Drew/Franco is emotionless on General Hospital

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Neil stops by Alexis place with dinner, which is interrupted by Jason’s arrival. Alexis and Neil are interrupted on General Hospital Jason informs Alexis that Sam is going ahead with the bench trial, which neither agrees with. Alexis gets a message from her clerk about the outcome of Franco’s trial, and Jason takes off after learning Liz lost. Neil and Alexis return to their dinner when she suddenly takes ill. She asks for a raincheck, and he suggests she get some rest.

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Cam is upset on General Hospital Cam returns home and feels responsible for what’s happened. Liz assures him none of it is his fault. Cam heads to his room and Bobbie stops by looking for Scott, who isn’t answering his phone. Liz explains they lost at the hearing. Bobbie leaves to search the bars for him. Later Jason stops by and Cam tells him that Liz is resting. Jason wanted to check in on Jake. Liz comes down and listens at the steps as Cam rails at Jason and accuses him of making sure Franco could never come back to them. Liz intervenes and tells her son that this is not Jason’s fault, and it was Kevin’s testimony that sealed the deal. She orders Cam to go to his room, and then apologizes to Jason for his outburst. She also feels it’s best if he keeps his distance and allows her and Cam to tell Jake about Franco and to let them heal as a family.

Scott wants a favor on General Hospital At Sonny’s gym, Scott asks Sonny to kidnap his son and hold him until Andre can fix him. Sonny points out that is a major felony, which Scott thinks shouldn’t be a problem for him. They argue before Scott storms out believing Sonny won’t help him.

Kim is emotional on General Hospital In court, Kim suggests to “Drew” that they go to San Diego and pick up where they left off. “Drew” wants to spend his life with her but has realized she hasn’t properly healed from Oscar’s death. She thinks his change of heart is because of what came out during the trial, and she assures him she wasn’t well and drugging Drew was wrong. She also knows she is still grieving Oscar, but she’s not so broken that they can’t have a life together. “Drew” suggests they take things slow and stay in Port Charles so she can heal. Kim rants that he’s being non-committal and notes he’s not making any promises about the future.

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Kendra sneaks around on General Hospital Out back of Charlie’s, Kendra throws the jar of supplements into the garbage dumpster and is spotted by Julian. She claims she got turned around trying to find the entrance, so he leads her through the kitchen and gets her a table. Suddenly Kim storms in and slaps Julian. She is furious that he used her darkest moment against her and “Drew.” He did not do it to hurt her, but to force her to get the help she needs. Julian says she’s focusing on someone who isn’t real, and when Franco gets back to himself then she can focus on the help she needs. Kim informs him that she and “Drew” won, and all he did was destroyed any part of her that still cared about him. At the bar, Bobbie finds Scott and comforts him. Bobbie is sure Scott will find a way to help his son.

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Maxie is suspicious on General Hospital At Crimson, Maxie scolds Peter for constantly being glued to his phone. Peter explains he has to cover Franco’s hearing and can’t get scooped on it. Peter gets a message from his reporter and reveals Franco gets to stay as he is. Maxie says while Franco isn’t her favorite person, this isn’t good news for Liz and her kids or Scott. She asks him not to hound them for the story, which he agrees to. Peter claims what they’ve lost has given him a newfound perspective on what is important, and he wants them to move in together. She thought he was having second thoughts about that, but he says he was just worried because happiness has never been something he’s had. However, she has changed his life and has made him realize he can be happy. Maxie suggests they call Lucy and get that apartment.

“Drew” enters Sonny’s gym and asks if they are closed. Sonny says they are but offers him some time if he needs it. “Drew” thanks him and wonders if they are friends. Sonny tells him he has the memories of someone who meant a lot to him, but the face of a man he’d like to never see again. “Drew” comments that must not be easy for him. Sonny reveals his father came to him for help, but he didn’t agree to his requests. “Drew” thanks him for being honest, and then takes his aggression out on a bag.

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