TJ visits Alexis General Hospital
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Spinelli joins Jason at the courthouse for Sam’s trial. Diane reminds them that a bench trial is risky, but this was Sam’s choice. Diane and Sam at trial General HospitalSam is brought in and Judge Madrigal arrives to start the trial. The US attorney, Gabriel Burke, has yet to appear so Diane suggests they drop the case and insists that the charges against her client are nonsense. Burke arrives and apologizes, explaining that he has been busy talking to the people who Shiloh helped off the street. The judge accuses him of grandstanding and orders him to sit down. Jason is called to the stand and then Sam. They give their account of Shiloh’s killing. Burke accuses her of wanting Shiloh dead and reminds her of what the nurse overheard. When he questions Jason, he brings up the fights Jason had with the deceased. The lawyers get into a bitter debate until the judge decides she’s heard enough. She convenes to ponder her ruling. Spinelli has to rush off to take care of something. Diane and her client ponder the outcome. The judge returns with her verdict.

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Franco has news for Kim General Hospital“Drew” arrives at Kim’s and informs her that he won’t be leaving Port Charles with her. She’s bewildered. He explains that this is about what Franco did for him when they were kids. She tells him they can stay, and he can be friends with Liz and her kids. He’d like that. However, while he has nothing but love for Kim, he is going to have the procedure reversed. Sobbing, she tells him this is too dangerous, but he insists on trying. It wouldn’t be right for him to hold onto another man’s life. Kim decides that there is nothing left for her there. He wishes he could have loved her the way she deserved. She cries and they exchange “I love yous” before he walks out.

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Brad and Lucas discuss Julian General HospitalBrad and Lucas get on the elevator at General Hospital and chat about Julian trying to ruin their relationship. Lucas assures him that he’s cut Julian out of their lives. He’s sorry that his father betrayed Brad when they were getting close. Meanwhile, Finn bumps into Liz and she asks him about his tea party with Violet. He’s happy to be part of her life. Down the hall, TJ tells Alexis that her symptoms are similar to those of someone who has ingested Thallium, a rat poison. Liz and Finn join them and discuss this. They decide to test for the poison and wonder how her food could have been tainted. Liz returns with the results. It was Thallium. Alexis will be okay because eating paint will cure her. They wonder why she was targeted. After Alexis thanks TJ, everyone files out. Kendra sends a text and Alexis responds that she’ll be okay. Out by the nurses’ station, “Drew” arrives and tells Liz they need to talk.

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Brad threatens Julian General HospitalJulian is at Charlie’s, sadly putting away a t-shirt for his grandson. He erases Kim from his phone. As he thinks about their breakup, Brook Lynn (played by Amanda Setton) pops up and orders a Black Russian. As she sits down, Brad shows up and threatens to send Sonny after Julian if he ever reveals their conspiracy. He offers to make sure Julian is eventually allowed back into the family so long as he keeps their secret. Jerome doesn’t buy it and reminds Brad that he could reveal the truth about Sonny’s grandson. He agrees to go along with this as long as Brad doesn’t screw up. Once Brad leaves, Julian declares the pub closed and kicks everyone out. Everyone files out but Brook Lynn sticks around to argue with someone on the phone. She refuses to leave and orders another drink, suggesting that Julian tell her about the argument he was just having.

Brad interrupts Lucas and Liesl General HospitalBack at the hospital, Lucas runs into Liesl. He starts laying into her for blackmailing Brad. She thinks he must be in denial if he’s heaping the blame on her rather than his lying husband. He threatens to take what he knows to the authorities, so she threatens to reveal the truth about Wiley. Lucas insists there’s nothing she can tell him about Brad he doesn’t already know. She seriously doubts that. Brad arrives and rushes over to interrupt. Liesl utters a threat and walks off. Lucas asks his husband what else he has been hiding from him.

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