Valentin gives orders on General Hospital
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At General Hospital, Alexis is shocked that Neil thinks Kendra is the one poisoning her. He runs down the evidence from Charlie’s, but Alexis doesn’t know why Kendra would want her dead. Neil has to see a patient but asks her to think about the timeline since she met Kendra and when she started feeling ill. Later Kendra drops by to check on Alexis and is glad to see she is feeling better. Neil has a theory on General Hospital Alexis tells her that it turns out she was poisoned with rat poison, and the police believe someone is out to kill her. Kendra has to go but hands her a pill for anxiety and to promote well-being. Alexis says she probably shouldn’t mix this with the meds she’s being given, but Kendra assures her it is holistic. She tries to get Alexis to take it when Neil arrives and explains Alexis needs rest. Kendra departs, and Alexis asks him to have the pill Kendra just gave her analyzed.

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Dustin invites Lulu on Thanksgiving Lulu tracks down Dustin at Port Charles High to deliver a Thanksgiving card from Rocco. Dustin inquires what they are doing for the holiday. She and Rocco are going to the Quartermaines in the afternoon. He asks if they would be interested in attending the parade with him that morning. She accepts and looks forward to it. Lulu departs. In a classroom, Trina and Cam ask Dev who he really is. Joss says some things are secret for a reason. Cam can’t believe she knew, and Joss tells Dev that they need to tell them because they won’t let up. Joss admits Dev isn’t Sonny’s cousin, and Dev and Joss explain the whole story. She asks them not to say anything. Dustin arrives and grills the kids as to whether they’ve grasped what they did was wrong. They claim they have, and they all made poor choices. Dustin leaves them and Cam and Trina promise to keep Dev’s secret.

On the pier, Hayden takes a phone call from Valentin, who is ready to transfer the money into her account. She doesn’t have an offshore account set up yet and will be in touch.

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At Wyndemere, Charlotte asks her papa when she will be able to go back to school. He thought she was afraid to, but she thinks about Nikolas claiming to be her bodyguard and says she is sure she’ll be fine. Lulu drops by to pick up Charlotte, and later Valentin calls someone and orders them to go ahead with the plan.

Laura and Jax talk on General Hsopital At Jax’s place, Nikolas takes off when Laura arrives to see Jax. Laura worries that Valentin is onto them and knows the portrait is valuable and that they are working to find it. Jax feels they need to find out what Ava has done with it. Jax gets another visitor, Martin Grey. He is there to discuss Helena’s portrait, that a client recently purchased from the Jerome Gallery. The client is willing to accept an offer from them for it and offers proof that the person has it by showing them a photo of it. He leaves his card for them to think over an offer and departs. Laura and Jax are suspicious of Martin, and they wonder if Valentin knows about the codicil. Martin returns because he left his tablet behind, grabs it, and leaves again.

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Nikolas offers Hayden help on General Hospital Hayden meets with Nikolas on the pier, and he confronts her about making a deal with Valentin for information on the portrait. Hayden explains he threatened her, and she wishes she was never dragged into his scheme. Nikolas promises to help her get out of this mess. He can arrange for her to leave Port Charles and give her a new identity. Hayden refuses to leave because her child just met her father, and she has too many reasons to stay. He thinks it is too dangerous, and says it will only be temporary until he can neutralize Valentin. Hayden says she’ll think about it. Nikolas leaves her to think about it and a mystery man grabs Hayden from behind.

Lulu and Charlotte go to the coffee house and talk about their Thanksgiving plans. Lulu lets Charlotte look through some of the photos on her phone and the girl comes across one of Nikolas.

Martin goes to Wyndemere and plays what he recorded on his tablet at Jax’s house for Valentin, revealing that there is a codicil in Helena’s portrait.

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