Brook Lynn visits Ned and Olivia General Hospital
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“Drew” shows up at General Hospital and tells Liz they need to talk. "Drew" and Liz discuss Franco General HospitalHe explains that he had an intense conversation with Scott and wonders why she never told him what happened with Jim Harvey. She didn’t think it was her place to tell him. He’s impressed that she loved Franco enough not to use this. He can remember very little about Franco but learning that he made his life possible has made him realize what he owes him. He’s ready to give Franco his life back and is volunteering for Andre’s procedure. He reminds her that Franco wanted to come back to her and now it’s time for him to get out of his way. The nurse is overwhelmed and thanks him for this sacrifice. Brad and Lucas fight General HospitalDown the hall, Lucas demands that Brad tell him what he’s been hiding about Wiley’s father. They go into an office and Brad insists that Liesl just resents him and Julian is jealous of their happiness. Lucas is happy but doesn’t think his husband is. Brad says he has no idea of the sacrifices he’s made. He refuses to explain more and storms out.

Kim and Hayden talk over the apartment As Kim is leaving her apartment, Hayden shows up. She’s rented the place and just came by to take measurements. Kim hopes she’ll be as happy there as she was. She shows her around and tells her about the neighbors. When Hayden mentions that she’s a single mom, Kim starts to get uncomfortable. As she turns to leave, a teddy bear falls from her bag and Hayden realizes she’s a mom. Hayden whips a bottle out of her bag and suggests they say a proper goodbye. Kim tells her to save it for someone special.

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Finn and Anna talk Alexis General HospitalFinn arrives at home with flowers for Anna. She sets a fire and they eat takeout as he tells her about rat poison. Anna tells him about Cassandra’s death and wonders who arranged to kill her. She assures Finn that her life is with him and she came back so they can be together. He’s glad to hear that but wonders if she’ll take off after her sister if another lead comes up. She’s still worried her sister could ruin Peter’s life. The doctor encourages her to try spending more time with Peter. He also wants her to get to know Violet. When he gets a text from Chase, Anna encourages him to go.

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Julian and Brook Lynn talk problems General HospitalAt Charlie’s, Brook Lynn refuses to leave when Julian wants to close up. She offers to listen to his problems. They drink together and he tells her vaguely about his conflict with Brad. She tells him he should ‘terminate’ his partnership with Brad. Assuming she’s a hooker, he gives her money for listening. This offends her and she storms out. Brad shows up, banging on the door. Julian turns out the light and refuses to open the door.

Olivia is distraught about Dante's letter General HospitalSonny arrives at the Quartermain estate. Olivia shows him and Ned a letter she received from the WSB. Ned leaves them alone to read it. When they open the envelope, they discover that the letters she’s sent to Dante have been returned as well as a letter for her. She sobs to see her son wrote a letter asking her to stop writing to him. Ned returns and they tell him they are dead to Dante. She understands why her son is cutting them out but thinks it will get in the way of him healing. Ned and Sonny assure her that Dante will be back. Brook Lynn walks in, declaring she’s home.

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Sam sobs to Jason about her sentence General HospitalAt the courthouse, the judge finds Sam not guilty of murder. Sam and Jason look relieved. The judge isn’t finished though. While the court doesn’t believe the killing was premeditated, the judge also doesn’t think Jason couldn’t have defended himself and the killing was unnecessary. Sam is convicted of manslaughter and negligent homicide. The prosecution suggests they have arguments for sentencing immediately. The state advocates for the maximum, pointing out Sam’s long criminal history and ties to organized crime. Diane says Sam is a mother and does plenty of good for society. Sam is sentenced to two years, but the judge will recommend early release to the parole board. The trial ended, Diane admits to Sam and Jason that an appeal is a longshot. Sam doesn’t know why she did this when she could have had a jury trial. Jason urges her to take this one day at a time. She’s cuffed and taken away.

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