Ava's sad and lonely at Shadybrook
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At Shadybrook, Nikolas pays a nurse to give Ava pills. In her room, Ava bemoans the fact that no one has visited her on Thanksgiving. After Ava takes the pills, she gets dizzy and lays down. Nikolas enters the room. He tells a frightened Ava he’s not really there because he’s in Hell. She cowers from him as he berates her for choosing her vanity over Spencer’s future. He can’t believe she would betray him like that. She vows to make it up to him. He demands she not let Valentin win and asks where the portrait is. She crumples to the floor in tears as she recounts all her losses and cries over Kiki never forgiving her. Nikolas says Kiki is in Hell with him. Ava won’t believe it. Nikolas tortures her by repeating it until Ava gives in and admits she still has the painting. It’s at the gallery. He thanks her and urges her to keep the secret between the two of them and slips out, accidentally leaving his Cassadine ring that fell to the ground under Ava’s bed.

Finn worries about Violet on General HospitalAt Anna’s, Finn rereads Hayden’s letter telling him she is in trouble and had to leave Port Charles. Anna assures him she’s there for him. He worries about telling Violet her mother is gone when she wakes up in the morning.

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At General Hospital, Willow is just about to tell Sasha her pregnancy test results when Chase interrupts to tell them about Brad and Lucas’ accident. In a hospital room, Julian tells an unconscious Brad it was just supposed to him in that accident. Julian leaves when a nurse arrives. He sees Bobbie who asks about Lucas.

As Carly berates Jax for bringing her in on the Nikolas secret, Michael drops by. He learns Wiley is still there since Brad and Lucas haven’t arrived yet. Jax gets a call and has to run out to meet someone. A tearful Bobbie calls Carly and tells her to get to the hospital – now. Sasha comes over after Carly has left. Michael worries to her about Wiley losing both his fathers.

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When Carly arrives at General Hospital, Chase fills her in on the accident. He tells her Brad is fine, but unconscious, and Lucas is in surgery. Bobbie rushes up to Carly, as Willow asks if she can wait with them. Willow observes a distraught Julian Carly embraces Bobbie at General Hospitaland feels sorry for him. Carly fills Willow in on how the bomb that was meant for Julian killed Morgan. She wished such loss on Julian and wistfully points out it looks like she got what she wanted. A doctor comes out to tell the family Lucas is in a medically induced coma until the swelling in his brain goes down. He will be monitored closely. Willow and Chase sit by Brad’s side until he wakes up. They tell him Lucas is alive and in the ICU. Brad needs to see his husband, but he’s clearly in pain. Willow runs out to find a doctor as Willow questions Brad about the accident. Brad recounts the events but doesn’t understand what happened to the car. Julian and Bobbie are allowed in to see Lucas, but Julian gets too upset. He tells Carly to go in with her mother instead. After the woman visit with Lucas, Julian heads in alone. He begs his son to forgive him. Brad is wheeled in by Bobbie and asks, “Forgive you for what?” Julian covers, saying he regrets not being there for him most of his life. He leaves the room, leaving Brad to tell Lucas how much he loves him.

Willow drops by the Corinthos house. Michael answers while holding Wiley. She tells Michael she couldn’t stay away after what happened to Brad and Lucas.

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Finn paces Anna’s floor waiting for word from Robert on Hayden’s whereabouts. She tries to calm him down, as Jax arrives per Anna’s request. Finn demands to know what Jax got Hayden involved with. Jax plays dumb but offers to look through her office at Aurora for clues. He leaves and Finn and Anna agree he’s lying.

While dining with Valentin at Metro Court, Nina informs him she invited Laura and Jax to their wedding. He’s fine with whatever she wants but tells her those two teamed up to find a codicil that will disinherit him. He needs to get his hands on that painting. Jax grabs him and throws him against the wall, demanding to know what Valentin did with Hayden. Nina calls Jax off as Valentin insists he has no idea why Hayden left town, but he does know Jax has been trying to steal the Cassadine estate. Jax steps away to call Nikolas, ordering him to meet him. Meanwhile, Valentin tells Nina he has to search the gallery for the portrait. Once he’s left, Nina calls about visiting Ava.

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