Jason and Sam hightail it to the railings of the freighter and jump overboard. Inside the cabin, Jerry scrambles to reach for the detonator but when he realizes that he'll never be able to reverse what he put in motion he sits back and laughs. Then, there's an explosion. Once Jason and Sam make it to the pier, they hear sirens start to roar in the background. Sam can't believe that Jerry Jacks is finally dead and thanks Jason for saving her. He credits Spinelli for planting the tracking device and then asks her to keep his part in this quiet.

Jax has followed Carly down to the PCPD and told her that if she refuses to provide Sonny an alibi they might still have a chance together. Seconds later, Mac brings Sonny and Diane out of the interrogation room and asks Carly about Sonny's whereabouts the night that Karpov was killed. "He was with me," Carly says after a brief pause. Mac isn't satisfied, so he asks what they were doing. Carly holds off as long as she can, but finally says that they were having sex. Sonny closes his eyes in shock, but Jax just shakes his head and leaves. Diane tells Mac to get Sonny's release papers ready.

Later Sonny walks out the door a free man. Sasha is there to congratulate him on his release.
"You'll go last of course," are her next words.

Detective Harper is waiting for Jax on the waterfront. After Jax asks what this is about, the detective tells him that a freighter called 'The Gibraltar' blew up in the harbor tonight and it was leased to Jerry. He says that they haven't found any bodies, but they did find Jerry's passport.

Over at the Quartermaine house, Laura tells Tracy that she's perfectly capable of fighting for what's hers. Tracy brazenly reminds her that Luke isn't hers anymore no matter how many times 'The Legend of Luke and Laura' is rammed down all of their throats. She then gives Laura a little refresher course and reminds her that Laura wanted the house with the flowersbeds and white picket fences, but Luke wanted to hit the road. Laura lets her finish and then asks Tracy what she and Luke have in common? Tracy softly says that they are both cynics and their relationship works for them because Luke doesn't have to be a hero, he gets to be himself. Laura tells her not to kid herself because Luke does love her. Nonetheless, she promises not to bother Tracy again though because she heard what she needed to know. After she's gone, Tracy lets out a sob.

Maxie is in full throttle over at General Hospital as she demands that Liz give her information about Robin. Liz is in no mood for her, so she lets Maxie have it. She reminds her that she stole her husband and gave him drugs. Then she says that perhaps Spinelli needs a warning about the people he keeps company with!

Maxie storms over to Spinelli's place to do damage control. She promises him that she's changed from the person she used to be and would never hurt him. Spinelli says that he already knows that. That's when a very soggy Jason and Sam come through the door. Maxie assumes that they are messing around and she takes great joy in it. Spinelli ushers her out the door and tells her that he needs her discretion on the matter of Stone Cold and Sam. Maxie promises, but can't leave fast enough. Spinelli goes back inside and Sam thanks him for his part in saving her from Jerry. She tells him that she has missed him. Later, Sam is waiting by Jason's fire with her clothes draped over the fireplace to dry. She promises to be on her way soon. There's a knock at the door and when Jason opens it, Liz comes in and demands to know what is going on between them.

Lulu goes over to the Q house to talk to Tracy about the mess that they are all in. Tracy tells her that she doesn’t get to weigh in, but Lulu goes ahead anyway. She says that she can see how much her dad loves her, but she's worried that her heart is going to get stomped on because Luke always chooses Laura in the end. Tracy says that Luke isn't the same man he used to be and he's going to choose her this time.

When Laura returns home, Luke and Lucky are glad to see her. She asks Lucky to go find Lulu and Nik because she'd like a family meeting. After he leaves, Laura tells Luke that she and Tracy understand each other perfectly now. Luke marvels that they are both still standing, and Laura says that Tracy isn't planning on handing him over any time soon. "Nobody is in a position to hand me over to anybody," Luke says. He softens and asks what they are going to do. Laura says that she thinks their bond is as strong as ever and if she fought for him, she'd probably win. Without giving Luke the chance to respond, she says that she's not sure that they should be together at this point because she needs to move on, too.

When Lucky returns with Nikolas and Lulu, Laura proceeds to tell them about her plan. She explains that if she stayed in Port Charles, they would all live in fear of her relapsing. She says that she has decided to pursue her therapy in France in hopes of finding something permanent out there for herself. She says that her old life is lost to her, but she hopes to build a new one. Later, Nikolas tells Laura that his jet is ready and he has leased a house for her near the clinic. Laura thanks him and hears him out as he tells her that she has restored his faith in miracles. She asks if he still misses Emily and he holds back tears as he says that he really does. As she walks out the door, she says that hopefully they'll all be together soon. Nik promises to bring everyone over to visit her and Laura tells them to bring their significant others and kids so they can show France what a Spencer invasion is like.

Luke escorts Laura to Nik's plane. He tells her that he's at a loss for words. Laura says that maybe someday they'll get the chance to straighten out what's unresolved between them. She says that it does her heart good to see him so peaceful and that if Tracy did that for him, she's grateful. He says that she was right when she said that their bond still holds. Then he offers to go to France with her if she needs him to. Laura smiles and says that she's going to try like hell not to need him. They exchange a tender kiss before she tells him to be happy. In turn, he tells her to be well. As she walks away, he asks, "If the treatment works, will you come back?" She smiles, but can't find any words. Instead, she turns and walks toward the plane. "Goodbye my Angel," Luke says almost too quietly.

Once on the plane, Laura is so deep in thought as she peers out the window that she doesn't notice that Scott is also on board.

Carly finds Jax on the waterfront and says that she'll wait while the police look for Jerry. Jax says there's no need because the boat blew to bits. He tells her that he lost her and his brother on the same day. Then, his phone rings, but no one is there. He thinks it's Jerry.

Next on General Hospital:

Liz comes to understand what's going on with Jason and Sam.

Jason gets an ultimatum from Liz.

Lucky and Sam reconcile.

Jax attempts to convince Kate to steer clear of Sonny.

Sonny and Kate fight.

The mob war touches Mike.

Nadine assumes the worst about Nikolas.

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