Robert offers Cassandra a deal on General Hospital

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Sam smiles as she talks to Jason in prison on General HospitalJason visits Sam in prison. They talk over the phones while sitting on opposite sides of the glass window. They catch up on the kids and Alexis and then Sam tells him Cassandra is her cellmate. Jason offers to have Diane get her transferred. Sam declines. She’ll just keep her head down until her trial. When her time is up, Sam and Jason exchange “I love yous.” Meanwhile, Robert meets with Cassandra in the private visitors’ room. He tells her she’s being extradited to the Hague, but he still has some pull with the bureau. He could get her a private cell and other amenities if she’ll tell him who broke her out of custody last year. She won’t confirm anything until she sees her lawyer.

Nikolas is tempted to reveal himself to Laura on General HospitalNikolas is tempted to answer Jax’s door when Laura knocks looking for the corporate raider. Laura starts to walk away but turns back and asks if someone is there. Jax appears and lures Laura away from the house with an offer to get coffee. Inside, Nikolas gets a call from Cassandra. She orders him to break her out of prison or else she’ll tell Robert he facilitated her escape and kidnapped Anna and Finn to help her. After they hang up, Nikolas makes a call for someone to take care of Cassandra.

Guards lead Sam and Cassandra to the same spot in the prison. They learn they are going on work patrol in a park. A guard steps away and texts someone, “It’s handled.”

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Kendra visits Alexis at the hospital on General HospitalKendra visits Alexis at the hospital. She blames herself for pushing Alexis too hard. Alexis assures her that’s not why she’s there. Julian stops by with flowers. Near the nurses’ hub, Hayden situates Violet with a coloring book while she and Finn talk about their situation. Hayden assures him she and Violet are staying in Port Charles. Violet walks over to ask Dr. Finn if she can visit Roxy. Finn crouches down and tells the girl Roxy will love it. He gets emotional and leaves to take care of a patient. Finn enters Alexis’ room as she learns Julian and Kendra have met before. Her visitors leave as Finn checks Alexis out. He applies pressure to her hand, but she doesn’t feel it. When prompted, Alexis recounts her day leading up to her illness and mentions the diet supplement. Elsewhere, Robert literally runs into Violet and learns she’s Hayden’s daughter. Violet asks if he knows her mama. He confirms but isn’t sure he knows her daddy. Violet says she doesn’t have one. Finn returns to say one more test needs to be run before Violet can be discharged. Hayden leads her daughter away as Robert threatens to kick Finn’s butt to the moon for keeping his daughter from Anna. Finn would appreciate Robert keeping this quiet until he can tell Anna in person. Robert reminds him it could be months before he sees her. He’s also worried about the looks Hayden and Finn exchange. Robert leaves when Hayden returns. Hayden says she and Finn need to figure things out and sends him a picture of her with Violet when she was a baby. Robert runs into Laura, who tells him about Helena’s portrait and the weird sensation she had earlier, as if someone walked over her grave. At the elevators, Kendra runs up to Julian. She’s going to stick around for Alexis. She asks him not to mention that she comes to Charlie’s because she doesn’t want her clients to know she doesn’t follow her own nutritional advice. Kendra returns to Alexis. She suggests they go for a walk. Alexis thinks she looks worse than she feels. Kendra gives her some makeup and a brush. As Alexis brushes her hair, a clump falls out in her hand.

Julian throws out the trash behind Charlie’s. A dead rat falls from the dumpster.

Scott meets "Drew" at Oscar's Meadow on General Hospital “Drew” meets Scott at Oscar’s Meadow. He wants to tell him something about Franco that could convince him to do something of his own free will. Scott tells him how Franco protected Drew from Jim Harvey, who abused Franco. Scott points out “Drew” is living the life Franco was finally able to live free of all his past pain. He asks “Drew” if his second chance at life is worth his son’s first chance.

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Kim visits Elizabeth on General Hospital Elizabeth is unreceptive when Kim drops by to make peace at her house. Liz reminds Kim she slept with her husband no matter who he thinks he is. They rehash everything with Liz suggesting Kim needs help. Elizabeth understands the pain of losing a child, but Kim reminds her Jake came back. Oscar never will. They go around in circles until Kim says she should go, but she will always be grateful to Liz’s friendship when she lost Oscar. Hayden returns to Liz’s to introduce her to Violet, who hugs her. Elizabeth says it’s exactly what she needed.

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