Nina visits Jax General Hospital
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Brook Lynn surprises Olivia, Ned, and Sonny when she strolls into the Quartermaine mansion. Brook Lynn catches up with Sonny General HospitalShe babbles until she notices that something seems to be going on. Sonny shows her pictures of Donna and Brook Lynn asks about Leo and all the Port Charles gossip. When she brings up Dante, Liv gets upset and walks out. Ned follows her out to the terrace and apologizes for his daughter. She’s really upset about Dante. They go back inside and Brook Lynn apologizes. Ned assures her he’s happy she’s back and she can help Leo learn to ride his pony. As they argue, Sonny laughs about how much Edward and Lila would enjoy this.

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Jason tells Carly his regrets General HospitalJason drops by the Corinthos compound and tells Carly that Sam is going to prison for two years. She gives him a hug. He’d do anything to get Sam out and doesn’t know what to tell the kids. She says they can figure this out together and wonders if he’s mad at Sam for what she did. He insists he’s not; he’s just frustrated. Jason wishes they’d taken the children into consideration before they got involved in going after Shiloh. Carly reminds him of how much the kids need him now. He can’t be daring and taunt the cops anymore.

Nikolas argues with Jax General HospitalAt Jax’s place, Nikolas tells Jasper that Nina is outside. Thinking of Charlotte seeing him, he leaves to run an errand. Nina arrives and hands Jax a wedding invitation. This seems fast to him, but it seems drawn out to her. He won’t attend her wedding. Nina insists that she is seeing things clearly. Jax tells her how great she is and he doesn’t think she should be involved with a criminal. He assumes she’s looking for him to talk her out of this wedding. She accuses him of being patronizing and no better than Valentin. As they bicker, she explains that she’s not really planning to marry Valentin but to destroy him.

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Ava is confronted by Valentin General HospitalAva wanders into her room at rehab and finds Valentin waiting for her. He asks about Helena’s portrait and reminds Ava that she owes him for her face. She tells him about seeing Nikolas around every corner. The Cassadine asks about the portrait again, explaining Laura has been after him for weeks because she thinks there is something hidden in it. He knows that Jax and Hayden are after him too. Jerome isn’t interested in negotiating and sends him on his way.

Chase asks Finn about Violet General HospitalChase drops by Finn’s office and asks him about the daughter he’s neglected to mention. The doctor apologizes for not telling him, but he’s been overwhelmed. Having a daughter is amazing and terrifying. He admits that there has been tension with Anna but she’s taking things in stride. Finn doesn’t know how to be all the things he needs to be to other people. His brother advises him to jump in and figure it out. Finn shows him pictures from his tea party with Violet and admits that fatherhood feels good. He asks his brother to come to their next sleepover.

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Hayden and Anna talk marriage General HospitalHayden joins Anna at the bar in the Metro Court and asks if she’s still planning to marry Finn. They begin discussing Hayden’s choices and comparing their mothering methods. Hayden reminds Anna of how she treated Robin and doesn’t see any difference from what she did. The timing finally felt right for her to come back and tell Finn the truth. Anna assumes that was because she was out of the picture. She’s happy that Violet is part of Finn’s life, but assumes Hayden is trying to rebuild a relationship with Finn. Hayden says she already has a relationship with him and always will. Anna gets territorial and then leaves. Across the room, Curtis tells Jordan about his problem with exposing Valentin to Nina. She suggests he let Nina figure it out for herself. Maybe she knows the truth and can live with it. Stella arrives and tells them how great her long-lost relative is. Curtis suggests they spend Christmas in London together. Stella and Jordan would rather go somewhere warm. When she asks after TJ, they tell her he has good news but she needs to hear it from him.

Charlotte finds nik on general hospitalWhen Nikolas sneaks into Wyndemere, Charlotte immediately catches him. He claims he works for her father as her bodyguard. They are a team and she needs to keep his being there a secret. He asks her to let him keep her safe and promises to get rid of all the bad people. Nikolas grabs a fire poker and hides as Valentin arrives. He eavesdrops as Valentin calls Hayden and asks her to come over and discuss a deal.

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