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Joss is upset talking to Carly on General HospitalJason updates Carly at her house about Sam opting for a bench trial. Jason knows he and Sam will be okay, but thinks Alexis is having a hard time. Joss runs downstairs frantic that she can’t find the watch Oscar gave her. She knows she took it off during a volleyball game which was three days ago. She can’t believe she didn’t realize she lost it until now. As Carly worries to Jason about Joss, her daughter opens the front door to Cam and Trina, who is holding her Halloween costume. Trina walks away to find Dev, who is getting ready for the Halloween party. Cam assures Joss they’ll find a way to make the party fun. Cam sees Jason on the patio and heads outside to apologize to him. Jason is receptive and tries to console him over Franco remaining Drew. Jason reminds Cam he has two choices: he can be angry or he can learn to live with it and help the people he loves pick up the pieces. Alone, Cam pours alcohol from the wet bar into his soda bottle. After he and the girls get ready for the party, Cam assures his friends he won’t have trouble having a good time, as he looks at his bottle.

Molly, dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, knocks on Alexis’ door, but Alexis is passed out on the couch. Molly enters and runs to try and wake her mother. Alexis is confused and groggy when she opens her eyes. She vows she wasn’t drinking, but she doesn’t know what happened last night. Molly declares she’s taking her to the hospital.

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Hayden quietly opens Violet’s hospital room door. She smiles as she hears Finn telling their daughter about Roxy. She walks in and makes some awkward Halloween conversation with Finn. He leaves and Hayden gives her daughter her phone Hayden and Finn look over Violet on General Hospitalto watch a TV show on. Hayden steps outside to ask Finn about Violet’s test results. Finn says she’ll be fine but she should stay there for observation. He asks again why Hayden kept Violet from him for so long. She doesn’t have any new answers so he says they can talk about it once Violet gets out of the hospital. Hayden asks if he wants to be part of the little girl’s life. Before he can answer, Elizabeth walks up and Finn makes his exit. Hayden and Elizabeth look at Violet through the glass window. Elizabeth thinks she’s beautiful but wonders why her sister never told her about her daughter. Hayden just didn’t know how to tell the truth after so much time had passed. They discuss motherhood and Finn. Hayden beams as she talks about finally seeing Finn with his daughter. It was perfect. Elizabeth now understands why Hayden came back and is so good with her boys. She hugs her sister and says she’s part of the club now. Molly and a reluctant Alexis enter the hospital. They see Finn and Molly gives Finn Alexis’ symptoms, which Alexis plays off as just being run down. Finn says they’ll find out for sure and motions for her to follow him. As Finn examines her, Molly steps out to call TJ. Finn notices a rash on Alexis’ palm, but she doesn’t know how long she’s had it. Finn wants Alexis to stay overnight.

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At the Metro Court, Sasha, dressed as Captain Marvel, worries she shouldn’t be there. Michael, as a Game of Thrones character, tells her she has every right to be there, as Nina (Cleopatra) and Valentin (Julius Caesar) enter. TJ, as Captain America, greets Curtis (Sherlock Holmes) and Jordan (sexy sorceress). He says Molly is on the way, but in the meantime, he asks Jordan for the engagement ring his father gave her. Curtis is excited, but Jordan appears less so by the idea of TJ and Molly getting engaged. TJ says he’s just thinking about it but notices Jordan’s hesitation. Jordan loves Molly, but she thinks they should explore more of their lives before committing a lifetime to each other. TJ steps away to take a call from Molly, leaving Curtis to question Jordan. She thinks she’s been in denial because she never considered how serious TJ and Molly really were. Elsewhere, Laura, dressed as the Queen of Hearts, tries to talk to Ava (Cruella de Vil), but she’s mostly interested in drinking. After Ava heads to the bar, Jax, dressed as Mr. Incredible, approaches Laura. She confirms Kevin opted to sit this Halloween out and they talk about Helena. Laura thinks maybe the codicil is part of Helena’s portrait itself. Valentin and Nina walk up as they talk about the portrait. Valentin demands to know why Laura is so obsessed with it. They rehash the issue. Laura does her best to make Valentin think her interest in it is for Spencer who felt a connection to Helena. Meanwhile, Michael bumps into Ava, whose purse falls to the ground. Michael bends down to pick it up and sees her gun. He demands to know what she’s doing with it. She says she’s learned she can never be too careful. Alone at the bar, Valentin tells Nina he thinks Helena’s portrait is more valuable than he realized, as Ava overhears.

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