nik saves hayden on general hospital
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martin and valetin talk about helena's portrait on general hospitalAt Wyndemere, Valentin is furious to learn from Martin the codicil could leave him without a fortune or home. Valentin assumes Helena had something to do with his father changing his will. Valentin can’t believe he could lose everything to a cocky teenager who believes he killed his father. Martin asks, “Did you?” Valentin just glares at him. Valentin wants Martin to put eyes on Spencer. Martin asks what will happen to the boy should the others find the codicil before Valentin does. Valentin assures him he doesn’t want to kill a kid. He wants to use him as leverage should the time come.

nik saves hayden on general hospitalNikolas saves Hayden from her assailant on the docks. He was worried about leaving her vulnerable to Valentin, so he came back to check on her. Hayden wonders what she should do if Valentin is in fact after her. He suggests she leave town, but she worries about Violet. He encourages her to leave her daughter in order to protect her like he did with Spencer.

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Finn colors with Violet on General HospitalChase and Willow visit Finn, Anna, and Violet at Anna’s house. The young couple brings Chase’s niece a present and walk off to play with it. Finn beams as he watches them. Anna notes how happy he is. He thanks her for being so great during all of this. As Finn and Chase talk, Anna comments to Willow how sweet Violet is, but she wishes Hayden hadn’t kept her from Finn. Willow walks away upset thinking about her own baby. Chase follows her to make sure she’s okay. She is, but she wants to leave so they can grab a bite to eat. Before they do, Chase gives Violet a badge making her an honorary officer or detective. Whatever she wants to be. She says she wants to be a doctor like her daddy. After Chase and Willow leave, Finn thanks Anna again for accepting Violet into their lives. Anna is happy to be part of it. There’s nowhere else she’d rather be. Hayden comes over to give Violet some of her favorite things since she’s staying the night. Finn smiles, assuming she’s just there because she misses her daughter. He understands that now. She asks for a minute with Violet to say goodnight. Finn and Anna go to the kitchen to make dinner. Hayden hugs Violet with tears in her eyes. She ignores a call from Valentin and then takes a picture with her daughter. She wants to make sure Violet knows how much she loves her, even if she’s not there. As Violet goes back to drawing, Hayden puts something in her bag. She kisses Violet’s head and cries. Finn returns and promises to take care of Violet tonight. She knows. She leaves and sobs outside the door.

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Nikolas meets up with Hayden’s assistant on the docks and pays him for scaring her.

lucas knows brad is keeping a secret on general hospitalBrad finds Lucas at the hospital. Lucas is chilly with his husband and refuses to have dinner with him that night or on Thanksgiving unless he tells him what’s going on. Brad stays silent, so Lucas walks away. He later runs into his old friend Brook Lynn. They catch up and he confides his issues with Brad. When he mentions he’ll be working on Thanksgiving, Brook Lynn tells he can’t – he has to be with his family. He doesn’t think it’s that simple. Brook Lynn thinks if she can make peace with her family, he should be able to do what it takes to save his marriage.

liesel talks to michael and sasha on general hospitalAt the Floating Rib, Michael invites Sasha to spend Thanksgiving with both his families. She accepts and they kiss. Liesl enters. She’s happy the whole mess is behind them, but Michael says it’s not because Curtis is still investigating why the DNA tests say Sasha is Nina’s daughter. This ruins her good mood and she stalks off. As they ponder how the DNA matched, Chase and Willow enter and join them. Chase and Michael head to the bar to get drinks, but Willow just wants club soda. She gets queasy looking at the food and heads to the bathroom. Sasha follows her to ask if she’s pregnant. Willow doesn’t know, but she is late. Liesl exits the bar and runs into Brad, who is emotional over possibly losing Lucas. Liesl scrunches up her face as Brad starts to cry. She tries to console him in a detached sort of way and then tells him to get it together.

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Neil visits Alexis in the hospital. The lab is testing the new pills Kendra gave her. Alexis doesn’t want to believe Kendra did this because it means she once again was stupid enough to let a dangerous person into her life. Neil isn’t sure why she needed a life coach in the first place. He lists all of her good qualities and assures her she is more than enough. He hopes she realizes it herself one day. Neil checks with the lab, the pill Kendra gave her is harmless.

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