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At the Corinthos compound, Michael looks at baby photos with Sonny and Carly. Carly asks Michael about Sasha General HospitalShe asks about the wedding and Michael explains what happened. His parents shake their heads when they learn that Sasha was running a con on Nina. Carly is perplexed that he hasn’t walked away from Sasha. Michael admits that he’s known the truth for weeks and encouraged her to keep it quiet because of the Cassandra situation. Sonny says he made the right choice, but Carly is less convinced. Michael thinks that it will be possible to keep Nina from sending the cops after her supposed daughter. He insists that someone other than Sasha has more to lose and they guess he means Valentin. Carly reminds her son that his relationship with Sasha is all based on lies. She worries that Sasha is taking advantage of him like his other ex-girlfriends. Michael repeats to his father he won’t let Sasha face charges and Sonny urges him to be careful.

Brad refuses Julian's demands General HospitalBrad and Lucas drop by Charlie’s to chat with Julian. He’s not happy to learn their therapist is Alexis’ boyfriend. They defend Dr. Bern and Lucas takes off for work. Julian orders Brad to fire Bern but he refuses. Jerome repeats his demand, but Brad insists on pursuing this. Julian is sure that couple’s therapy is only going to force Brad to confess more than he wants to. After he storms out, Julian makes a call.

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Jordan is surprised to catch Curtis reading police files at the Port Charles PD. He’s feeling bad for how Sasha managed to pull off such a big con. His wife says it is low priority for her. She gets a call and sends Chase to Pentonville.

Ryan is bloody in Pentonville General HospitalIn Pentonville, Ryan cleans the blood off his hands after killing his cellmate, Bryce. He apologizes to the photo of Ava on his wall. Soon, Chase arrives and checks out the body. He calls Jordan to inform her that Bryce is dead. Although it looks like suicide, he would put money on Ryan killing him. The cop questions Ryan about his dead cellmate. When Chase taunts him about Ava, Ryan lunges for him but is chained to his cot.

Jason has an update General HospitalIn the interrogation room of the PCPD, Sam apologizes to her mom for not reaching out earlier. Alexis worries that the Feds are going to push her to flip on Jason. He arrives and says he met with Bryce and he’s been identified by Andre. Stone Cold explains that Drew is the common thread between what’s been happening, and they assume that Peter is behind it all. Once Bryce makes a deal with the Feds, he’ll probe him for more information. Jordan interrupts and informs Sam that she’s heading for Pentonville. She isn’t happy to learn that Jason has been digging into things and involved in making deals. Jordan informs them that Bryce is dead and Ryan killed him. It’s unlikely that this is connected to whoever Bryce was working for. Sam tears up as she’s cuffed and taken away. Alexis calls Diane and then tells Jason it looks like Sam is going to trial. Jason worries about who she will run into in prison.

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Ava talks about Ryan General HospitalAva is with Laura at the Metro Court, worrying about Ryan. Laura claims she refuses to think about him. She’s learned how to be strong and is sure Ava can too. The mayor is concerned that the Jerome doesn’t have much of a support system and wants to help. Ava wants the death penalty for Ryan. Jordan calls Laura and tells her what happened with Ryan. Julian is called over and they inform him of Ryan’s latest killing. Laura leaves them and Ava worries that Ryan is going to kill his way out of prison. Her brother promises to protect her and tells her how much he wants the old Ava back. Left alone, Ava flashes back to her last meeting with Ryan and tells herself that he means nothing to her. She bumps into her brother on the way out and he tells her Ryan killed his cellmate for her. She needs to stay away from him.

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At General Hospital, Curtis finds Lucas looking at a therapy brochure. He warns him about how hard therapy is. Lucas wishes that Brad would open up to him more. Brad strolls in and Curtis asks him about lab procedure. He explains the Sasha situation and wonders how it could have been pulled off. Brad is defensive. Curtis asks if the tests on the original samples can be re-run and Brad starts to look shifty. Lucas notices and wonders why he’s so anxious. He reminds Brad that he’s not the person he used to be. Flowers arrive for Brad but there is no card.

Sam is locked up in Pentonville. Her cellmate is in solitary but will be back soon.

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