Franco and Kim wait for judgment General Hospital
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Michael is working out at the gym when Chase offers to be his sparring partner. Chase and Michael spar General HospitalMichael suggests he think twice about getting in the ring with him. As they spar, Michael vents about his problems with Sasha and clobbers him. When they take a break, Chase tells him he’s surprised by what a boxer he is. Michael apologizes for his aggressiveness. They talk about how serious things are getting between Chase and Willow.

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Brad and Lucas in therapy with Neil General HospitalBrad and Lucas are sitting anxiously in Dr. Byrne’s waiting room. The doctor asks them in and Lucas explains that he’s worried about his husband and his sensitivity. He’s noticed that Brad has been more anxious and defensive since Wiley came into their lives. He suspects that Brad is keeping something from him. Lucas mentions the mystery flowers and Brad’s baffling relationship with Nelle. His husband makes him feel like an after-thought and worries Brad is reverting to type. Neil is impressed that they seem to be talking to each other rather than around each other. This is progress.

Laura bumps into Sonny on her way out of Kelly’s. Laura admits that she feels sympathetic to “Drew,” but her heart is breaking for Liz and even Scott. She wonders if he can find some compassion for Scott. He offers to try for her sake. Kendra and Alexis talk fitness General HospitalInside, Kendra and Alexis discuss her fitness. Kendra promises her never anticipated results and the lawyer whips out supplements to add to her water. The trainer tells her how impressed she is with her progress before mentioning the brother she lost. Sonny interrupts and Kendra gives them a minute. They discuss Sam and why she’s facing jail time. Kendra eavesdrops and then returns when Corinthos walks away. Alexis talks about how well things are going for Kristina and says her days of running to her rescue are over. As the lawyer wanders off to make a call, Kendra swaps out the supplements and then follows her out to hand her a new batch.

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Judge Lasser makes her decision General HospitalAt the courthouse, Judge Lasser gives a preamble to her judgement. The question before the court is the plaintiff’s soundness of mind and, thanks to medical testimony, the court has no choice but to find in his favor. Liz is crushed. Cam leaps up to declare this is wrong. The judge releases Franco from Shadybrooke and voids Liz’s power of attorney. Kim welcomes “Drew” to the rest of his life. Martin tells “Drew” he’s now free to be whoever he wants. As the lawyer heads out, he tells Scott that was fun. Scott and Cam worry that Franco will take off. Liz says she and Scott will figure this out. Before “Drew” can exit, Cam asks how he can do this to them. Kevin intervenes to say their hands are tied. Scott punches him and Kevin hits the floor as Laura walks in. Laura lectures the attorney and he says Kevin seems as skilled at destroying families as his brother. “Drew” tells his family they need to accept the way things are now. As they file out, Kevin admits to Laura that he almost lied for Liz’s sake. The mayor tells Liz they should go clear their heads. They go back to the courtroom and Liz tells “Drew” he can’t leave without saying goodbye to their family first. If he can do that, she’ll let him go. After they exit, Kim tells “Drew” they should celebrate. He’s not sure what to do. Taking his hand, she tells him they can go far away. He’s reluctant.

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Julian and Willow talk Wiley General HospitalAt Charlie’s, Julian wonders why Willow is with his grandson. She’s babysitting. He thinks she was a strange choice and starts to worry about Brad and Lucas being in therapy. Julian explains he warned Brad not to bring a shrink into his personal issues. He tells her it’s never a good idea to give someone access to your mind like that. Just look at what happened to his sister. Brad and Lucas arrive. She leaves to make a call and Lucas changes his son. Julian grills Brad about his session and Brad insists he’s handling this. Obrecht sends him a text, demanding that he undo something she asked him to do. Julian suggests he change the password on his phone. Jerome warns that Willow was asking questions and suggests he give her some reassurance. As Brad wanders off, Lucas returns and Julian asks about the flowers. He suggests that they make a video of Wiley with Brad’s phone. Lucas is perplexed to discover he’s changed the password. After Julian walks off and Brad returns, Lucas asks him about changing his passcode. Across the room, Julian checks in on Liz and Laura and they tell him about losing.

Trina and Cam go to the gym. She says there are no bad guys in this, aside from the people who did this to Franco in the first place. She holds the bag for him. He beats it and screams until she gives him a hug. Sonny watches them. Later, Scott shows up and tells Sonny he owes him.

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