Jax stops Carly on her way into work to show her the newspaper. He says that since Sonny has been arrested for the murder of Karpov she likely wasn't lying to him about the non-sexual nature of her time with him last night. Carly asks what he wants from her and Jax asks if she loves him or is too wrapped up in Sonny's world to know for sure? He says that he misses her all the time, but he won't be second to Sonny. He asks if she and Sonny are done in every possible way? Carly says that other than helping Sonny when he's in trouble, she's all his. Jax turns and walks away.

Olivia visits Sonny at the PCPD. She says that she was at the pier when Karpov died, but Sonny contends that he didn't kill him. Olivia says that she didn't say a word when she went back to the pier and the cops were all over the place. Sonny would appreciate if she would continue to keep her mouth shut. She tells him how sad this whole thing is and then leaves. Sonny gets another female visitor within moments. Sasha! Sonny denies killing her boss and she surprises him by saying that she has been instructed to get him released.

Once she's back in her quarters, Sasha reports back to her boss via speakerphone. She says that she assumes that Sonny will be eliminated once he's free, right? The Russian voice replies that Sonny is just the beginning and that everyone he knows is going to pay.

Jerry is drinking coffee on the freighter and Sam asks for a cup. He doesn't fancy the idea of getting scalding coffee thrown on him, but pours her a cup to cool whilst he fetches one more drug shipment. "Then it's time for a fake death and a real one," he giddily says on his way out the door. After he's gone, Sam struggles to free herself from her cuffs, but to no avail.

On the waterfront, Spinelli is lagging behind Jason with a little case of seasickness after a choppy ride across the harbor. Jason goes ahead without Spinelli. Soon, Jerry comes by and Spinelli asks what he's done with Samantha! Jerry brags that she is a willing partner on his boat and then is forced to defend himself from some odd looking martial arts moves. One punch puts Spinelli flat on his back, and Jerry is on his merry way. When Jason finds him later, Spinelli says that he lost the fight but was able to plant a tracking devise on Jerry. Jason tells him that he 'did good' and they take off.

Luke and Laura walk into Laura's front door with their kids trailing close behind. Lesley greets Laura with big happy tears in her eyes. Laura assures her mother that she's safe now, but announces that there will be no more lies in this family. As soon as they decide to forgo a celebration at Wyndemere or Kelly's in favor of a family meal at home, there's a knock at the door.

Lulu lets a man in who introduces himself as a doctor from the institute in France that makes LS49 (the drug that brought Laura around two years ago and is credited for her reawakening now). He says that she should return to France with him for testing and further therapy. After he leaves to give them time to discuss the matter, the family debates what would be best for Laura. Lulu thinks that going to France might be her best chance at a recovery that lasts and Nik agrees. They leave her alone with Luke so they can talk. Luke tells Laura that he just wants her to stay awake and healthy. Laura asks about their relationship and he says that he's still trying to wrap his head around the fact that she's here.

A little later, Johnny arrives and Lulu is thrilled to see him. She introduces him to Laura and he apologizes for all he's put her daughter through. Laura says that Lulu explained all that he did for her and says how glad she is that Lulu has fallen in love with such a fine young man.

Next, Nadine arrives to meet Laura. Nikolas goes to the kitchen to get them some tea and the first thing Nadine does is assure Laura that she doesn't have to worry because Nikolas isn't serious about her. Laura says that she hopes otherwise because her son has told her how instrumental Nadine has been in his recovery back from grief.

When Lucky brings Liz to see Laura, the two women embrace warmly. Laura tells her that she's sorry the two of them aren't together anymore, but Liz says they will always be friends. Lucky says that since Laura wants to hear the truth from now on there's something they want to tell her. They all sit down and Elizabeth explains that her baby Jake isn't Lucky's biological son and why she lied. Lucky clarifies that he loves both Liz's sons as if they were his own and Laura couldn't look more proud of him. Laura tells Liz that she loves her and doesn't have the right to judge anyone. Just then, the institute in France returns a call from Laura. She explains that she called earlier to verify a doctor's name. After she listens for a minute, she says that she's not surprised at all.

While Laura has been enjoying her children, Luke has gone over to visit Tracy. Alice warmly welcomes him home with a bourbon. Edward supposes that he's come to pack his things? Luke asks for a moment alone with his wife. Tracy is furious with him for leaving her in LA to bring his little family home, but Luke says that he's not leaving her at all. He says that Laura is going to France for therapy. Tracy said that she's not happy for Laura's crumbs and then asks when she gets to come first!

After Luke has left, Laura shows up at the Q house and confronts Tracy for sending a phony doctor to cart her off to France. Tracy tells her that she's paranoid.

Jerry returns to the ship and Sam begs for her life. Jerry reminds her that he's relying on her lovely dead body to convince everyone that they've both died. He trips the detonator and bids her farewell as he quickly leaves the ship.

Jason rushes onto the freighter and finds Sam. She tells him to hurry because Jerry's probably still on the boat! As Jason fumbles with a key, Jerry enters and holds them both at gunpoint. Jason puts his gun down on the bed near Sam and puts his hands in the air. Sam quickly draws the gun and shoots it as Jason lunges on Jerry. The two men struggle as Sam frees herself. Jason and Sam slip out the door and leave Jerry behind as he nervously tries to get up before the bomb goes off.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly puts a nail in her marriage's coffin by telling cops that she slept with Sonny.

Jason and Sam are nearly killed when the freighter explodes.

Maxie leads Liz to think that Jason and Sam are seeing each other.

Liz confronts Jason and Sam.

Tracy and Laura lay it all on the table.

Laura makes a decision about her relationship with Luke.

Sasha issues a warning for Sonny.

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