Elizabeth on the stand on General Hospital

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Sonny, Carly and Donna at General HospitalAt the hospital, Sonny, Bobbie, and Carly laugh thinking about Milo outside installing the car seat. They’re excited to bring little Donna home. Sonny steps away to sign a form leaving Bobbie to discuss Donna’s follow up doctor visits with Carly. Bobbie also asks if Carly’s experiencing postpartum depression. Carly assures her mother there’s been no signs of it. She’s feeling very prepared to face the unknown with her new baby. Elsewhere, Finn is stunned when Hayden confesses that his new patient is her daughter – his daughter too. Hayden knows it’s a lot to process but they have to focus on their sick daughter right now. Furious, Finn agrees and says they will deal with everything else later. Finn enters the room staring at the little girl until Epiphany snaps him out of his trance. He crouches down next to Violet, who has a 102-degree temperature and introduces himself as Dr. Finn. He’s going to do everything he can to make her feel better. Epiphany notes the tension between Finn and Hayden as Finn asks his ex to wait outside while they examine Violet. When he’s finished with Violet, he walks outside to tell Hayden he’s bringing another doctor in since there are strict rules against doctors treating their children. However, he questions Hayden about the last two weeks and what Violet was exposed to. If it’s a flu or other contagious illness they need to get alert anyone she came in contact with. Hayden urges him not to shut her out, but Finn curtly leaves to consult with the other doctor. Finn returns demanding to know why this is the first time he’s meeting his daughter.

Michael hangs a welcome home sign on General HospitalMichael hangs a welcome home sign for Donna at the Corinthos house as Joss finds Michael’s gift for Donna. He admits he got it for Jonah and now he wants Donna to have it. She’s in awe that his generosity trumps his grief. She assures her brother that he can always count on her. He asks her to help her with the banner then. Sonny, Carly, Donna and Bobbie come home. Joss steps away to text someone as Carly remarks on the thoughtfulness of Michael’s gift.

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Jason, Danny and Monica at Kelly's on General HospitalJason sits at a table with Danny at Kelly’s. Danny asks when his mom is coming home. Jason admits Sam might be in Pentonville for a while, but he’s trying to get the charges dropped. Monica walks in and they discuss Danny and Scout spending the week at her house. Danny gets up to get his grandmother a coffee and donut at the counter. Monica and Jason discuss Drew. She really wants to spend time with Franco so he can give her insight into Drew’s childhood and adolescence. Jason understands the impulse, but having a relationship with Franco isn’t going to get her what she wants. She knows he’s not Drew or even Franco right now, but that’s why she wants to go to the hearing. To support his right to be who he wants.

Franco’s competency hearing gets underway at the courthouse. Cam sits with Liz at the table with Scott, as Kim sits behind Franco and Martin. As Scott and Martin present their cases, Cam gets a text from Joss saying she’s sorry she can’t be there. After Scott presents documents proving the man in the uniform is Franco, he calls Jordan to the stand. She talks to his selfless acts including taking Cam’s place when Shiloh injected him with Drew’s memories. Scott next calls Cam to the stand. Cam talks about how much Franco changed for the better since being part of his family. He also recounts what happened with Shiloh and that Franco’s last words were to tell Elizabeth that he’d be back. Martin accuses him of lying about Franco’s last words, which upsets Cam. Franco stands up to stop Martin from badgering the boy. Elizabeth is next on the stand to talk about her deep love and intention of keeping her marriage vows no matter what. Martin then grills Elizabeth about her past. He brings up Drew’s initial return to Port Charles and how she withheld his presumed true identity – all in the name of love. Just like she’s doing now.

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Joss takes photos of Bobbie, Sonny and Donna on General HospitalAfter taking photos of Donna in the living room, Joss announces she’s going to journal about this day. She asks for quotes from everyone to add to it. She explains it’s something her teacher suggested she do for herself. Carly is happy to see her smile again. Michael brings Avery in to meet her new sister. Carly gives Avery a new doll to take care of while she’s taking care of Donna. Sonny holds his new daughter as Bobbie takes a family photo. Jason stops by to see Donna. He gets a call to testify at Dranco’s hearing.

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