Nikolas reveals himself to Carly on General Hospital

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At Jax’s place, he lashes out at Nikolas for implicating him in Cassandra’s escape. Suddenly, Carly knocks on the door and demands to speak to Jax. Nikolas hides and Jax invites her in. She wants to know why he really doesn’t want Joss to stay with him. He explains he’s involved in something and doesn’t want Joss involved, but it should be over in a few days. Nikolas walks in and tells Carly this is his fault and Jax is helping him. She’s stunned and asks where he’s been all this time. He explains he was recovering from being shot, but now he’s back to take down Valentin. Carly feels his mother needs to know he’s alive, but Nikolas says she can’t. He tells her about the codicil and plan to take Valentin down, which he has to do to protect his family. Nikolas leaves them, and Carly asks Jax how he got involved in this. He informs her that he was in Rome when a meeting was arranged with Nikolas. In return helping for him, Nikolas agreed to sell him the shipping division of Cassadine Industries. He also got involved to help Spencer. He tells Carly that Nikolas used his credit card to rent the van he used to help Cassandra escape in, so exposing Nikolas could make him an accomplice. Carly agrees to keep the secret to protect him.

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Hayden with Finn on General Hospital At Anna’s, Finn and Hayden tuck Violet into bed, and Hayden thanks him for offering them to stay the night. They discuss Violet, and Finn wants to tell Violet he is father. Hayden agrees it is time, so they decide to tell her in the morning.

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Lulu is worried on General Hospital At the PCPD, Jordan briefs Robert on Cassandra’s escape and that she may have taken a hostage. In the interrogation room, Laura and Maxie comfort Lulu, and Robert enters to question her about the events. Peter arrives, and Robert orders him out and wants no press. Peter is there only to support Lulu. Lulu fills Peter in on what has happened and worries Nina may be right and Charlotte ran off because she blames her for ruining the wedding. Peter tells her that isn’t true, and he has seen how Charlotte adores her. Later, Robert tells Maxie, Lulu and Peter that he believes someone plotted to get Cassandra out on a work release to help her escape, similar to how someone did the same in helping Shiloh get out. He asks Peter why he happened to visit Shiloh twice in Pentonville and was at the pier when Shiloh died. Maxie tells Robert to stop hounding Peter.

Jason questions Valentin on General Hospital Valentin and Nina return to Wyndemere and Jason drops by to question Valentin about Cassandra. Nina tells Jason they don’t know anything about Cassandra’s escape, and demands he leaves them. Jason exits, and Nina suggests to Valentin that teaming up with Jason Morgan could be beneficial to them as he may take care of Cassandra for them. Valentin already has a plan in motion.

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Anna tries to bargain on General Hospital On the pier, Cassandra demands Anna throw her phone and gun into the water as she grips Charlotte by the neck. Anna does as instructed, and offers to let Cassandra walk away if she lets Charlotte go. Cassandra wants a better deal and to have all the charges dropped. Anna doesn’t have that power. Two goons of Cassandra’s arrive, and she tells them to watch Anna while she makes a call. Cassandra calls Valentin, who tells her he’s agreed to make arrangements for her. Later, Charlotte bites Cassandra’s hand and Anna tells the girl to run, which she does. One of Cassandra’s men goes searching for Charlotte, who hides behind a dumpster. Jason runs into the man and the two fight. Jason manages to subdue him and then makes sure Charlotte is okay. After he rushes to the pier and surprises Cassandra. Anna uses the distraction to attack Cassandra while Jason deals with the other goon. Charlotte shows up in spite of Jason telling her to lay low. Anna suddenly notices Cassandra’s slipped away. Charlotte asks to borrow a phone to call her father.

Back at Wyndemere, Valentin laments to Nina that he vowed to protect his daughter, but now his past has come back to haunt him and taken his daughter. Later, he gets Charlotte’s call that she’s safe and that Cassandra took off in a boat. Right after he gets a call from Cassandra, who tells him the boat was where he said it would be and she offers to tell him who broke her out of the WSB in return. He doesn’t care and tells her goodbye.

On the boat, Cassandra discovers a bomb. Moments later the boat explodes when Valentin triggers it with an app.

Back on the pier, Charlotte, Jason and Anna watch the boat explode, and Charlotte notices Nikolas hiding in the shadows.

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