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Brad is mildly dismayed when Michael drops by his place to pick up Wiley and is eager to hash things out. Brad is confronted by Michael General HospitalMichael thinks Brad should come to the Corinthos Thanksgiving too. He assumes Brad is avoiding his family because of Nelle and suggests they just focus on the things that connect them. Brad agrees to try and heal things with the family but insists on staying home.

In his car, Julian tells himself that he’s sorry about having to take down Brad. After he watches Michael leave with Wiley, he cuts a wire from Brad’s car.

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Mike worries family while holding Donna General HospitalMike and Sonny arrive at the Corinthos compound as Carly fusses over Donna. Sonny worries about the turkey dinner he’s preparing. Mike wonders when his parents will get there, and Carly assures him they will look out for him. They get him to sit down and Carly worries to her husband that his father seems disoriented. Sonny just wanted today to be good for the whole family. He puts the game on for his father and they talk about the sacrifices that fathers make for their children. After it becomes clear that Mike doesn’t know who Sonny is, he tells him you have to tell people how you feel about them before they’re gone. Sonny goes to Carly, unsure what to do with his father. Michael arrives with Wiley. The family gets uncomfortable when Mike starts holding Donna on his own. After Carly takes the baby away, Mike gets upset. Sonny tries to comfort him, but Mike pushes him away, knocking over a table of food. Sonny tries to calm him and Michael leads Mike upstairs to rest. Sonny wants to drive his father back to Turning Woods.

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Kendra questions Alexis General HospitalAt General Hospital, Neil is happy to see Alexis dressed and ready to go. They debate whether Kendra has been poisoning her. The trainer shows up, happy to see that Alexis has received the all-clear. Neil is fidgety so the lawyer sends him off to get some paperwork. Kendra has noticed he doesn’t like her and asks Alexis when she’s ready for another appointment. She offers to bring Alexis more supplements but the lawyer asks for the number so she can order them herself. Kendra tells Alexis how proud she is of her but leaves with a sour face. Moments later, Neil returns and is worried to see that Alexis is gone. He calls around. Julian shows up and Neil tells him what just happened with Alexis. Julian remembers seeing Kendra throwing the supplements in the garbage. Andre reminds Drew it's not too late General HospitalDown the hall, “Drew” meets with Andre. The doctor checks him over and “Drew” admits this all sounds like mad science. Andre tries to be reassuring and reminds him that he won’t do this without his consent. He can still change his mind. At the nurses’ station, Lucas looks for someone to take his shift. He tells Liz that deciding to work for the holiday was a mistake, but he wanted to avoid Brad. Liz isn’t thrilled to hear that Brook Lynn is back. The nurse pulls some strings and manages to get cover for him. Lucas thanks her and she tells him that her family couldn’t have a comfortable Thanksgiving without Franco. “Drew” stands nearby and listens. After Lucas leaves, “Drew” corners Liz. He tells her he is going to the Quartermaines and just had an appointment with Andre. He can have the procedure tomorrow. She can’t imagine how hard this is for him.

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Kendra visits Kiefer’s grave and promises that Alexis will pay for what she did to him. Alexis watches this. Once Kendra walks away, Alexis checks the grave and gasps when she sees the name. Kendra returns and clobbers her with a rock.

Peter and Maxie share news with Anna General HospitalAt Anna’s place, she hangs out with Violet and then asks Finn why he’s upset. He hasn’t been able to get through to Hayden. Maxie and Peter show up and are startled to see Finn has a daughter. Peter tries asking Anna why she was chasing after her sister, but Maxie interrupts to break the news that she and Peter are moving in together. Violet sends Finn to get her doll. When he finds it in her bag, there is a letter from Hayden as well. It says that she’s in the kind of trouble that would put her child in danger and must leave Port Charles. She asks him to take care of their daughter. Finn is floored. Anna finds him looking upset but has to answer the door. It’s Andre. As Peter pours him a drink, the doctor tells them that Franco is getting the memory procedure. Peter is shocked. Meanwhile, Finn tells Anna Hayden has taken off.

Lucas goes home and asks Brad to tell him what’s going on so they can work through it.

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