lucas’ room so the doctors can check on Lucas. She also wants him to return to his room and rest. Brad vents and takes the blame, which prompts Sonny to ask why. Brad says it was his car and he should have been driving, but they had a fight and he was upset. Brad asks where Wiley is, and Carly and Sonny tell him that he’s with Michael. Sonny eventually departs because it’s time for Donna’s feeding, but before going tells Julian that Wiley is at his house and he’s welcomed to stop by and see him. Brad returns to Lucas’ side, tells his husband he loves him and begs him to come back to him. In the hall, Bobbie tells Carly they are going to ween Lucas off the ventilator to see if he can breathe on his own. Bobbie prayed she’d never be in this position again.

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Michael asks Chase about the accident on General Hospital Chase stops by the Corinthos place to quickly check on Willow. Before he gets back to work, Michael asks Chase about the investigation into the accident. Chase can’t say much but indicates something isn’t sitting well with him. Later, Sasha heads out to pick up food Carly had the Metro Court prepare for the hospital staff so that Michael can stay with Wiley. Sonny returns home to feed Donna, followed by Julian who spends time with Wiley and promises that his daddy will wake up and be with him forever.

Chase stops by Pentonville to see Sam and inform her about Lucas and Brad’s accident, and Lucas being on life support. Nelle asks about Wiley, who Chase assures is fine and is with Michael.

At the Metro Court, Jax leaves a message for Hayden assuring her there is no threat to her. She can return. Nearby, Sasha stops in to pick up the food and runs into Jax. She asks about Nina. Jax tells her that he doesn’t know why she is lying for Valentin, but it won’t help Nina in the end.

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