Hayden talks with Curtis on General Hospital
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Jason interrupts Laura and Kevin’s breakfast at the Metro Court and asks if they can get him in to see Ryan. He needs to speak to him about Bryce, but Kevin says Ryan won’t be of any help and will only lead him on just for fun. Finn deals with Robert on General Hospital Laura offers to see what she can do. Jason departs, and Kevin and Laura discuss Franco’s upcoming hearing, as well as Ava’s state of mind. Elsewhere, Robert overhears Finn, who is seated at a table, on the phone double-checking with Hayden that they are still meeting for breakfast. Robert accuses Finn of using Hayden to keep himself warm while Anna is away working. Finn informs him that he texted Anna to tell her that he’s having breakfast with Hayden to iron some things out, and what goes on between him and his ex does not concern Robert.

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Ava's paranoid on General HospitalAva hears someone trying to get into her door at home and grabs her gun, but it’s only Julian. Julian notices she’s got her doors locked and all her blinds closed. Ava is positive someone is watching her, but he thinks her drinking is causing paranoia. Later, Kevin stops by to check on Ava and explains Laura wanted him to stop by. Julian leaves them to talk. Kevin gives her advice on how to face her fears, and wonders if she’s thought about returning to her gallery. He tells her that her love for art will fulfill her and help move forward. She decides to take his advice and head to work.

At Port Charles High, Joss and Trina talk to Dustin about the upcoming dance and the teacher chaperones. Cameron enters the classroom in a suit in preparation for Franco’s hearing. Later, when Joss gets a moment alone with Dustin, she thanks him for the advice on keeping a journal. He reminds her that a journal isn’t a substitute for her friends. He says it’s still important to spend time with people who care about her.

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At General Hospital, Hayden checks in on Liz before the hearing. As she goes to leave, she runs into Curtis. He’s there working the Sasha case and trying to find out who fixed her DNA tests and messed with Nina. She says he’s a good friend. Curtis offers to listen if she needs a friend to talk to, but she assures him that she has nothing to talk about and she has to run to meet Finn. Before she can leave, Hayden gets a call.

At Shadybrook, Martin brings Franco a change of clothes for Court, a naval uniform. Franco changes and Martin tells him to keep reminding himself why he believes he is Drew Cain. Later, Jason arrives to ask Franco about Drew’s past. He explains his theory that Shiloh’s escape, the attack on Andre, and Drew’s plane going down are tied together. Jason shows him a photo of Peter and asks if he recognizes him. Franco remembers him from The Floating Rib, and that he got a sense of Deja Vous from him.

Julian provides information on Kim on General Hospital Liz meets Scott at Kelly’s before the hearing. Martin stops in and approaches Liz. He knows this is a difficult situation for her, and says his client wishes her and her children no ill will. Liz tells him that she will see him in court, so he excuses himself. Later, Julian arrives and speaks to Liz and Scott. Liz tells him that Kim is going to testify on Franco’s behalf at the trial. Scott plans to discredit Kim, and Julian understands and feels Kim needs help. Julian tells Liz and Scott there is something they need to know about Kim. After his confession, Liz thanks him for the information, which she knows wasn’t easy for him to share. Julian leaves, and Scott thinks Julian just handed them a win.

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Back at the Metro Court, Robert joins Laura to chat. Laura brings up he is up for re-election next month and hopes he considers making this temporary job a permanent one. He decides he will. At Finn’s table, Curtis tells the doc that he knows Finn was supposed to meet Hayden, she told him as much at the hospital, and he fears his poker face may have tipped Hayden off that something was up. Suddenly, Finn gets a call about a patient and he has to return to the hospital.

Laura stops by the high school to pick up Cam for the trial. After Cam leaves, Trina scolds Joss for not being more supportive of Cam and what he’s going through.

Martin returns to Shadybrook as Jason departs. Franco explains Jason needed Drew’s help trying to find information on someone. Martin finds that interesting.

At General Hospital, Finn goes to treat his new patient, but Hayden stops him and reveals that his new patient is her daughter.

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